November 2006

Smurfs Triology

A lot of people were both excited and dumbfounded at the same time when they heard news that The Smurfs were going to be getting a full length feature film. I think it’s a cute idea personally, although I do wonder how financial viable it’s going to be. We’ll have … [Read More]

The Fountain Flops

I’ve been looking forward to Aronofsky’s new film “The Fountain” for quite some time now… but I remember way back when the first trailer came out… it actually turned me off of it a little bit. It felt really self absorbed (just saying that’s how it felt to me) and … [Read More]

Scorponok In Action

Max was just kind enough to send me this picture of what I can only assume is Scorponok in the upcoming Transformers movie. This is the first image I’ve seen of 3D CGI Transformer in action. I… Freaking… LOVE IT!

Movie Mistakes

I love catching little mistakes in movies. Not story mistakes… but little “cought on film” continutiy errors that were either missed by the editors, or that they just didn’t think was worth re-shooting or that many people would notice. I still remember the first time I cought a mistake… it … [Read More]