Scorponok In Action

Max was just kind enough to send me this picture of what I can only assume is Scorponok in the upcoming Transformers movie. This is the first image I’ve seen of 3D CGI Transformer in action. I… Freaking… LOVE IT!


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19 thoughts on “Scorponok In Action

  1. Hey D Reynolds,

    I don’t know. When the picture was sent to me I wasn’t 100% sure it was real. I took the initiative to write to Paramount myself and ask them if me having the picture up was a problem… I never heard back from them.



  2. Hey Triflic

    Although you’re not a fan of Bay, I think you’re wrong when you say that the hard-core TF fans are a “small following”. Maybe I’m confused about what “small” means, but I think several thousand, if not ten’s of thousands, of people that follow something religiously wouldn’t fit a “small” characterization. Now, having said that, everyone I know is looking forward to seeing this movie, and they’re not “hard core” at all. They can barely even be called fans, but they are 30-somethings that now have families, and they’re ready to take them to see this flick (pending rating, of course).

    If TF doesn’t make $50 million on opening weekend, I’ll buy a case of Coke, and maybe even some Rye. Party at John’s apartment. :D We could record a pretty fun episode of The Audio Edition, don’t ya think?

  3. Less love story and more action. I want to see lot’s of robots fighting each other. We already tried the “story” way coughHulkcough. Story doesn’t work. Action Action and more Action is what’s going to be needed to break the 100 million mark before summer ends in 07.

  4. Oh my stars and garters.

    Did Alfie just say something nice about the Transformers movie? Has the day of the Apocalypse arrived? Is the Devil making snowcones right now?

    Nahhh. It couldnt be. My eyes must be tricking me because I know I didnt just read that.

    Holy crap! It’s true. Alfie liked something from the Transformers movie. Praise Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

    All kiddin’ aside, nothing would please me more than to have you actually enjoy this flick. Man I hope this is the color of things to come, Alfie, because that picture is pretty damn cool and I only see it getting better as you see more and more of the finished product. (end of giant run-on sentence)

    Oh man! It’s kind of silly how the fact that something about this movie is exciting you has actually upped my excitement level too. What a goober, but see… see how the finished product has a way of feeling different than the preliminary stuff. Now just imagine how it’s gonna feel when you finally see it in motion. When you see them “transform at 80 miles an hour”! God Damn I can’t wait to see this movie.

    I dont mean to seem stupid, but I really am glad that you are finally kinda liking what you see. I know it’s not a guarantee that you will like the end result but holy christ it’s a step in the right direction.

    I honestly didnt think I could get any more pumped for this movie but DAMMIT ALFIE, you just made it happen.
    God bless ya, brother.

    And dont worry too much. Triflic has grabbed the hate-torch and is carrying it proudly in your absence.

  5. You know, I have to ask….what is the story of this movie? Is it just another flick with some loud shit and explosions, or is there actually a script on this thing? I’m a touch too young to remember TF, so I’m in the dark about what the hype is about.

  6. that doesn’t…look…too…bad. its pretty sweet to tell you the truth. i can picture this in full motion lookin awesome on the big screen. hopefully tyrese gets killed off, but i doubt it. cool pic.

  7. Hey, I’m in the key demographic, I owned and played with the toys, saw the original cartoon in the theatre at least twice, and knew nearly everything there was to know about the show in the 1980s.

    And I’m in no way interested. Given, this has to do a fair bit with Michael Bay.

    Basically I’ve never understood the nostalgia, even though I should actually be brimming with it. I don’t think I’m alone on this. There is a hard-core small following, but not enough to get the big dollars back that they seem to be investing in it.

    Somebody is going to owe me a Coke after the movie comes out.

  8. To the contrary of Triflic, I think Transformers will bring in a huge draw. It’s all about nostalgia and everyone, who’s at least 15 or older, should remember the cartoon on tv.

    and Vincent — don’t worry, I’m sure there will be PLEANTY of robots.

  9. I heard a second trailer is going to be attached to eregon…I think.anyway if not eregon I definitely heard that a second trailer will be out by the end of the year…it was on AICN i think…..

  10. Apparently this picture has caused problems over at Aint it cool..they have had to take theirs down…..The more I look at it…the more I like it.

    Where is Jay? He needs to witness this…I am saying something nice about transformers. the photo has got me…gulp…excited!!

  11. TF will make more than enough for the studios to justify making more films. This movie has a following, unlike Starship Troopers, and the people just waiting to see it, have kids. Therefore, unless the story is a HUGE crap-piece, it will make money. And I think I can safely assume that Spielburg likes to see his company, make money.

    Nice shot of Scorpinok. I can totally see him yelling out “Run, Army Boy! Run!”

  12. i didn’t know they were making starship troopers 3?? ;)

    I will say it is the first thing from this film I haven’t hated….

    I still hate the look of the robots but the picture is…..and this is hard for me to type….o.k.

  13. John – I’m still willing to bet a can of coca cola that this movie will be more along the lines of Mission Impossible III than a Pirates of the Carribean II. Meaning that the movie will bomb, yet still makes a fair bit of change; however, due to the production costs, will end up being a disappointment for the studio(s) that make it, requiring big returns on DVD to see any significant black.

    This movie is going to be bigtime expensive and not appeal wide enough to capture the $200+ Domestic dollars to justify its Huge production budget and even larger marketing cost.

    (We had this discussion at of The Toronto After Dark launch party. And nothing, including the above photo, has changed my mind…and it’s a fun argument to have)


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