New Rocky 6 Trailer

balboa-trailerThe newest (and apparently final) trailer for Rocky 6 (AKA “Rocky Balboa”) has hit the web. It’s very similar to the other one we saw a little while back with a few additions that really change the feel of it.

Look, I’m hardly ever wrong about anything. Everything I do and say is right (bonus points to whoever can name the source for that). But every once in a while, when the cosmos is aligned a certain way, I have to eat my words. Well… this is one of those times. What am I talking about?

Well you see, from the moment I heard that they were going to be making this movie I called it one of the stupidest ideas I’ve ever heard. I said it would never work. I said it was a lame idea and that I would never be interested in it. Well… I was WRONG. Dead wrong. The way they seem to have approached this film has me DYING to see it. No seriously… I can’t wait to buy my ticket to see Rocky 6. Never thought I would have said that.

Now keep in mind, the movie may very well suck. We’ve yet to see it. But I never even thought they’d get me interested… and they have in spades! And HOLY CRAP!!! I don’t think Sylvester Stallone have EVER looked this physically strong in his life. That is a powerful man.

And oh man, they play a bit of “Eye of the Tiger” near the end of the trailer and I almost jumped out of my freaking seat! You can see the Rocky 6 trailer here.

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