Smurfs Triology

A lot of people were both excited and dumbfounded at the same time when they heard news that The Smurfs were going to be getting a full length feature film. I think it’s a cute idea personally, although I do wonder how financial viable it’s going to be. We’ll have to wait and see.

Last year when we first talked about the buzz, there was word that they might be planning for more than one Smurfs film already. And guess what… it’s true. The Smurfs is being written as, and produced as… A TRILOGY. Yup, you read that right… we’re getting a Smurf’s trilogy that they’re comparing to Lord of the Rings. I kid you not! I’m not creative enough to make this stuff up.

The good folks over at Movie Hole give us this:

Kerner says he has been researching the popular 80s cartoon extensively. “Having seen all 234 episodes of the show, numerous times, Herb Ratner and I have been working really hard at looking where all the holes were in the episodes – ya’know, like all of a sudden another woman appears, it’s not just smurfette – and what we’ve done is we’ve plugged all those holes in a trilogy of three movies, and we reveal things as we go along”.

The “Smurfs” trilogy will be “the animated Lord of the Rings – through the world of these idiots. Because they’re sweet characters but they’re goofs. It’s a comic version, but still very heartfelt, version of Lord of the Rings – though not literally Lord of the Rings, but an epic story like that.”

So there you have it. All I can say is that they must have a HUGE amount of confidence in this property if they’re not even waiting to see how the first Smurfs movie does. To go ahead and plan for 3… well… that’s gutsy.

So what do you think. Looking forward to The Smurfs movie? Think it’s a stupid idea?

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