The Dark Knight Gets Release Date

Well, all of us Batman Begins fans have a date that we can now circle on our calendars. Warner Bros. has announced it’s planned release date for the follow up film “The Dark Knight”. The date… July 18 2008. A long year and a half away. Oh well.. the time will fly, and I’m sure the casting rumours will keep the buzz going for at least the next couple of months as they’ve yet to officially announce who Two Face/Harvey Dent will be or if Katie “Stiff Wood” Holmes will actually appear in the film (if it’s for anything more than a grusome death scene then I’m annoyed).

And look, I know I’ve harped on this a couple of times, but it’s worth repeating. For those of you who enjoyed Batman Begins, you really MUST get out to your local video store and pick up copies of Memento and Insomnia. Two flicks that Nolan did before he did Batman. And seriously, as much as I love Batman Begins, I actully think those two are ever better over all films (just my opinion).

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