Rumors confirmed for Poltergeist remake

poltergist.jpgPoltergeist, great movie, scary, interesting, made me afraid of getting trapped in walls when I was a kid, now it will be remade, possibly frame by frame. Or says here:

I’ve just received official confirmation that the original idea for “Kayeri” will NOT be used for the remake, instead the new film will be a straight-up remake of the first film… pretty much frame-for-frame.

Although Clint Morris did write the original “Poltergeist Kayeri”, it’s not believed he is part of the new project. In addition, I can also confirm that Zelda Rubinstein, Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams will not be part of the remake.

In the original, a young family are visited by ghosts in their home. At first the ghosts appear friendly, moving objects around the house to the amusement of everyone, then they turn nasty and start to terrorise the family before they “kidnap” the youngest daughter.

If there were such a thing as a film burial ground all of Hollywood would be haunted by ghosts for desecrating so many graves of good movies.

Remakes tend to work best when they have a lot of time in between the original and the imitator, or when the first one is from a different country.

The thing with this project is that the movie was only released twenty years ago and even worse is that the the television show Poltergeist, the Legacy just stopped airing in 1999.

I can see how this idea was sold though. The premise is still be interesting, I find ghosts endlessly fasinating and most people do I think, how long have people been telling ghost stories around campfires? Also it was a very successful movie series in the past. But I just cannot see audiences wanting to see this.

Bottom line it is just too soon. They need to let the daisies start pushing through the dirt before they get out the shovels.

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18 thoughts on “Rumors confirmed for Poltergeist remake

  1. By the way, by giving movies like these a chance, we are just letting these directors know that we will shell out our hard earned cash to see a movie and HOPE it was as good as the classic we used to love. And what happens when it isn’t?

    They keep your money.

    That’s it. That’s the story.

  2. Please stop making remakes! Please please please! Can’t they think of scripts themselves? Apparently someone discovered years ago that making remakes gives a little bit of profit. So instead of making a great movie, do a preplanned one, that way you can make a few bucks.

  3. You’ve gotta be f**king kidding me! Are you people mad?! The original was fine just the way it was! It doesn’t need a remake! Dammit, Hollywood! LEAVE IT ALONE! Seriously, somebody needs to make an online petition to stop this remake from happening!

  4. oh ya she had the disease before they even shot the first one so would that be a pre curse? stupid like saying transformers is gonna flop

  5. i think its stupid to say this is too early to make a remake cause my opinion is that every one thought the original was one of the scarriest movies ever……and they said they were gonna do it frame by frame….the get on it and make it happen….is either gonna suck or rock….so try it out….plus most of the people who leave messages on this page are hypacrites(ya my spelling sucks) cause they are down for some lame shiat to be made but wont give a chance for a classic to be made frame by frame with the new technoligies….

    ps ya he was the father but i mean come on he the COACH!!!

  6. Oh dear…

    This is not good news in any way, shape or form.
    Especially if it’s going to be shot-for-shot. We all know how well the shot-for-shot remake of Psycho faired.
    Not to mention, they’re just gonna cram a lot of CGI ghosts and trees into it and I dont know about the rest of you but CGI ghosts have never been scary. (I submit the Haunting as evidence)
    Besides, like Darren said, the effects still hold up as they were. Hell, the movie as a whole still holds up as it is. Besides, without JoBeth Williams, I have no interest in this what-so-ever.

    On a side note, I remember being scared to death when I first saw this. I must have slept in the fetal position in the center of my bed covered entirely by blankets for a week. (because we all know that a half an inch of cotton was the only thing that could stop machetes, ghosts and aliens from killing you in your sleep)

  7. Personally, I think we should just stick to the original film. I can see this remake being just another PG-13 horror film where it just doesn’t feel like the audience is in danger of being scared. Even though the original was PG, it still felt like an R rated film.

  8. “Remakes tend to work best when they have a lot of time in between the original and the imitator, or when the first one is from a different country.”

    when was the last time a hollywood remake was better than the original from another country? i can only think of one “insomnia”.

  9. I don’t know about the recent rule. Didn’t stop the remake of The Hitcher, it isn’t halting the planned redo of Hellraiser. Or Dawn Of The Dead.

    However, like CJ said above, if it is shot by shot, why remake it?
    Also, most of the orginal’s effects hold up well today. How are they going to improve on maggots on a steak or a guy’s face falling off boggles the mind.

    Will this happen, though?

    It shouldn’t, but weighing in the factors, such as MGM, I’ll say, with a shudder and a shaking head, yes.

  10. NO!!! no no no no no! this movie is not old enough and its fine the way it is.. come up with something more original hollywood cuz you suck right now!

  11. In the late 90s, they did this type of frame-by-frame remake of Psycho with Vince Vaughn and Anne Heche, and it didn’t do well. I remember the consensus of critics saying that a frame-by-frame remake isn’t much of a “new” or “exciting” project since it really addds nothing new to the story, just new faces and performances.

    I’m wondering if this remake will suffer from the same problem or if it will be better since the effects would be updated. Time will tell, I suppose.

  12. Sigh, Im generally easy on remakes for the most part, but I guess like everyone, each of us has movies we consider untouchable, for me this is one. Most times I will accept remakes if they can improve on the special effects or if they can get better actors, but this movie needs neither.

    One of the scariest movies of all time. But, on the other hand of course is the other scariest movie of all time, The Thing, which was a remake itself. Guess I will hold judgement, but as of right now, Im not impressed by this idea at all.

    Viva La Craig T Nelson!


  13. Yeah .I was so freaked out when I frist saw those zombies and the tree, holy shit as a 10 yr,that was scary as hell. It was the same time as the thriller video came out and i was poopy my pants when i saw that,now I love horror movies and not many give that feeling anymore, Hostel did some what. but yeah ,I am looking forward to this re-make.


  14. It has potential, the original I remember watching as a child and being pretty dam terrified at the tree sequence.

    it will be difficult to get the corny elements of the original right in a remake, modern audiences and tastes have pretty much ruled out any idiocy from a serious flick.

    I liked the Omen remake, and I like the amnityville horror remake even though I new exactly what was around the corner – for some reason this film dosent quite hold the same edge in my eyes to be worth going to see again.

    I much more look forward to the Hellraiser remake, that has such excellent potential I care not for any other horror remakes at the moment.

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