April Fools Day Remake

apfldy.jpgAs the days go on, it seems that every week we hear wind of more and more remakes – one has just been announced for the film April Fool’s Day. We get the skinny from cinematical:

If we were sharing this news on the first of April, you probably wouldn’t believe it, but sources indicate that a remake of the 1986 slasher flick April Fool’s Day is about to get underway. Bloody-Disgusting.com places “The Butcher Brothers” in the director’s chair.

I am unable to comment on the original. I always wanted to rent it as a kid because of the kick ass cover, but due to the rating I was never allowed to do so. Movie makers certainly are in the mood for remakes these days. When they remake a movie that is awesome I get scared, when they remake a movie that was not so well received (like this one) I am curious to see if the story is told better a second time around. I just hope there is hair in the movie that is formed into a noose.

I am at a loss for words when typing about another remake. It seems like every time one comes out I beat a dead horse talking about this bullshit. International friends – I turn to you. Has anyone seen the original? If so, what are your thoughts on this remake?

11 thoughts on “April Fools Day Remake

  1. This was a great 80’s horror flick that should probably be left alone due to the ending. I’m a fan of some movies being re-made, but would actually prefer seeing this one left alone due to the classic 80’s cheesiness and the well done kill scenes for its time.

  2. Amazing how my twisted mind works… remember this one from HBO late nights as a kid. There’s one scene where a dude gets pinned between a boat dock and the pier – shows a super cheesy fx where his eyeball is hanging out, LOL.

  3. Cheesy 80’s slasher film. Which I happen to love. It stars Amy Steel from Friday the 13th Part II, and I think it also had Thomas F. Wilson (Biff) from the Back to the Future trilogy.

    The story was good for the time, and the might be able to pull of a re-make as it wasn’t really a big hit.

    But if the same recipe is in fact used, where everything is just a big joke, then this film is left better in the vault.

  4. I SAW IT DOUG AND I ENJOYED IT. AND THE ENDING DID WORK. NOW IF THE REMAKE CAN KEEP IT ENDING FROM GETTING OUT. LIKE SIXTH SENCE that would be sweet , I am looking forward to it even if i know the ending.


  5. Aren’t you guys a little tired of the same retread? Over and over again? Have we become so jaded, or has the business become so commercialized, that we’re all pretty sure there are no new ideas so all we can do is rehash the old mediocre ones?

  6. April Fools Day was awesome for it’s time. I saw it a last year again when it was on Showtime or HBO. It doesn’t stand up well. It would be nice to get a remake, if the story was respected. It’d be to easy to screw it up and we’d get another Fog.

  7. april fools day is a great film…i loved the ending…if they could keep the ending a secret from people it could be great..and lets face it april fools day is hardly a well remembered classic that everyone knows..

    I rememeber being mixed when i saw it – half pissed that it was all a prank and half happy that it was trying to do something different…..but I was kid so I had trouble getting my head around it.

    they should remake happy birthday to me – shish kebab skewer!!!!!

  8. April Fool’s Day is one of the most underrated slasher films out there. I agree with Rodney. There’s no reason to remake it.

    Although, I guess they did remake Psycho and that was a great film.

    (I couldn’t even type that last line with a straight face.)


    The problem is what made the original so great (I use the term lightly) is that in the end it all turns out to be an elaborate ruse and the “victims” all show up alive again to the final person who thinks they are trapped in a slasher movie.

    Its like remaking the Sixth Sense. Once you see the surprise ending, its not worth seeing a remake that is going to have the same ending.

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