LaBeouf talks Indy4, Transformers, Disturbia

Shia LaBeouf (pronounced La-Buff) is fast becoming the go to guy in Hollywood or at least on anything Spielberg related. Will he shoot to superstar status with his upcoming lineup of high profile gigs? After reading this article I have to say he sounds pretty level headed and well on his way to the top.

Read the People Magazine interview:

Shia LaBeouf has gained 15 pounds – and he’s happy about it. The Disturbia actor is beefing up to star in the new Indiana Jones movie alongside Harrison Ford. “The guy is still in premium shape,” LaBeouf tells PEOPLE. “You don’t want to be standing next to Harrison Ford and not be jacked also.”

This is just one more hint of proof that Harrison Ford is getting himself into tip top shape to play an aging Indiana Jones. A lot of speculation about this movie revolved around Ford’s age and inevitable lack of physical prowess needed to pull off the adventurous Dr Jones, but even the young up and coming talent to play his son is feeling intimidated by Ford.

LaBeouf also tips off a great deal of respect for the franchise saying It’s not like I’m making the Nutcracker play at my school. This is film history. I don’t just owe it to everybody involved in the franchise – I owe it to everybody who’s ever been a fan of Indiana Jones. I realize how important this is.

You can read the rest of the interview at People Magazine

7 thoughts on “LaBeouf talks Indy4, Transformers, Disturbia

  1. If he realizes how important Indy 4 is, do us all a favor and leave the project. NOW. Indy doesn’t need a fucking kid, unless it’s a grown-up Short Round played by Jet Li.

  2. even stevens is funny…i used to watch it my little brother all the time

    and im loving labouf as a serious actor. but of course he’s no ryan gosling

  3. I remember him from Project Greenlight. Came off as a stand up kid. Not too much of an annoying asshole, at least. I could live with him striking it big.

  4. Even Stevens? LOL, never heard of it. Maybe I should look it up.

    Ever since I saw him in Constintine I starting becoming a fan. I think he’ll go far and even though I’m more about Transformers for the actual Transformers, I’m looking forward to seeing Shia as “Spike” and how he pulls it off.

    Also I’m glad to hear him say he’s so into being in Indy 4 and that he understands how important this film is. I hope he took a similar approach to his role in TF.

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