Crank 2?

Crank was one of those wonderful surprise movies that had a simple premise, and then his the gas and never let up the whole time. The movie (with Jason Statham) was just designed to be a fun 90 minutes in the movies, to make you leave the theater smiling and having had a good time… Cranck delivered on that, and much more.

However (THE FOLLOWING COULD BE CONSIDERED SPOILERS), if you’ve seen the movie… you know there just isn’t really any way to do a sequel. Right? RIGHT!?!?!

Well, apparently a sequel is exactly what they have in mind right now. The good folks over at JoBlo give us this:

How could filmmakers Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor possibly exceed their debut’s lunatic fusion of overkill? Apparently they’re gonna try anyway, as Variety says they “are in the early stages of a sequel” to the crazy Statham flick. That’s literally the only information given about this potential follow-up (also at Lakeshore, who handled the original), so feel free to speculate about how another film could be approached.

I have no idea how on earth they can even think about this. The ONLY possible way to do it is with another main character. And that hardly ever works. Switching actors is one thing… switching main characters for a sequel (Ahhemm… Speed 2) is another thing all together. Aside from that… the only thing I can think of is a prequel.

What do you think? How could they do a Crank 2?

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