Robert De Niro Partnering Up With 50 Cent

DeNiro.jpgRobert De Niro is one of the all time great actors. Not many people would disagree with that statement in general. But let’s be honest with each other. The man’s career has been horrible for 10 years straight. Not only has he been in horrible movies… but really… he has not performed up to his high standard. Maybe it’s because his attention is on more important things in this world right now, maybe he’s distracted with the Tribecca Film Festival… or maybe he’s just losing it (although I doubt it), but there is no denying this great man’s career is in full throttle decline. Want more proof? It looks like he about to co-star with… ug… 50 Cent.

Yes, that’s right. 50 “I’m a rapper, not an actor” Cent. Apparently they’re going to be partners in a new cop movie that uses the events of Hurricane Katrina as the background. Yeah… cause I’m sure 50 cent, who couldn’t even convince me he could play himself, is going to be a believable cop. Good grief.

Let’s look at the De Niro films of the last 8 years:

Hide and Seek – Please… who didn’t see that ending coming from a mile away?
Meet the Fockers – Crap crap crap compared to the first one
Shark Tale – Do i have to say anything?
Godsend – Mystique looked hot… and.. .umm… that’s about it
Analyze That – On my top 10 worst sequels of all time list
City by the Sea – Yaaawwwnnnn
Showtime – William Shatner outperformed them both
The Score – With that cast it should have been 10x better, but it’s like none of them even tried
15 Minutes – How sad is it when Oleg Taktarov (UFC Champion) gives the best performance in it?

Meet the Parents – A great film… the only one on this list
Men of Honor – Not sure how this even got made
The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle – A total embarrassment
Flawless – Even with Philip Seymour Hoffman joining him, this movie was garbage

De Niro needs to focus on acting again and find a role to really sink his teeth into… much like Al Pachino did with Angels in America and The Merchant of Venice (which I still say is the best performance he’s ever given). BUT WHAT HE SHOULD NOT DO, IS SIGN UP FOR ANOTHER CRAP MOVIE WITH 50 FUCKING CENT. Yeah… that’ll reinvigorate the old career.

I’m not big into Hip Hop, so I can’t comment on “fiddy”‘s musical ability, although people tell me he’s quite good. BUT THE MAN CAN’T ACT TO SAVE HIS LIFE. Did you see Get Rich or Die Tryin??? The man couldn’t even play himself?!?! He’s a musician… not a freaking actor!

WHY OH WHY OH WHY would De Niro do this?!?! Has his career really gotten so pathetic that he needs to resort to this? Does he think this will attract a new generation to be his fans? What the hell is he thinking?!?! Robert… PLEASE… for god’s sake… for the sake of all of us who have been your fans for years… GET A GRIP!

Source: Cinema Blend

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