New Supergirl Movie?

Supergirl-Tricia-HelferThere have been whispers and rumors about a possible Supergirl movie ever since it was announced that Superman Returns was coming to the big screen. Who can forget the mess of a movie from 1984? If any movie NEEDS re-doing it’s that one.

Personally, I’ve always hated the notion of Supergirl… for the same reasons I don’t like Superboy, or Kid Flash, or Green Lantern Jr. or any other directly related pseudo knock off characters. Kal El is the LAST SURVIVOR of Krypton… oh… except for his cousin… the blond slut flying around in the short skirt her now dead Kryptonian father would never have let her out of the house wearing. BUT… JoBlo is reporting the following:

Is SUPERGIRL getting ready to bust out? According to a tip from ‘Lip’, it could be so — apparently Warner Bros. has already commissioned a script for the younger, blonder and breastier Supercharacter. They’ve supposedly even started contacting managers and agents about possible ladies for the curve-hugging blue bodysock, and we hear BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s slinky Cylon stunner Tricia Helfer was on the list of possibilites.

Screw it. Supergirl is a GREAT IDEA! YAY! I’ll change my tune for anything that might involve Tricia Helfer (For those of you who may not know, Tricia plays 6 on Battlestar Galactica). ANYTHING. What’s that? A new Star Wars movie that George wants to do that is all just Ewoks making wood products with Jar Jar? That’s a stupid… what? Tricia Helfer is to star in it? WICKED IDEA! This woman gives me nut sweat like very few can. Sign me up! Up Up and away!