Sharon reviews Happy Feet

happy feet.jpgHappy Feet tells the tale of a penguin world where singing is the most important thing in life because that’s how you find your soulmate. The story follow a little penguin named Mumble (played by Elijah Wood) who can’t sing. But the kid can dance up a storm, tap dance to be exact. It stars Robin Williams, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Elijha Wood, Brittany Murphy and the late Steve Erwin.

The movie starts off well enough. The animation is out of this world, the songs are fun, my feet were tapping. And the first act sets up a cute penguin puppy love story.

Unfortunately after the first half hour passes the plot becomes a mess and it just gets worse from there. This movie doesn’t know what it wants to be. Is it a political statement on the environment? Is it a buddy adventure with the cool, little penguins that befriend Mumble after he is shunned by his flock? Or is it a movie about embracing what makes you unique? Well it tries to be all of those things and it does not do a very good job at any.

There are also parts of the movie that had the children sitting next to me crying with fright because of a terrifying seal. No wonder the studio didn’t want to put this in 3D, it would have made kids pee in their seats.

There are some redeeming qualities. One is the hip, Hispanic sounding little penguins, Robin Williams does Ramón the leader of that crew. Williams actually does my other favorite character as well, the super hip, Lovelace, a little penguin ladies man with garbage hanging from his neck. The other characters do well at singing, amazing actually. Brittney Murphy has one hell of a talent for singing.

Overall though Happy Feet falls though the ice and once it goes under the surface it doesn’t come back up for air. On a scale of one to ten I give this movie a five, for a no go or routh, it’s a no.

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45 thoughts on “Sharon reviews Happy Feet

  1. My 2 year old son loves this movie, his 2 year old cousin. Loves this movie, every kid that I know from 6 months to my grandparants love this movie….I plan on teaching my son to question and to be open minded though…so I guess that’s why I don’t know anyone that’s complained about it being “inappropriate”

  2. I rest my case, see the mindset that likes this movie?
    You could shut up and stop making the ppl that hate this movie angry!
    Think about it!

    “PPl Just Stfu and watch it.
    You don’t like it, your problem.
    I liked it, Jeez I don’t give a damn about that just watch the god damn kids movie
    just shut up and stop making the ppl who like this movie angry.”

  3. PPl Just Stfu and watch it.
    You don’t like it, your problem.
    I liked it, Jeez I don’t give a damn about that just watch the god damn kids movie
    just shut up and stop making the ppl who like this movie angry.

  4. Just for the record and to prove that all the anti christians and pro happyfeet fanatic nutcases (to use your own nonjudmental tolerant namecalling)are bigots. Not only do I not have children, I am not religous and I do not go to church. I do believe that God is the judge of what is right and what is wrong for all mankind NOT YOU!

    I know its hard for you to hear that you are not the moral authority over me and the rest of mankind, I know that you love to think of yourself as God almighty holier than us able to tell us to sit back shut up and accept the status quo while you on your highhorse dictate who is sane and who is a nutcase in need of permanant silence based on who agrees with you and who doesn’t!

    Maybe your just so GOOD in your own mind that you can’t imagine that there are people that love to cause pain and suffering to others for thier own entertainment. Wether you believe in Satan or God is not the issue! There are people that have power that believe in both and worship one or the other. You are preoccupied in persecuting those that believe in God and do God’s will, you choose to ignore those that worship the dark forces such as satan perhaps because you can’t possible imagine such an evil.

    If you don’t like what I say, don’t read it! Does this make sense?
    If I don’t like the movie don’t watch it? How am I suppose to know if I like it or not unless I watch it? Don’t attempt to SHUT me UP because YOU hate what I say by telling me what to do. If I boycotted the movie and never saw it you would again tell me I have no right to speak, Well I am here to tell you that a Christian has the right to voice an opinion the same way you do and the same way a satanist does!

    Myth1) children are to young and dumb to know or remember what they are seeing. Maybe you were to young and dumb to know anything at the age of 2 or 4 but most children are quite smart at that age and have a vivid memory, Many children exposed to sexuality at such an early age suffer from it to some degree in adulthood it DOES effect a person, You wouldn’t blink an eye to a proud homosexual telling you that they always knew from the age of 2 that they were gay, but when a christian comes here and tells you children are smart enough to understand sexual messages in movies like Happy Feet you tell me I am full of it. And ye call yourselves fair and tolerant?

    2) Will your child turn into Jeffrey Dahmer from watching this, probably not, but does anybody know what makes a Jeffrey Dahmer? Now imagine a child exposed to THOUSANDS of sexually explicit or strong and violent messages at an early age, and let’s face it it happens with our day and age of constant bombardment of sex and violence used in the media to sell products and entertain.

    3)Shielding from evil or DELIBERATE TARGETING? There is a big difrence between inadvertantly being exposed to sex and violence and having SEX & Violence DELIBERATELY MARKETED AND TARGETED towards children! Most of you FAIL to realize that these images and songs did not accidently appear in a movie that has product ties with cereal companies hamburger resteraunts cold & flu medicines, clothing & toy companies. Every second evey sound and every word uttered was carefully crafted to SELL YOUR CHILDREN & YOU SOMETHING under the guise of entertainment. Your consuming the food playing with the toys wearing the clothes even using the medicine so why would you not also be absorbing the moral or immoral messages? We nolonger live in the days of movies for pure entertainment for children, children’s movies have become LIFESTYLE’S!!!!! We are raising generations of obsessed little children who grow up to become obsessed teenagers and obsessed adults. What better way to social engineer a whole generation for a future plan than to give them the lifestyle straight out of diapers little Hitler type youths trained in the way that a certain few want them to go. Its called shackle free slavery they enslave us with our very own minds used as shackles! Its Entertainment with an agenda, the person being entertained is happy and content so they bank on you not thinking or caring or doing anything more than laughing and feeling happy, never mind mass seizures and other strange fruits that this type of subliminal and non subliminal conditioning causes!

    4)Subliminals- again there are some of you so naive as to think that no one evil exist in this world to use subliminals to control the masses, and for this fact they nolonger need subliminals they just hide the message in plain site and only those with ears hear it and only those with eyes see it, the rest of you laugh and move on to the next thrill the next toy the next hamburger the next T-shirt ect… week after week month after month year after year. The one thing you never notice as the years go on is that the movies get more graphic and more sexual and targeted to younger audiences, even goody goody Dakota Fanning is capitalizing on this downward trend. Its called gradualism the frog doesn’t realised his butt is onfire because you started the burning in warm comfortably entertaining water!
    speaking of water alcohol print ads always hide phallic and other images in the ice and liquer and glass and cigerette ads hide subliminal and sexual words and phallic images in the smoke. Advertisements make billions of dollars because THEY WORK! They control you to buy some useless crap you never needed and sex & violence is thier faverate tool. I wondered since this movie has such BLATENT sexual/racist & antichristian messages I wondered what type of field day the animators had with all those iceburgs and snow scenes if its half as bad as what the graphic artist do to images of ice and water in liquer ads that alone would be reason enough not to see the novie, but they blatently have RAUNCHY sex songs and you so called self respecting people still promote this as a good movie?
    What should the penguins sing? Something apropriate for children, DUH!!!!!!!!

    5) Gay agenda. I am not going to explain to the brain dead why Gay sex is wrong, nor am I going to explain why adultryand fornication and beastiality and pediphilia and necromancy is wrong, anybody with half a brain can figure out that sin is sin. So it doesn’t matter if I have a gay child someday my answer to the sin of gayness would be the same for the sin of adultry, but that still doesn’t explain why children need to be exposed to any of the above in a movie meant to make them LAUGH & ENTERTAIN them! Yes they need to know about the birds and bees but shaking thier bon bon and just needing your body baby from dusk til dawn is NOT how they should be taught and what WARNING does a parent that CHOOSES not to teach them that get from this movie that this movie plans teach teach them that? NONE! That is why I am complaining despite the fact that I am not a mother! If someone doesn’t warn them they might be blind sided by this movies sexual agenda!

    6)Racist yes this movie is RACIST the only penguin with blue eyes was the SAVIOR penguin once again teaching the world that they will have a Blue Eyed savior! AND THE MEXICAN PENGUINS ARE STERYOTYPES So is the Elder Penguin! They demonizing not just hristianity but anybody who believes in a higher power by making the dumbest meanest Penguins, Penguins that believe in a higher power and old morals and values.

    7)You think I am a crazy idiot for didagreeing with you and not likeing this movie, I think your a crazy idiot let us move on rom calling each other crazy & idiotic and start LISTENING!!!!!!!!!!
    PROVE that you are open minded and OPEN your mind to what I am saying INVESTIGATE it for yourself!

  5. Preach on preacher! You preach more gospel than I’ve ever heard in a church. You just passed judgements over me telling me how to think and feel what to do and who I am, what gives you the power to decide what is good and evil for me, your Lordship? It is amazing that Non Christians think they are the only people entitled to am opinion and the only people entitled to tell people how to live, and do so with such loving language as “your a nutcase”. Just because don’t believe what you believe I am a nutcase, that is real rational! I live in 2007 where I can’t turn on the tv without hearing some story about children raping children & videotaping it or people murdering other people and keeping decapitated torsos in thier bathrooms all of which YOU would find absolutely no problem with, because you have made it clear that anyone with morals that hates evil is a nutcase.

    So go ahead and let your 2-12 year olds sing ” I’ll make love to you like you want me to” and ” You don’t need experience to turn me on I just need your body baby from dusk til dawn”. and then holla back about who the real nutcase is! Did you buy your children this soundtrack? If you did you might be grooming them to be molested by a sex offender and there are plenty of them out thier eager to show your children what the words mean to the songs that these penguins in Happy Feet are singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, live in denial all you want movies are just 60 minute advertisements for MORALITY and if its not love God love thy neighbor, its hate God eat your neighbor if that is what makes you happy, so regardless of what you believe you have no right to tell me what I can and can not believe or say, go ahead and abuse your child by taking them to see this movie, it only takes a few seconds for a subliminal message to sear the conscience mind how long does it take clear and blatent advertisement/propaganda messages to sear one’s mind? SSo race your future deliquent canabilistic rapist child to believe that there is no right and wrong just whatever makes you feel good and happy, and don’t cry, just remember that somebody tried to warn you!

    1) They where not just a “group of mexican friends” the movie gave the penguins gang charateristics, there is a big difference, sterotypes HURT race relations just look at the college students who just got busted for having a fried chicken aunt jamima party on MLK’s birthday, If they had a cross the border/Beaner & Latin Kings party on Cinco de Mayo I am sure you would say “what’s wrong with celebrating latin culture.”

    “What the hell are you people on about! I don’t know if you still live in the 1950 or if your church leader has told you of a “evil, vile film called HAPPY FEET!”.

    First this movie was cute and friendly, the only way you can take such sexual messages from this film says more about you than the people that made it.

    Go back to church you nut case’s hopefully your children will develop further than you and ask questions about over fishing and religious intolerance. The person talking of racism you can’t see that the writers of the film are using the other group of penguins to show another point of view, a view that accepts “different penguins”. That is multiculturalism and if your point is about the “gang” of Mexican penguins. Again it says more about you than the writers, what’s wrong with a group of Mexican friends?

    Man you people make me angry, it was a great movie with an awesome soundtrack with DANCING penguins. Far out.

    Take your kids to see this film, its great.”

  6. To all those parents who have written comments about how this movie should have been called sexy feet instead of happy feet because you thought that the panguins were dirty dancing and having a hissy fit because you thought it was more about politics instead of an entertaining movie…get over yourself! Your 4 year old or whatever age they are arnt going to notice that the girl panguins are flaunting themselves for the men ones and they are going to know the words to some of the songs let alone the meaning of them. All they are going to think is that they are cute fluffy penguins. You will have to tell them about ”the birds and the bees” someday. And with all the rude and dirty songs that are coming out into the world these days when they get older they will probably be listening to way worse stuff. And ‘sexy feet’ who wrote a comment on the 17th December, it sounds like your to involved in yourself!! Let people get a laugh of of this movie and stop spoiling the fun. The mexican panguins didnt turn gay..and it doesnt matter if they were or wernt anyway, you shouldnt critise people for what sex they are attracted to. What if your child or children turned out to like the same sex..or both, huh? Get over the sex thing for @%$# sake! they make movies to entertain people not so people can point out every little bad detail!….if you dont like it dont watch it!

  7. omg SEXYFEET, don’t be an ass geez. Stop criticizing this kids movie. Sex movements? WTF they’re singing and dancing DUHH they have to move or this show sucks. The females part? you moron how do think we’ll tell them apart. RACIST because the main character has blue eyes? WTF are you talking about.

    YOU’RE COMPLAINING ABOUT THE ELDER PENGUIN? Oh just because he’s the villian in this show? OMG you lil bitch*mind my language* wth is your problem? THE NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM had villians the 3 last night guards. Don’t see you bitching about them being bad and racist. That elder only said that cause he wanted to keep things the way things are. He dislike changes not that he’s RACIST.

    Another thing the part you complained about they leaving that choking penguin?
    Geez Gloria stops by, Mumble doesn’t want her to get hurt, so he makes her go away. God if he lets her come along and gets hurt, then he’s not a man. Geez it wasn’t some dumb scene while he was choking *MEMO moron it’s not like he can even get the thing off. What, it was like 5min. delay. They’re penguins NOT humans they can’t just get an ambulance.

    YOUR JUST SICK MINDED FOR SEEING THIS IN A KID’S SHOW it was so minor, after reading this forum I had to see it AGAIN and pause to watch the part’s you Gayasses are complaining about.

    RACIST because the main character’s look more detailed? wow do you think they would make EVERY penguin there look unique? THEY LOOK THE SAME IF THEY’RE NOT IMPORTANT THEY’RE JUST THERE FOR THE PENGUIN PART. Those characters you mentioned, they were seen like every 5min. of course they look dif.

    the mexican group was funny. NOT GANG, group of buddies. THEY TOTALLY ROCK. You have no sense of humour. You are a retard for pointing these minor things in a movie. You should never be allowed to watch another movie if you complained this much on Happy Feet -which was a good movie-

    I’m with all the ppl who said this movie was great. Anyone complains about this movie, you totally suck. YOU SUCK SEXYFEET if they took out all those things you complained this show SUCKS but they didn’t so it rules. YOU JUST SUCK for complaining minor lil things.



  8. I watched this movie with my friend, we laughed our heads off and kept reminding ourselves that this was a kid’s movie. The sluty penguins made us laugh like hell. The prodecer’s, for a family and kids show this was abit too much.

    “I’ll make love to you the way you want me to?” *laughs*
    oh and ps if you ppl saw it, when Mumble returns and was trying to win Gloria, around the end of the song he slaps her bottom 3 times =.=…

    This is a funny movie ppl. I would not recomend this this show to kids unless they learned sex education in school.

    But as Gohan said if they’re 4, who cares they wont know what that is anyways.

  9. Omfg you ppl, I can’t believe you make such a big deal over a movie. If you think it’s bad don’t watch it, simple as that ok? The Producer’s worked hard on this, I doubt you can do this.
    Happy Feet was a good movie, But it can go easy on the sexual act.
    Stop complaining if you think this movie is bad, well then kid’s at the age of 4 shouldn’t watch movies then. I doubt the 4 year old knows anything about sex.
    The seal part was good. *Yes, might scare people* but seriously you don’t want your kids to get scared EVER in their life? Wow Overprotective. All my friends liked it, they all agreed to the sexual contant part but what the heck, it’s penguin geez.

    Another thing, if you think your kids will turn out bad and do unessessary things in the future, then all the other movies in the theatre must be band
    THAT’S CAUSE THEY SHOW SEXUAL CONTANT you have to know that.

  10. depressing feet? how can you say anything like that, i actually found myself tapping along to all the songs, where as in other singing movies i get bored during the songs.

    oh u must be one of those religious whack jobs who always look too deep into movies.
    its a kids movie, simple as that.

    anti christian? lmao show me one scene where christianity is mentioned let alone offended.

    political? what, the message that they should ban marine harvesting in antartica is too political for you?
    lmfgdao. that was one small fraction of the movie, the way u idiots reacting is if the whole movie was about penguins filmed in a court room ffs.

    blatant sexual undertones? hahahahahahahahaha. its penguins for christ sake. and its a kids movie. they sing and dance, and my god if you can look at penguins and think anything sexual you need help. alot of help.

    seriously you need help. you were obviously raised by nazi christians

  11. happy feet? more like depressing feet. this movie was so negative, and had way to many anti christian, political, and blatantly sexual undertones.what has the world come to.

  12. 4 is a bit too young to go to the movies. it can differ in age from child to child, my main point is that mothers etc shouldnt be complaining when their child crys.
    i mean i personally would wait til the child is mature enough to handle a cinema experience, and if you think your 4 year old is up for it by all means go for it, but dont be suprised when the child screams for you to get him the hell out of there, that’s all i am saying.
    if you feel bad for my kids, i feel even more sorry for you that you had to wait until you were 9 years old to go to the cinemas.
    and you are trying to tell me i am too sheltering?
    god , my point is a kid can watch the scariest movie at home and not be scared, but at the movies piss his pants.

  13. I seen the movie and I hated it!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with all the mothers that don’t wont their children to see this movie!!!! Mothers rock and they know what they are talking about!! This world has to many teenagers that think everything is good and I am sure their children will grow up to be rapist or strippers!!! the movie was stuipd and to scary for kids. And I don’t like the way they used this kids movie to put a hidden message in it.

    I rate the movie STUPID!!!!

  14. cmon, noob, is that really the way to think? sure a kid may be scared of the movie theatre at first, soon they’ll get over it. I first saw a movie at the theatre when I was 9, and since it was my first time, I was a little scared. it happens to like.. everyone at first. what kid doesnt want big popcorn, candy, and to watch a movie with their friends or family? sure they can watch it at home too, but its dumb to shield them from the theatre unless they were afraid of it (then they should confront their fear..). How is a movie theatre not safe?? Okay, there are people around you watching it too, and they could be harmful? But there are always people around you, so why not just shield the child from the WORLD! screw public school! im quitting my job to homeschool! no. and why would you leave the lights on during a movie? its too bright. and theres nothing wrong with it being dark.. you can still see ya know. and some kids may like the “in your faceness” of the movies. if there is a scary part, shield your kid with your own hands, or like, just tell the kid to suck it. lol okay dont do that, but its life. they’ll get scared. they’ll move on. so why wouldnt you bring your child to the theatre if you could? if you still dont agree i feel bad for your kids.


    I havent seen the movie yet, but I love the music!
    Hmmm I think I may just wait for the DVD, though.
    My fave songs are “The Song of the Heart”, “Hit Me Up”, “Jump and Move”, “Somebody to Love”, “I wish”, heck.. I love all of the songs! Go away you hataz. Kids dont see movies from the same perspective. Especially 4 year old kids, which alot of yall happen to have.

  15. when i was 3, my mother had to take me out of the cinemas during Fantasia. it was just dinosaurs, but it scared me, i was 3.
    imo any child under 5 should stay away from cinemas, and watch dvd’s under the safety of their own home. they will be in an environment that is safe, it’s not dark, they can stop/pause/fast forward past scary bits of the film at anytime and it is generally not as in your face as a big screen.
    really what sort of a parent are you taking a 4 year old to a dark cinema for? especially sheltered children at that.

  16. i reckon those religious/concerned motherly nuts have no ground to stand on.
    anyone who thinks this movie will harm your children, seriously, you should have your children taken away from you.
    children do not see or hear, let alone care about 99.99% of the messages in kids films. it is the parents who over analysis the movies too much and end up hurting their children by sheltering them, so that when they do actually see something bad it is the end of the world for them.
    it is a fact most people who abuse women and children, or end up [email protected]#$ed up in life are generally the ones who were sheltered by religous or overprotective parents. because they never see anything bad, when they do see something scary/awful it is an overload to their senses and they end up commiting murder or raping someone etc…you get my point.

    and really what 4 year old wouldn’t be scared of a giant seal,
    IT”S A $ YEAR OLD FFS!!!. get a clue. it’s any child under the age of 10 can be scared at anything.
    this is a harmless kids movie, with whackos around here looking too much into things, when in actual fact it is a fairly innocent movie.
    and a great movie at that. my nephew (6) got over the scary seal part rather quick, and he cried when mumble got captured. but some simple parenting with a pat on his back and a hug and he was ok. after the experience was over he loved it and wanted to buy the toys straight away.
    in the end i did not see the movie just to please a child, we saw it as a family movie.
    the sexual references are so minor (the penguins eat, sleep and produce more penguins, this is life get over it) you dont point out the sexual references, no child under the age of 13 would even question it.
    seriously children dont see what we see. and that’s why i liked this movie, because it can appeal to both old and young. it wasnt just some boring kids movie with colourful characters and an empty plot.
    see this movie for yourself or as a family, dont just see this because your kid wants to see it. but hey, if your kid wants to see it, good excuse to see a good movie if you ask me.

  17. This movie was so bad my wife re-named it “Stinky Feet.” Inappropriate sexual content, the political and sociological agendas- all made this a very unpleasant experience for us and our 4 year old grandaughter-who- by the way- asked to leave about 50 minutes into the film. Boring–stupid and annoying just like many of the morons here who don’t seem to understand the damage being done by this type of garbage–

  18. When I was growing up I was exposed to things far more bias and damaging than what some of you people are trying to make Happy Feet to be.

    If you honestly believe that your kids are going to become gang rapists because they saw this movie… then hell.. what a way to pass the blame.

    It’s your duty to raise and guide your children; this doesn’t mean shielding them from everything ‘wrong’ in society. Let them discover ways of looking at the world and refine their thoughts so that they can come to their own appropiate understanding…

    …basically what I’m saying is that if this movie turns your kids into gang rapists then you shouldn’t really have kids.

  19. What the hell are you people on about! I don’t know if you still live in the 1950 or if your church leader has told you of a “evil, vile film called HAPPY FEET!”.

    First this movie was cute and friendly, the only way you can take such sexual messages from this film says more about you than the people that made it.

    Go back to church you nut case’s hopefully your children will develop further than you and ask questions about over fishing and religious intolerance. The person talking of racism you can’t see that the writers of the film are using the other group of penguins to show another point of view, a view that accepts “different penguins”. That is multiculturalism and if your point is about the “gang” of Mexican penguins. Again it says more about you than the writers, what’s wrong with a group of Mexican friends?

    Man you people make me angry, it was a great movie with an awesome soundtrack with DANCING penguins. Far out.

    Take your kids to see this film, its great.

  20. Yes, the name of this movie should have been Sexy Feet because it was a Penguin version of Dirty Dancing. I was expecting it to have filth in it all entertainment marketed to kids contain filth, What surprises me is that parents are blind to the messages that their kids are exposed to. I had a free pass thus did not waiste a cent on this “[email protected]##%”.

    1. The music was filthy. among the tunes the penguins sang that your children will be singing are “Shake your bon bon” “I’ll make love to you like you want me to” You don’t need experience to turn me on, I just need your body baby from dust to dawn”

    2) The female penguins were given hourglass figures (must we always be exposed to idealized forms of female beauty in the real animal kingdom the females are usually uglier and bigger than the males.)

    3) The mother Penguin was a Marylyn Monroe airhead sexpot I was expecting a June Cleaver type the way all childrens movies usually potray the mother.

    4) The dancing was just blatantly sexual position doggy style, missionary even humping I couldn’t believe my freakin eyes then again many of you took your youngin’s to see Borat!

    5)It had a Barry White Penguin witha “Sacred Talisman” that gave him the power to have sex with 5 female penguins at one time he even refered to the casting couch.

    6) It had an anti-God anti-authority and pro Alien PRO UN message.
    The Aliens have all the answers they will save us the UN saved us all in the end. The Elder Penguin kept saying we must keep to the old ways and that the creator will provide ofcourse he was made out to be a fool and villain and a racist against the STEROTYPED mexican penguins.

    7)It had a PRO Illegal Alien Message the Elder Penguins say something like they should go back to were they came from. A issue this complicated has noplace being treated so superficially in 2 minutes in a kids film PURE PROPAGANDA!

    8)I found the movie racist, The special penguin the SAVIOR that brings the fish has BLUE eyes, and all the other penguins are ethnic charaters/sterotypes, the GANG of mexican penguins with mohawks and accents and thier banter with Latina female penguins, the eubonics of the Barry White Penguin with the plastic on his neck,

    9)Wierd Gospel music, The movie tries to come off as Gospel but the songs are old disco songs or 90’s sex songs and the TEENAGE female penguin shakes her butt and hips very sexually to a gospel tune & feel. I am surprised they did not have them singing George Micheal I want your sex, they had them sing I’ll make love to you and I just want your body baby from dusk to dawn, I find that more disturbing than a dangerous seal, children need to know there are dangers in the world but children do not need to know about making love all night and using up a body for sexual gratification and having sex with multiple partners at one time. You parents should be yelling in the streets boycotting theatres!

    10) The one scene that had me rolling ibn the isles with laughter was not even meant to be funny at all its the scene were they all decide to go find “the aliens” to get the plastic off of the neck of that one Penguin because he is choking, and they stop along the way for some sappy plot stuff meanwhile he is choking to death in the background tounge hanging out, So typical of the way people are so involved in thier own lives and drama and selves to see the suffering of people in front of them, and THIS is not even a message the movie intended to make!

    11) The movie has a gay undertone meaning we must accept all forms of behavior because people are born to behave diffrent, the Mexican penguins even turned gay for a while when the Talisman penguin told all the penguins to love on each other while he made love to 5 female penguins.

    No I don’t have a problem with sex I have a problem with these retrobates in Hollywood selling sex to kids and putting promiscuous and deviant sexually messages BLATENTLY in a kids movie!

    And to all those parents that see nothing wrong with exposing thier young children to this, good luck in the future when your teen son is arrested for gang raping some drunk girl and videotaping it. Or your daughter comes home with a baby or Aids or winds up a porn star or all of the above.

  21. wow, some of y’all are just obsessed with sex aren’t you? and bob sanchez…dude, you were just scared that your daughter is smarter than you and that you’re too dumb to answer the tough questions. it’s good for kids to ask questions, you realise that don’t you? and you obviously also underestimate your daughter’s intelligence- she should worry about why some penguins/kids are ostracized so she can learn a bit of understanding. at age 4 i was boycotting products made outside the us because of child labor concerns. give her a little credit. and since when are artists (actors included) supposed to keep their mouths shut? if they don’t speak up, no one else will.

  22. I took my 4 year old daughter to see this movie thinking she would like it. It was supposed to be the smash hit for children this season according to all the hoopla.
    I was appalled at the blatant sexual content in this film! Sexual positions displayed as a joke, my 4 year old does not need to be recreating this ‘funny’ scene with her friends!
    The message of the ‘aliens’ stealing the fish I can live with. The killer seal scared the crap out of her, and now she doesn’t like seals. I can handle that one also. Both of those issues give her the ‘other view’, but the sexual message in this film was ridiculous. The way they had the female penguins flaunting around. I thought they ‘sang’ for their mate, why the swishing and the puffy chests? It was not needed.
    I don’t recommend this film to anyone’s children.

  23. This movie is complete and utter political propaganda trash. It hit on everything from, “Let’s all be gay!” to “All science should halt and we should revert to the Stone Age!” I’m absolutely sick of actors thinking that we pay them to make political statements. We pay entertainers absurd amounts of money to do only one thing…entertain us. Yet they can’t seem to be intelligent enough to do the job for which they are paid. They seem to think that the world pays them all to be politicians for children. I, for one, don’t want my six-year-old daughter concerning herself with homosexuality, politics, global-warming, ecological dumping, the United Nations, offshore drilling, religion, or any other issue that has political implications on a global, national, or even local scale. The girl is still struggling to read an analog clock-face for Christ sake! I simply want her to go to a movie, smile and laugh at the cute penguins, maybe learn some interesting facts about penguins, and go home happy. Instead, I get questions during the movie about why the people are stealing the penguin’s fish, and why the penguins don’t like Mumble.

    I took my daughter to this movie for one reason…the movie looked cute and completely innocent from the extraordinarily misleading previews. Obviously, however, I can no longer trust Hollywood to remain out of Washington and must screen everything that I might want to take my child to from now on. Do yourself a favor and just have your kids watch CNN and read the New York Times. It’s cheaper than going to the theater. Don’t worry, you won’t be missing much.

  24. This was a very good movie, and if some little kid’s afraid, who cares? Take them to see the dumb movies like Flushed Away, because they have no sense about a good movie.

    The story didn’t fall apart, you just didn’t pay attention. Mumble learns about the fish and people at the very beginning, and he finally shows the penguins at the end. And it works with the little penguins, since they helped him find Lovelace, who needed help to get the thing off his neck, and which lead Mumble to getting trapped.

    The animation was really great, and the leopard seal sence was awesome.

    GO HAPPY FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. The first half hour was amusing and the whole film was beautiful but the story just fell apart half way through and just quit trying. The last half hour it would have been better to just sing and dance without any attempt at story because the terrible writing just killed the movie, I couldn ‘t believe how bad it became. Anyone who thinks this is a great movie is being paid to say so.

  26. My four year old daughter and I loved this movie. Yes, the seal was startling, but we immediately cheered for Mumble to swim faster. I loved the proactive, pro-science message, too. It encourages kids (and adults) to think for themselves and find real answers and not to rely on guessing and faith. You can look at the movie as a useful indicator test; if you think it tried to say too many things or was too complicated then you may want to check out the “For Dummies” series of books.

  27. Please forgive me, I know routh means very good (I believe).
    Is that what it means? What’s the orgin? Sorry to sound newbie.

  28. Interesting to read a negative review of this when all the ones at RT are so positive. I thought it looked mediocre from the trailers, but whenever I hear someone talk about it they always seem to be so hyper about it.

    I don’t like how you bold paragraphs, I read the paragraph thinking, ‘ok what’s so special about this paragraph’ rather than paying attention solely to what you’ve written. The first thing I skip to in a review is the rating at the end, so to me, if anything should be in bold, its that.

  29. There are also parts of the movie that had the children sitting next to me crying with fright because of a terrifying seal. No wonder the studio didn’t want to put this in 3D, it would have made kids pee in their seats.

    I would pay to go watch kids be scared by a giant 3D seal at the IMAX, that would be so much fun, they should do it.

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