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Hey there guys, John here with an announcement I’m pretty damn excited about.

As some of you may remember, yesterday I mentioned the idea to you guy about a mini one day movie watching event (I can’t really call it a film festival), with all The Movie Blog and Audio Edition guys including a “live” studio audience recording of The Audio Edition to raise money for local Food Services in January (the lowest charitable giving time of the year). Well the last 24 hours has seen a flurry of activity, and I can now tell you…. IT’S OFFICIALLY ON!

We have the rights. We have a tentative location. And we have a date!

MARK THIS DOWN ON YOUR CALENDARS KIDDIES: Saturday January 20th 2007. Hamilton, Ontario.

My goal is to have 100 people show up for the day. So please start making plans to drive down to Hamilton that day. Come from Montreal, Toronto, the great state of New York or Michigan… Hell… fly in from England (Actually, Doug and I are talking about coming to England to do another one of these our there since so many of you live there). We’ll watch movies, have fun, do the show, and most importantly we’ll help a bunch of people who need it most.

Thank you to all you guys who commented and wrote me emails. Humanity really isn’t so shitty after all. :)

More info to come in the coming days!

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24 thoughts on “The Movie Blog Films 4 Food Fest

  1. little change of subject here but bond has made over 200 million worldwide already…it is on its way to being the biggest bond ever.

    which means we get more craig films…..which is good news.

  2. I might be able to come if my car is actually able to make the 500 mile trek. Not so sure about that though. Make sure we can donate by paypal :) Id be happy to give.

  3. Unfortunetly, that’s a little too far from St. Louis.
    I am sad.
    But please do put up a link to paypal so that those of us who cannot make it can make a contribution!

  4. Love the idea, even though it will be hard getting there from my home in Beijing ;-). But: let us guys out there become a part of this by maybe using Skype(-Video) call-in for an AudioLiveEdition, and please offer all the discussions before the films as podcasts. Th.

  5. Nicky: you’re from *where*?
    I’m in Davison. Click on my name below for more info on me if you dare.

    Hmmm…I was up in the air on this. I am curious as to what the appeal of Mom And Dad Save TheWorld is, but then, I’d have to explain my fascination with “American Ninja” I suppose.

    Going there depends on my work schedule that month regardless.

    -The Sealer.

  6. and are you not taking any more comments on the hobbit thing anymore…if so that is good..that story is like heroin to me for some cut off my supply. thank goodness.

    I am actually going to look into getting to hamilton for this thing…get nagy and boner to do some stand up too….

    or least do some kind of live stream of the days events….

  7. If I fork up the cash, I’ll come from Ireland just to be there. I’ll start looking up flights tomorrow and hopfully I can get the money. I perfer to see you guys live then most clebs out there.

  8. I’ll be driving down from Ottawa for this event. I don’t have any specific suggestions for movies, but showing a drama, comedy, action and sci-fi might be a good combo. I want to meet you guys, talk shop and have some laughs in the name of a good cause.

  9. Yeah, I’m in SoCal too. Attending college, no less. I’ll be unable to make it, but what they hey. I’ll donate if you give me a way.

  10. to show your gratitude to the uk international friends you could pay for 100 of them to fly to you.come on jc how about it eh eh pretty please..

  11. You should set up some kind of Paypal thing leading up to it or for the day of the event so people who cannot be there can make donations for the cause…I would definitely do that as I won’t be able to make it.

    You should also do a video podcast of the day

  12. it would so cool if you guy to could come over to england i know about 10 people who would go. i think it realy col what your doing over there good luck i wish i could go

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