November 2006

3 Needles to star Lucy Liu

. Thom Fitzgerald has created a movie worth watching, especially with Lucy Liu as the leading lady in his new movie 3 Needles. Liu was interviewed by, here is the movie’s description: The global widespread of AIDS is the main focus of the independent drama 3 Needles, in which … [Read More]

Smurfs Triology

A lot of people were both excited and dumbfounded at the same time when they heard news that The Smurfs were going to be getting a full length feature film. I think it’s a cute idea personally, although I do wonder how financial viable it’s going to be. We’ll have … [Read More]

The Fountain Flops

I’ve been looking forward to Aronofsky’s new film “The Fountain” for quite some time now… but I remember way back when the first trailer came out… it actually turned me off of it a little bit. It felt really self absorbed (just saying that’s how it felt to me) and … [Read More]

Scorponok In Action

Max was just kind enough to send me this picture of what I can only assume is Scorponok in the upcoming Transformers movie. This is the first image I’ve seen of 3D CGI Transformer in action. I… Freaking… LOVE IT!