Thank You For Smoking To Get TV Show

Thank-Smoking-TVI really enjoyed Thank You For Smoking earlier this year. I mean come on… how can you have a movie where the main protagonist is the spin doctor FOR the tobacco industry and not at least be a little bit interested right? Aaron Eckhart gave the best performance I’ve ever seen in his career, and the film made you laugh pretty much the whole way through.

Well… I guess the folks over at NBC see a lot more potential out of the scenario. Our friends over at Film Junk give us the following:

After Jason Reitman adapted his novel into a fairly successful motion picture (released earlier this year), it looks like NBC is now interested in turning the book into a TV series as well. Rick Cleveland will be writing and producing the show, who has previously been a producer and writer for Six Feet Under and The West Wing. He’s certainly got some decent credentials there, so my interest has been piqued. According to Variety, the TV show will be a single camera comedy that picks up where the film left off.

I do like the idea of picking the show up where the movie left off… and I do think there are LOADS of great story possibilities with this fantastic character… however…

Today, when I hear about the idea of a sleeper hit movie getting turned into a TV show picking up where the movie left off… all I can think of is “My Big Fat Greek Life” (which obviously was the tv version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Oh man that show was HORRIBLE! I had to turn it off half way through the first episode and never watched it again. Let’s hope that doesn’t have to Thank You For Smoking.

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4 thoughts on “Thank You For Smoking To Get TV Show

  1. Jason Reitman, BASED ON HIS NOVEL! No, no, no. He wrote the script of an excllent book by Christopher Buckley. That book is laugh at loud funny. Please, the movie was good, but all of christopher buckley’s novels are hilarious.

  2. Hmmm mae I missed it, but is Aaron Eckhart reprising his role? cause if not count me not interested because he made that movie.


  3. An awesome, awesome movie. I have to agree with you, John, that Aaron gave an amazing performance in this flick. Can’t wait to see what the TV series has in store, and I really hope they keep it as fresh as the movie was.

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