Tara Reid gets Downloaded in Incubus

Tara Reid has the ability to enter your dreams! Hell, I already knew that. Oh, you mean she plays a character in a movie with a badguy who does that? Uh.. I knew that.

So the idea got you interested and now you want to see it? Cinematical tells us where!

So apparently Ms. Tara Reid has a new horror flick called Incubus, and you won’t find it in theaters, on TV, or scattered amongst the DVD stacks. Nope, the only way to enjoy the flick, …. is by downloading it from AOL Red, which I’m told is AOL’s teen-centric department

Directed by first-timer Anya Camilleri and written by also-newcomer Gary Humphreys, Incubus is about a group of teens (one of whom is played by Reid, giggle) who run afoul of a psychopath who has the power to control their dreams.

Not that the idea of someone terrorizing teenagers through their dreams is an original idea, but this movie has a LOT of reasons why it makes a prime candidate for the brand new “direct to download” category.

So the director has never actually directed anything before? Only TV stuff? So what, everyone needs their first movie. Good luck to the lass. This will give him some of that much needed exposure to move on to bigger and better things.

And its written by a first timer too? Cool. Great to see new blood in the mix.

So honestly this is not something the studio sees as the biggest and best movie to ever come out, so why not use it to test the waters of AOL’s Direct to Download service instead of putting it on some shelf and never releasing it. It seems everyone lately has been working strategies for the booming downloadable content wars.

So now we get another avenue for inexperienced directors and writers to get their works out, save a TON on distribution costs, and still reach their target audience? It could catch on.

Maybe HALO should have been direct to download?

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13 thoughts on “Tara Reid gets Downloaded in Incubus

  1. So this is what is has come down to huh? She was alright in American Pie and then she did some real crazy stuff, and then acted (well not really acted, I was just being nice) in Alone in the Dark, and that was it.

    She got the Uwe Boll curse, and then her plastic surgery went down the drain, and her boobs were mismatched (lol!) wow…and now direct to download.

    She should consider porn.

  2. I saw her on that CNN entertainment show whoring this flick, and she looks AWFUL now. Her voice sounds like she smokes 50 packs a day.

  3. I HATE Tara Reid. Anytime I see Tara on screen my rage increases. She sucks in every movie she has ever been in. Her raspy shitty voice rips right trough my skull and then you say ”hey I’ll look at her body when she’s on screen”, but wait you can’t because she has weird nipples. Just like Nord was saying, them nipples will give you rotton nightmares.

    If some chick is a really bad actress, she can still do porn or fashion, but Reid can’t. She is doomed.

  4. You dont want Tara in your dreams, you ever catch a look at that womans nipples? nightmares I tell ya


    ps~ shes a shitty actress too

  5. Lol. Dang, her career has gone downn hill. She’ll be in some movie and it’ll fix that kinda, lol. But for the idea, of getting movies online instead of dvd or theater, could be interesting.

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