300 2?

There are some movies that by the end of it you just know they couldn’t possibly do a sequel to it. Without giving anything away for those of you who haven’t seen the movie or read the graphic novel… 300 just strikes me as one of those movies. There’s just no way you can do a 300 part 2. Right? RIGHT!?!?!

Well… this is Hollywood… and this is also business. Which means that if there is indeed money to be made… then a way can be found. And guess what… with over $127 million at the box office after just it’s second weekend in theaters, it looks like plans for 300 2 are on the table. The good folks over at Filmwad give us this:

Snyder has hinted to Variety that a second hyper-stylized Greek bloodbath is in the works. Both Snyder and co-director/writer Frank Miller are tight-lipped about the sequel’s source material but the article does say this: “Miller is also prepping a follow-up to “300” based on another mythic tale from Greek history, but he won’t divulge details.”

So where does this leave us? We know Frank Miller stated that 300 would be the last of his works on screen that he doesn’t direct himself. Does this set the stage for Miller to write a follow up to 300 and direct it himself? That would all be speculation at this time… but this is a blog so let’s speculate shall we?

This is how I see things playing out. Miller will write and direct another 300 movie. Just too much money was made on 300 for the studios to turn a blind eye to the chance of another one, Miller is aching to get in the director’s chair, and a follow up is pretty much guaranteed to make profit. I think this will happen. What do you think?