Nicolas Cage in The Sadhu

I will say it again, Nicolas Cage was once my all time favourite actor. I still dig the guy a whole lot, and this new news is just one more reason why.

Superhero Hype says:

The Cage family and Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Comics are collaborating on two comic book thrillers: Enigma and The Sadhu, it was announced today by Sharad Devarajan, Virgin Comics’ CEO.

Virgin Comics will be publishing Enigma, a Voodoo-laced thriller created by the comic book loving father-son duo of 15 year-old Weston Cage and film actor Nicolas Cage.

Virgin Comics and the Cage family have also agreed to collaborate on other projects. Nicolas Cage will develop the lead role of James Jenson in Virgin Comics’ film adaptation of their hit comic series The Sadhu, written and created by Gotham Chopra. The screenplay for the film adaptation will be penned by best-selling author and co-founder of Virgin Comics, Deepak Chopra.

The guy helped his 15 year old son become a published comic book author. Cage is officially the coolest dad ever!

And it wasnt just a favour he called in. Cage is now working with that same comics group to bring one of their popular characters to the big screen. The Sadhu will feature a lot of depth to the character showing a guy who can be gentlemanly kind and diabolically evil all in the same day, and I can think of no one BUT Nic to pull this off. Its his character from “It Could Happen to You” mixed with “Kiss of Death”. The guy can play them both.

Hell the guy on the cover of the book actually LOOKS like Cage.

Im going to have to track down that comic book now.

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