Donnie Yen For Genghis Khan

I once wrote: “I always get a little excited when I’m in a movie and Donnie Yen pops on screen. The guy is just poetry in motion when doing action sequences… and he’s got that look about his that just says “I’m going to kick the living shit out of you now… and there isn’t anything you or anyone else in this room can really do about it. But I’ll do it in a polite way”. You know what I’m talking about.” And that is still quite true. I just love seeing this guy on screen.

I read this morning that Donnie Yen’s manager is saying Yes is front line to play the lead role in a biopic about Genghis Khan (not to be confused with it’s cousin “The Wrath of…”. Never mind.

The good folks over at MovieHole give us this:

The Chinese-Mongolian project is just one of several films in the works about the legendary Mongolian warrior and conqueror. Assumingly, Lee would be playing the lead in this pic. And I tell ya, that’s great casting. A lot better than some of the ideas that the producers of the other Khan biopic’s are throwing about.

It’ll be interesting to see which one gets up first, this version or the one that Steven Seagal (!) has in the works.Seagal’s untitled Genghis Khan project, with Kan Annakin, has been in the pipeline for a couple of years now though – so it could very well be dead.

Oh good grief… please tell me that a Steven Seagal film about Khan doesn’t actually get made. The movie would be an expose about how Khan only started him military campaign to rid the earth of un-environmentaly friendly nations. Go Khan Go.