Premier gets Cancelled

the word Premier means the “first one” the kick off, the start of something. So it sounds weird to say the Premier is at an end. In print anyways. Premier Magazine has been among the pile of entertainment mags that people recognize alongside Entertainment Weekly.

Yahoo News says:

Magazine publisher Hachette Filipacchi is shutting down the U.S. edition of its movie magazine Premiere.

The company, which also publishes Car and Driver, Elle and other magazines, said in a statement late Monday that the April edition of Premiere, which is on newsstands until April 16, will be the last for the U.S. edition. The international editions will continue.

Now this is exciting news for me. Honestly, I hate to hear that any publication is stopping its run. But honestly, the followup news to this cancellation is that they are revamping their website.

They are redirecting their efforts to focus on reporting the entertainment news on the web! At least for the North American audience. Is this a sign of a shift in news? Being that I write here, I tend to be more privy to movie news. When I am out and I pick up a copy of Entertainment Weekly, all that news is OLD. Ok, its only a week old, but I can’t help but think “I wrote about this last week!”

I like the idea that the internet is becoming the sole source for your entertainment fix. One of my favourite blog tags is on a friend’s Livejournal that says “Livejournal: Its faster than CNN”