November 2006

Death of the VHS

On the brink of a new civil war of video formats, we take this moment of silence to recognize the death of the Video Home System. We knew him fondly as VHS, but as it lived a long and full life, it is now officially over. Variety offers: After a … [Read More]

Casino Royale Reviews

The early Casino Royale reviews are now up… and whoever the morons were who started that whole “Craig Not Bond” website earlier this year are probably sticking their heads in the sand and hiding someplace. The Casino Royale review look, to put it mildly, amazing. I’m dying to see this … [Read More]

Happy Feet Reviews

The early Happy Feet review are out (you can see Sharon’s here) and they’re looking pretty good. I’ve been VERY excited about this film for a long time, and I can’t remember the last time I was looking forward to a non-Pixar 3d animated movie. Here is what some of … [Read More]

New Rocky 6 Trailer

The newest (and apparently final) trailer for Rocky 6 (AKA “Rocky Balboa”) has hit the web. It’s very similar to the other one we saw a little while back with a few additions that really change the feel of it. Look, I’m hardly ever wrong about anything. Everything I do … [Read More]