Iron Man Will Have 2 Suits

irman.jpgMore Iron Man news today, looks like Stark will have 2 suits in the movie; the Original Grey and the Red and Gold suit. We get the following quote from Favreau and the scoop from

Favreau said; “Let me confirm a few things: The movie will contain both the gray suit and the gold and red. The light you see in the photo on Robert’s chest in the USA Today article is the chest piece glowing through his shirt. He is in captivity and forging the mask of the Mark 1.”

This is no surprise to me; I figured the movie would have at least 2 suits. I am thrilled the Mark 1 suit looks so kick ass, and am anxious to see the gold and red suit. I love robot exo-suits and it is my dream to have one when I am a senior citizen. Some want to retire on the Greek isles – I want to be a cyborg.

Getting to wear the suit on screen would be kick-ass …for a day; then you would start to get hot. The stories from the Robocop shoot were nuts – Weller would lose pounds of liquid every day from wearing the Robocop outfit. I hope they have come up with a means to air condition the suit for Downey Jr. In any case this is fun news and I get more excited about this project by the day.

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