Robert De Niro Partnering Up With 50 Cent

DeNiro.jpgRobert De Niro is one of the all time great actors. Not many people would disagree with that statement in general. But let’s be honest with each other. The man’s career has been horrible for 10 years straight. Not only has he been in horrible movies… but really… he has not performed up to his high standard. Maybe it’s because his attention is on more important things in this world right now, maybe he’s distracted with the Tribecca Film Festival… or maybe he’s just losing it (although I doubt it), but there is no denying this great man’s career is in full throttle decline. Want more proof? It looks like he about to co-star with… ug… 50 Cent.

Yes, that’s right. 50 “I’m a rapper, not an actor” Cent. Apparently they’re going to be partners in a new cop movie that uses the events of Hurricane Katrina as the background. Yeah… cause I’m sure 50 cent, who couldn’t even convince me he could play himself, is going to be a believable cop. Good grief.

Let’s look at the De Niro films of the last 8 years:

Hide and Seek – Please… who didn’t see that ending coming from a mile away?
Meet the Fockers – Crap crap crap compared to the first one
Shark Tale – Do i have to say anything?
Godsend – Mystique looked hot… and.. .umm… that’s about it
Analyze That – On my top 10 worst sequels of all time list
City by the Sea – Yaaawwwnnnn
Showtime – William Shatner outperformed them both
The Score – With that cast it should have been 10x better, but it’s like none of them even tried
15 Minutes – How sad is it when Oleg Taktarov (UFC Champion) gives the best performance in it?

Meet the Parents – A great film… the only one on this list
Men of Honor – Not sure how this even got made
The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle – A total embarrassment
Flawless – Even with Philip Seymour Hoffman joining him, this movie was garbage

De Niro needs to focus on acting again and find a role to really sink his teeth into… much like Al Pachino did with Angels in America and The Merchant of Venice (which I still say is the best performance he’s ever given). BUT WHAT HE SHOULD NOT DO, IS SIGN UP FOR ANOTHER CRAP MOVIE WITH 50 FUCKING CENT. Yeah… that’ll reinvigorate the old career.

I’m not big into Hip Hop, so I can’t comment on “fiddy”‘s musical ability, although people tell me he’s quite good. BUT THE MAN CAN’T ACT TO SAVE HIS LIFE. Did you see Get Rich or Die Tryin??? The man couldn’t even play himself?!?! He’s a musician… not a freaking actor!

WHY OH WHY OH WHY would De Niro do this?!?! Has his career really gotten so pathetic that he needs to resort to this? Does he think this will attract a new generation to be his fans? What the hell is he thinking?!?! Robert… PLEASE… for god’s sake… for the sake of all of us who have been your fans for years… GET A GRIP!

Source: Cinema Blend

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22 thoughts on “Robert De Niro Partnering Up With 50 Cent

  1. Spot on John. The last good movie De Niro was in was Ronin (1998), which I loved and may watch tonight now that I think about it. Otherwise, eight years of crap and that includes The Score. Awful movie.

  2. Drew,

    I was talking about Chris Rock not The Rock.
    In response to what Cady said about actor pairings.

    I dig The Rock. I think he could be the next great action star.
    Loads of charisma. Better natural talent than Arnold ever had. Very good screen presence.

  3. Cady,

    While Sandler and Reeves may not be the greatest thespians alive, they can still act circles around Fifty-gaddamn-cent.
    As much as I hate to agree with John, 50 couldnt even act like himself convincingly.

    Rock sucks balls. Cant argue with you there.

  4. De niro has just become bored with acting, and possibly bored with the movie business in general.

    It happens most of us in our careers, so why should actors be any exception.

  5. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    We have just seen the first sign of the Apocalypse.

    Next comes the frogs falling from the sky and the Locusts.

    My God, Bobby.
    How far from grace are you gonna fall?

  6. I have to agree with John. DeNiro’s films in the last decade (and more) have been SHIT! I laugh at his attempts at crying in a serious role.

    And as I said, YES, he’s had some good roles and movies (Goodfellas obviously, and Raging Bull and a few others). But this greatest actor ever crap has got to stop.

    And by the way, did someone above mention Cuba Gooding and genius in the same sentence? Please. As a side note, name one movie Cuba does NOT cry in. There are a couple answers, but that’s it.


  7. Pete,

    I only listed 8 years because before that he was still great. And I’m sorry… but no matter how much I love Geaorge Lucas, the fact of tghe matter is he’s shit the bed recently.

    And no matter how much I love De Niro, he’s gone to shit (by his standards) recently. I can’t believe you thought his performance in The Score was anywhere CLOSE to what he’s capable of.

    Gaaa… reputattion only gets you so far.

    As for “Trying something new”, Al Pachino did that… only he’s done it well. De Niro hasn’t… not even close.

    He’s too good of an actor to be giving us the crap performances that he’s been handing us recently. If he was any other actor, I wouldn’t say anything… but for Robert De Niro, I expect more. So should you. Just my two cents worth.

    (Notice that I won’t call your judgement into question just because you don’t share my opinion.)

  8. analyse this is terrible granted as are a lot of his latest films but are you seriously saying that about all of his work???even all of his scorsese films??

    taxi driver, raging bull, king of comedy, mean streets, goodfellas, casino??

    are you seriously saying that those roles could have been better with someone else? if so then all I can do is quote keanu …woah.

  9. I’m so sick of this ass-licking of Bob DeNiro. I believe DeNiro to be the single most over rated actor of all time. I can’t stand it when I CONSTANTLY hear “DeNiro” and “greatest actor ever” in the same sentence. I want to rip out my brain and make sure I’m still on planet earth.

    People need to snap out of it. He’s in some good movies and he even has some good roles, but what has he done that’s so completely over the top amazing that hundreds of other, far better, actors have not done?

    I am prepared for the wrath. Bring it. My response will be “Analyze This” buddy!


  10. John,

    I’m trying really hard here not to disrespect you or start flaming out of control, but my faith in your judgment is beginning to waver.

    First off, before anything, YES… “you know who” (it pains me to even write their names in the same sentence) teaming up with 50-cent would be a recipe perfect for a Jigsaw game.

    (JIGSAW VOICE) — “Hello Shawn, I want to play a game… It seems like you are no longer grateful for the sense of sight… Do you really enjoy turning a blind eye to your son’s one-legged hooker addiction… If so, you should have no problem removing your own eyes with this dull spoon… If not, then you must sit through an entire screening of the buddy cop flick starring DeNiro and 50 about Katrina”
    (SHAWN) — “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    As far as that being a complete an utter atrocity to film, I agree with you 100%. But when you went so far as to say that the Great Bobby D has had a “horrible” career for the last decade?!?! I know from the past rants that you tend to get on your soap-box and get alittle excited, but you knew you were gonna be called out for this one.

    Maybe DeNiro’s choices of film haven’t been the greatest lately, but can you blame the guy for wanting to do something different. When people think Robert DeNiro, they think supreme badass with an extra side of gangster. He has established that without question, and recently broke out of his shell for a refreshing change.

    You say the movies are bad. As a fellow filmmaker, you know that could be from a number of different aspects – scripts, direction, ect. But the one thing he does control is his performance and to say that is has not been delivering them up to par is reaching.

    The Score – I don’t know… maybe you were distracted by the stellar performance that Norton turned in as a retard but he plays a monstrously cool badass, his bread and butter. Excellent film.

    Men of Honor – I was personally shocked the most by your comment here…”how did it get made?” If this movie didn’t move you, you’re dead inside. Again maybe distracted by Cuba’s genius. Powerful film.

    Meet the Parents – I’m glad that you acknowledged this one.

    Hide and Seek, Godsend – OK… you saw the ending coming and Rebecca Romijn was hotter then DeNiro. Both points that have nothing to do with his roles, but played convincing characters in both. He’s fing nuts!

    And here are some small films you decided to leave out of your “Horrible 10 Years”

    The Fan ’96, Sleepers ’96, Wag the Dog ’97, Jackie Brown ’97, Great Expectations ’98, Ronin ’98, Analyze This ’99… Can’t imagine why you only listed 8 years?

    I think the guy deserves to do what ever he wants, even if its a “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” feature length movie. He’s earned it, many times over, to try something new. Don’t dis Big D.


  11. The thing with De Niro is, he can play only one role so how many times can we see it over again, don’t get me wrong, i love a lot of his movies but i don’t think he is a guy that can do any role, i hope he will come out with another great movie, but not sure if that is going to happen any time soon.

  12. Cady,
    I liked Ronin too (it left us without a lot of answers but as the ending says…”sometimes that’s the way it is in this business”).

    However, I agree with John on the fact that the last 8 years really haven’t been De Niro’s best. He has lost a lot of his acting prowless. He is no longer taking on great roles or showing us his darker/badass side. He’s been doing movies that are either unimaginative, uninteresting, or badly excecuted.

    As for the other match-ups you mentioned (Nicholson/Sandler, Pacino/Reeves, Hopkins/Rock), there respective movies that you are talking about were all terrible. The reason no one cried foul is because most of us knew the movies were going to be terrible and that was okay. We knew these movies were only going to be a small blips of “bad movie choices” for the actors because they continued to make good movies before and after the bad “duo” movies. De Niro has been doing a whole lot of bad movies choices with a few blips of good ones.

    Any word on when we are getting the “new” Movie Blog layout back???? I really liked it.


  13. Stop overreacting. Get a life. In the last 10 years, I’ve enjoyed Copland, Wag the Dog, Ronin, Analyze This, Meet the Parents, City by the Sea, The Score, even 15 Minutes, which is very underrated. They may not live up to such films as Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, Goodfellas, Casino, Awakenings, The Deer Hunter, etc., but not very many films do. The problem with De Niro is he’s a victim of his own very high standards. Let’s not judge the film with 50 Cent before seeing it. It is an intriguing pairing, to say the least, a lot more intriguing than if he were paired with a Tom Cruise, for example. And if I remember correctly, no one cried foul when Nicholson paired up with Sandler or Pacino teamed up with Keanu Reeves or Hopkins with Chris Rock. Sandler, Reeves, and Rock can’t act if their life depended on it. As far as De Niro’s career goes, he’s earned the right to do whatever he wants. He needs no one to give him career advice. I’m looking forward to The Good Shepherd!, btw.!

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