Saw 3 Hospitalizes Movie Patrons

It seems the horror movie fashion has gone from monster to slasher, to Japanese remakes, to just plain gore. And as mentioned in this week’s Audio Edition the new breed of Gore-Horror has stepped it up a notch. But is it TOO gory?

M&C Movies say:

Hollywood`s horror hit, ‘Saw III,’ is keeping British emergency medical crews hopping with squeamish movie patrons being overwhelmed by its realistic gore.

Emergency medical technicians made three visits to Cineworld in Stevenage, Herts, Friday night. Two adults were treated at the scene for fainting and a 20-year-old woman had to be taken to the local hospital until she calmed down, the BBC reported Tuesday.

Another EMT crew was called to the theater in Peterborough, Cambs, to treat a 34-year-old man overwhelmed by the film`s content.

It seems that there is some sort of unspoken competition among these sort of movies. The plots are decent enough, but the real star of the movie is the protruding bone and spewwing dyed cornsyrup.

Imagine the producers all gathering at the horror film awards in Transylvania.

“Yeah, well my movie was so gory that people fainted and were rushed to the hospital”

“Oh Yeah?” The director of Hostel 5 says, “We actually KILLED actors on screen to get some realism!”

Where does it end. Can it GET worse/better? Who wins?

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