The Movie Blog Films 4 Food Fest

Hey there guys, John here with an announcement I’m pretty damn excited about.

As some of you may remember, yesterday I mentioned the idea to you guy about a mini one day movie watching event (I can’t really call it a film festival), with all The Movie Blog and Audio Edition guys including a “live” studio audience recording of The Audio Edition to raise money for local Food Services in January (the lowest charitable giving time of the year). Well the last 24 hours has seen a flurry of activity, and I can now tell you…. IT’S OFFICIALLY ON!

We have the rights. We have a tentative location. And we have a date!

MARK THIS DOWN ON YOUR CALENDARS KIDDIES: Saturday January 20th 2007. Hamilton, Ontario.

My goal is to have 100 people show up for the day. So please start making plans to drive down to Hamilton that day. Come from Montreal, Toronto, the great state of New York or Michigan… Hell… fly in from England (Actually, Doug and I are talking about coming to England to do another one of these our there since so many of you live there). We’ll watch movies, have fun, do the show, and most importantly we’ll help a bunch of people who need it most.

Thank you to all you guys who commented and wrote me emails. Humanity really isn’t so shitty after all. :)

More info to come in the coming days!

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