Ralph Feinnes in The Gift and Directing Snow Country

Ralph Fiennes is one of the most giving actors to ever grace the silver screen. Even in the gag inducing Avengers, he was brilliant and he had a leather clad Uma Thurman to upstage.

Cinematical Reports:

Which brings us to Fiennes’ upcoming work. According to Production Weekly, the man has landed two more gigs to add to his already impressive list of credits. First off, Fiennes has been set to star for writer/director Jacob Aaron Estes in Gifted. The film, based on Ian Parker’s New Yorker article The Gift, tells the story of controversial philanthropist Zell Kravinsky, who made millions in real estate — but over the past six years has given nearly all of his $45 million estate away. And that’s not all — he even gave away one of his kidneys to a stranger who needed it. Fiennes will play the generous Kravinsky in the film. Production on Gifted is expected to start in the Spring in New York.

I mean come on, the guy plays the goodguy, and he plays the badguy and you still dont know which you like him as better! So to see him in a serious role like this isnt new, but the guy delivers, so we are likely going to be in for a good movie. Especially with such an intriguing story like that. Our culture inspires us to cling to what we have and not let go of any of it without something in return.

Also, not to rest on his laurels, after Fiennes reprises his role as Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix, he is taking the jump to directing with Snow Country. The film, based on the Japanese novel Yukiguni by Yasunari Kawabata and adapted by Nicholas Rohl. Snow country tells a love story set amid the desolate beauty of northern Canada, and chronicles the affair between a wealthy man and a 17 year-old Inuit girl being raised in a convent.

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3 thoughts on “Ralph Feinnes in The Gift and Directing Snow Country

  1. This is excellent news indeed. The man is not only talented but rather handsome as well. He’s also one of those guys that flies really low on the Hollywood radar and when you see him in a movie, you remember that he’s around. I can’t wait to see more from him. And you’ve got it totally right. He’s played both good and bad guy and I’m not sure what I like him better as.

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