Saw 3 Hospitalizes Movie Patrons

It seems the horror movie fashion has gone from monster to slasher, to Japanese remakes, to just plain gore. And as mentioned in this week’s Audio Edition the new breed of Gore-Horror has stepped it up a notch. But is it TOO gory?

M&C Movies say:

Hollywood`s horror hit, ‘Saw III,’ is keeping British emergency medical crews hopping with squeamish movie patrons being overwhelmed by its realistic gore.

Emergency medical technicians made three visits to Cineworld in Stevenage, Herts, Friday night. Two adults were treated at the scene for fainting and a 20-year-old woman had to be taken to the local hospital until she calmed down, the BBC reported Tuesday.

Another EMT crew was called to the theater in Peterborough, Cambs, to treat a 34-year-old man overwhelmed by the film`s content.

It seems that there is some sort of unspoken competition among these sort of movies. The plots are decent enough, but the real star of the movie is the protruding bone and spewwing dyed cornsyrup.

Imagine the producers all gathering at the horror film awards in Transylvania.

“Yeah, well my movie was so gory that people fainted and were rushed to the hospital”

“Oh Yeah?” The director of Hostel 5 says, “We actually KILLED actors on screen to get some realism!”

Where does it end. Can it GET worse/better? Who wins?

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25 thoughts on “Saw 3 Hospitalizes Movie Patrons

  1. Kids…if I can remember being one that long ago… are curious beings. Even in the most ‘perfect’ home, most parents enjoy and nurture the natural curiosity of their children. The reality and possibility is that any child, curious about the awful drug WBR LeoP

  2. Medical conditions are the responsibility of those inflicted with the condition, not the theater. Much like restaurants do not have to advertise their ingredients, but they do have to have the information available, theatres can advise its patrons of concerns IF asked. Many newspaper ads (here anyways) include warnings.

    I do empathize with your situation, but if theaters had to start catering to every possible condition that any possible patron might have.

    My legs are long. Perhaps they should warn me of the specific distance between seats. After all, its inconsiderate that they do not post these things. I have a condition after all. Get it?

  3. you know – i never faulted anyone..merely asked that i be made AWARE if there *is* something that *could* trigger this condition in me or anyone else…i would say people could be faulted if they are FULLY AWARE of this happening to people and failing to mention it – you actually just restated my position on this – yes, i CAN now go to movies and AVOID movies with scenes that can trigger a seizure…but *only* if i am made aware of it BEFORE i am sitting in a dark movie theater, completely engrossed in a storyline – and it comes out of nowhere…that is a very insecure feeling to have – and the other people i mentioned having seizures, i wasn’t talking about this thread- or even this site a matter of fact almost all the reports of seizures i saw were from England – however, i feel i must mention this, passing out and throwing up can happen during a seizure, and from what i learned, that almost exactly describes a small seizure – but i understand the gore factor , i believe i made that clear and even said i thought that warning people of the possiblity of this happening (seizure – not getting grossed out – *that* you SHOULD expect – and the one reason i’m a fan!) could be great advertisment…think about it….all i was saying is give people like me a chance…at least fair warning….i have seen it done before, as i mention in my other posts , on rides, video games , ect…who does it hurt to warn us? that is all i am hoping for…as for blame…i was really hesitant to put blame on anyone…i KNOW it was a latent condition and that this particular movie flashed in just the right timing to cause my reaction – but once it has happened , does everyone just ignore the fact that it did and could possibly happen again to someone else …for that i would say that there is some blame there – to have that knowledge and blatantly ignore it at the risk of it happening again….maybe i feel *I* would be to blame for not reporting that it happened to *me*! – but that’s really all that i alone, can do…are you getting this?


  4. Odalisque.

    No one said anything about the movie causing seizures. These people were hospitalized because they were grossed out with the intense GORE. Passed out, fainted, fell down. Nothing more.

    Besides, your condition wasn’t CAUSED by a scene in a movie. It sounds as though it triggered something you were unaware of. If a person is allergic to bee stings, is it the bee’s fault?

    You can’t blame the movie for what happened to you. There is nothing to forgive. But now that you are aware of your condition you can avoid movies with fast motion or flickering images on screen that may induce a seizure. Its not the movie maker’s fault.

  5. you know- i have ALWAYS been a big fan of horror and gory movies – the more cringe worthy , the better ..i am by no means squeemish…well, maybe a tad, but that is something i enjoy – the visceral gut reaction i have recieved from all the Saw movies has impressed me to no end..even if i can’t really remember this particular ending …I enjoyed Saw 3 as much as the others…but apparently had an issue with the last scene in the movie – one that everyone seems to be attributing to seizures …i experienced this personally, 1st hand …i too had a particularly nasty gran mal seizure due to the frame per half second ending of this movie – …i have never EVER been diagnosed with any sort of epilepsy – but directly after the end of the movie , and i have NO recollection of this , other then thru my friends attending – i complained of being dizzy from that last scene – NO SPOILER here, i assure you …i , again, am i big fan of the series…i even really enjoyed all i can remember from this one …but i have to tell you …that is a rather extreme price to pay for enjoying a film – all of those nasty images you associate with seizures …apparently i dropped to the ground after saying i was a bit dizzy (mind you i still have NO recollection), taking my friend who was steadying me with me…i fell head first hitting it rather hard on the concrete..but somehow managed to also disjoint my fingers on my right hand and end up with several nasty gashes from the pavement…i apparently begain to jerk convulsively, and foam at the mouth…fortunately my friend had his wits about him enough to keep some idiot from pulling my tounge out , so i didn’t bite it – and he immediately called 911 – again, i have never EVER had anything CLOSE to this happen to me..and i am 33….i awoke on and off in the ambulance , not knowing in the slightest bit what was happening to me…the EEG tests reveiled i had a type of epilepsy triggered by light flickering at only a particular rate – and it just so happened that this was what they had used in the end scene of Saw 3 – this happened on the opening weekend of the movie and i have been very hesitent to even investigate other occurences, because i didn’t want to see this franchise strapped with any troubles – i really liked these movies ..think what you want – but now…i find myself terrifed to go see a movie – any movie…because i just don’t know what to expect anymore – if someone haden’t been with me who knew what to do , who the hell knows what could have happened….i found out after 30 minutes of this type of siezure you have a great risk of serious brain damage ..BRAIN DAMAGE – and i have to say my memory has seirously suffered from this incident – i am on anti seizure drugs , but was hospitalized for 6 days for the dr to come up with meds that might work for me – i know i have read about video games causing these types of issues…japanese anime…and , being fans of both..still never had a problem…apparently there is just a certain pattern of light my brain responds to that way – and since then , i have learned to reconize it in certain other areas of my life even just out of the corner of my eye…the worst part – is just my terror of the unknown when it comes to going to see a movie now…on top of that, i cannot DRIVE until i am able to go 6 MONTHS without another reported seizure ( the hospital DOES call the DMV) -i was told to stay away from video games, clubs using strobe lights ..even watching the light flickering thru the trees at sunset as a passenger in a car! something comforting to people like me, may be the idea of a warning label of some type…the kinds they require for video games and anime – it isn’t a plot spoiler of any kind- just a warning that there may be scenes shot in a way that could trigger any sort of reaction of this nature – i have worked in several theme parks over my years ( i am a native of Orlando – it’s inescapable)…all the rides with potential for these sorts ofthings alway carry warnings…which i always COMPLETELY ignored..but no longer will…i can’t afford to anymore – and i assume most people with no experiences like me before this incident will keep on ignoring them – but it protects people like myself , and it protects the people responsible for their creation of these things – also, as a fan, i would think this type of warning may actually pique the iterest of people jaded by film in general ( think of the tag lines..”so scary, people have been hospitalized JUST by our scary scary movie causing seizures!!) – however, movie content not withstanding..whether it be a love story, a scifi flick..what have you ….i am finding myself terrified to enter the lion’s den once again….which, frankly sucks….i love my movies..i love A LOT of movies…and i am finding myself just terrorized about being stuck in a crisis of this sort again – and believe me …my love of this flick hasn’t lessened at all – my friend that was with me plans to make an edited version just for me when it comes out on DVD – just so i can actually remeber and enjoy the film for what i can’t remember still – i just need some sort of information to go on to make an informed decision , as with the afformentioned culprits and their requirements…if i *choose* to ignore a warning like this now, well..*ALL* my bad….but the dread i am experiencing from this incident has sucked a lot of the joy out of my life and ability to roam freely through it without warning signals always going off in the back of my head – not to mention the breakdown of what was once a nearly photographic memory ….so..has anyone else called for this kind of action ? am i “overreacting”? have the makers of this film answered to any of these reports? i just don’t know where to go with this – how to express my idea without sounding like a censorship nut case…becasue i a FAR from that – just wishing to protect myself, others in the same predicament and YES, even the filmakers from some possible issues that may arise from people not so forgiving…. any ideas? anyone feel me on this? Anyone know where to go with this? i am just completely lost….when i ran the search for other reports i was actually ASTOUNDED at the amount of hits i found , but no real mentions of any sort of liability on the makers part as has been in the other mediums i mentioned.


  6. Are we getting back to the good old days of the 50s where movies had gimmicks like paramedics in case anyone fainted from fear?

    My favourite gimmick was for The Tingler. They randomly wired people’s chairs up to give them a tiny vibration to match the onscreen antics.

    Though it sounds like DANNY is right on the mark. I’m one of those people who gets motion sickness from excessively retarded camera work and epileptic editing. If your movie is so badly shot you need to cut it so no one can see what’s happening, perhaps you need to spend more time working out your shots.

  7. I’m not sure whether this is funny because it’s so stupid or sad because it’s so pathetic. I haven’t seen the movie and don’t plan to (any time soon at least) but I can’t see what would be so awful that it would make someone hyterical or faint. What are we…12 year olds?

    Reminds me of the Masters of Horror “Cigarette Burns”.

  8. I saw Slither and could stand it. I mean I watched it, I even laughted two or three times but the hole point was to gross you out. Now Saw is worse than that from my understanding. I do see the “fun” or entertainment of seeing that. It’s not like you have good scare and then feel ok after that. With Saw it’s almost like you’re a witness to those atrocities.

  9. That reminds me of old footage of people fleeing thetares showing The Exorcist. I’ve never flipped out at a flick, though the end of KIng Kong Way Too Long gave me a mad case of vertigo.

  10. It seems like every horror movie coming out lately is accompanied by some kind of news story about how it’s so brutal that it caused people to faint in the theatre. Hostel had the same thing. It’s all a marketing ploy. If someone did faint, it’s probably because of a health condition they had unrelated to the film.

    — Sean

  11. Danny makes a great point about the flash/editing. There was an incident a few years back which hit the worldwide press about some kids in Japan having seizures from watching a certain anime television show because of the style of editing used.
    The same thing probably happened here as well. I doubt it was the subject matter alone that caused this. That’s why I believe the line in the news story “…squeamish movie patrons being overwhelmed by its realistic gore…” is a load of shit.
    I’m curious as to who released this story. The byline (I’m assuming I’m using the proper word here) says it’s from UPI, which means they may have just posted a story released by the movie producers themselves. News outlets like them & AP generally (but not always, they do have their own reporters) just pick up stories from other sources, especially press releases from companies/corporations. It’s an old trick, but a good one.
    In fact, most celebrity stories are just reprints of press releases from publicists.
    I kinda get the same reaction from watching Tony Scott films myself (at least the last couple he made). Although, it’s really just a great annoyance as apposed to a complete freak-out.
    Anyway, this all sounds like a marketing ploy than a real news story.

  12. I saw someone walk out of Saw 3 a week back, she was shouting at her husband for taking her to it. That means he won’t be getting laid for as good while. These horrors must stop, men are not getting laid because of it. Horrors are meant to scare the girl into your arms were she feels scared and you are the guy who protects her. Not many more.

    Horrors stop being fun when they become so realistic. Remember movies like Hollowen and Nightmare in Elm Street, they were fun horrors could be scared by but at the same time smile at the end of the day. I liked Hostel though.

  13. it seems like you want a sense of “finesse” in these new horror films and thats just absurd. theres nothing amusing about people getting killed wheither it be a slasher film,zombie movie, ghost story or otherwise, but people willingly go see these movies, and are upset that it showed realistic death…IT’S FUCKIN DEATH! it’s supposed to look nasty and gory

    Horror needs to go further in my opinion, scary movies (which I haven’t seen one in at least 10+years) are over, you want a scary movies, go watch halloween,and the whole Asian horror films are just boring but Horror needs to get to a point where it just turns people off, because it makes NO SENSE to watch a horror movie knowing full well what your getting into,and be offended by it

  14. Honestly, the movie poster has fingers and missing teeth. And its a horror movie. They should know what they are going to see. It’s dumb. But it is pretty insane that some ppl did supposedly pass out and what not.

  15. Are you fucking kidding me!? It’s SAW III. What the hell do you think you’re going to see? Kids with balloons on a merry-go-round eating cotton candy? Anyone who fainted from this is a pussy or just dumb as hell to walk into a movie, not knowing it’s a horror film about sawing of limbs and killing people, when they are squeamish about such things.


    Unless it’s because of the aforementioned, chaotic, frenzied, un-creative editing structure. Then I blame the director.


  16. I miss the really scary movies…you know the one’s that left things up to the imagination. This stuff isn’t scary, it is just gross.

  17. It propably is just as the first commenter said crappy editing. The sam thing happened with blairwitch people puked becouse of the shoddy camera shots, had nothing to do with the movie at all.

    And reality and gore isn’t exactly new in movies, the whole late 70s early 80s cannibalism exploitation movies. Some of those movies killed real animals or mixed blurry shots and other tricks to make stuff seem real. Some of those movies acctually better accomplished what they are trying to do nowadays. The women impaled in canibal holocaust the cutting of breasts in ferox? and the Cutting of penis also in ferox?

  18. Totally agree with danny. I liked the movie, and it was gore filled, but there is no way it was that bad, unless you just had no clue what the movie was going to be about. The flash editing has to go, and the handi-cam shit. There isn’t a steady shot in that whole damn movie, and sometimes it made it hard to even watch…

  19. i personaly work in a Cineworld in england. so far we havent had any faints, people throwing up or anything like that we did recieve an email about this case though.

    i watched saw 3 last night and i dont think it was that bad.

    those people must of had some really weak stomaches to get that bad.



    possible spoiler:


    spoiler over

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