Prison Break Movie in China

Adapting successful Asian movies into Hollywood blockbusters is pretty common these days. So in a strange twist we hear that China plans on taking the popular TV series Prison Break and make it into a movie.

Digital Spy reports:

According to The Beijing Morning Post, the Zhongbo Media Group has acquired adaptation rights from Fox to make a 200-minute film based on the popular series, which has just been recommissioned for a third season Stateside.

I am not a fan of prison break but I know a lot of people who are. The show looks to be getting some tweaks to appeal to the Chinese market.

I didn’t see that coming.

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5 thoughts on “Prison Break Movie in China

  1. Turnabouts fair play. Wish more Hollywood studios would take Chinese movies and adapt them. So far Scorcese is the only one who has.

    But 200 minutes? More than three hours. That’s not a thriller, it’s a freaking epic!

  2. I cud see this happening, i love prision break and hopefully this film will reflect the atmosphere of the series

    i no length is a big turn of for some people but i think this just makes me more excited – how much of the 24 episode (45mins for each ep) can they pull off!!!!

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