Peter Jackson Lies To Fans To Get “Better Deal”

New sad news. This news has been floating around for a couple of days now, but I’ve not thrown in my two cents worth on it yet. It is yet another twist in the Peter Jackson / The Hobbit tale.. only this one disappoints me more. Looks like Peter Jackson doesn’t mind lying to his fans through his teeth.

Back when it was announced that Peter Jackson wouldn’t be doing The Hobbit, Jackson put out a letter to the fans where he tried to get us to believe that he had no idea that New Line, the only studio that was willing to take a chance on LOTR, had a limited period of time where they had to make The Hobbit or lose it’s rights. Jackson tried to tell us that he had no idea.

Guess what… Jackson flat out lied. The worst part is that he lied to the fans in his open letter. Because saying he didn’t know New Line had a limited period of time was PURE BULLSHIT. And Tolkien Enterprises confirms it. This is from Saul Zaentz of Tolkien Enterprises (The company that gets the rights to The Hobbit if New Line doesn’t make the film in time)… looks like Peter Jackson has been purposefully lying to fans and New Line in an attempt to get a “better deal” for himself from another company:

Peter will wait because he knows that he will make the best deal with us.

Jackson knew the whole time New Line had a limited time… and just trying to delay so that New Line lose their rights… and he lied to the fans directly about it.

New Line wanted to give the fans Peter Jackson to direct The Hobbit... but it’s been Peter Jackson, lying to fans and studios, that’s been holding it up… and now we see he’s been doing it on purpose. Doing it to get a “Better deal”. Not to give the fans what they wanted… because New Line tried that. But rather to screw the one company that gave him a chance to make his dream movies out of their rights while pulling the wool over the fans eyes at the same time.

To say I’m disappointed is an understatement.

I’m sure now Jackson worshippers (of which I was one until recently) will rush to their master’s defense, and continue to buy any lie the man hands out. Me, I’m sick of it.

Up till now I’ve been saying I wanted to see Jackson direct The Hobbit and that I’m still a big fan of his. Well… not anymore. So I’ll say it. Screw Peter Jackson. I’ve had enough of his bullshit. Comments aren’t open on this one… we’ve all wasted too much time with this already. Feel free to send me hate mail if you’d like. They entertain me. :)

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