New online movie tickets will include DVD extras with purchase

Resize of mark.jpgFor a while now movie tickets have been available for purchase online, and sales have been ok, not great but ok. That may all change with the new movie ticket purchasing system created by Mark Cuban. What’s so different about his? Well let us know with this little article:

Internet genius Mark Cuban has come up with a new distribution system which will give moviegoers a boat load of value-added extra features when they buy a movie ticket. When filmgoers buy a ticket to HDNet Films’ The Architect on, they will be presented with a bunch of exclusive online extras. Ticket buyers will be able to download the full movie score on MP3 and Deleted Scenes.

For the movie fan this is all pretty much good news. I’ve never bought tickets online but this is just the sort of incentive that would make me start. I love to see behind the scenes stuff on movies, and getting an MP3 of the songs on the soundtrack is a great idea too.

Of course at this point it is just for movies done by HD net Films, and they don’t have too many big blockbusters on the go at this point. I think if they included this sort of deal for better known movies it would get more people to buy online and check out the more independent films that HD net is producing.

I don’t know if the once and a while movie viewer will be interested in this sort of thing but depending on how it is marketed they may also be enticed into getting online for tickets. Time will tell if this will be a quality money maker. I have a hunch it will be.

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