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fame1.jpegFans of artistic dance rejoice! It appears that everyones favorite movie about the passion of dance is set to be remade! Fame! We get the the news from the Hollywood Reporter:

MGM is backing a remake of the 1980s musical “Fame” with “300” producer Mark Canton and Lakeshore Entertainment, MGM COO Rick Sands said here Tuesday.
The $25 million “Fame” remake is slated to hit theaters in summer 2008 and will be based on the Alan Parker film set at the New York Academy of Performing Arts, which starred Irene Cara and Debbie Allen and launched a generation of wannabe performers.

Sands said MGM has hired a writer and director for the project but offered no further details. Casting has not yet begun. He said the studio plans to retain many of the musical elements of the original movie that also launched a global television hit and international stage show.

Children around the world are in need of dance. Dance is the age old art of communication through body language. It is a celebration of life and a testament to the dexterity of the human form. Some say dance is the international language, they say it is a way to show people you are full of love by merely shaking your pelvis.

Dance is a mimic of the sensual, it is like an advertisement for intercourse without nudity (most of the time). So it makes sense that they will get a lead actress that everyone would want to hump – like Suzanne Somers. Although no lead has yet been chosen I will put money down on Suzanne. She looks great in leotards in those thigh-master commercials and would be a total cock-slut with a headband on.

This could be the greatest remake of our time. There is a good chance that if you airdrop copies of this remake in the middle east all violence will stop. Some say there are too many remakes these days; I say if it ends violence around the globe – it was worth it.

8 thoughts on “Fame Remake

  1. fame is not a dance movie.

    it is a musical, and a very good one.

    i wonder if they will stick to the stage version or the previous screen version? they are very different.

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