MPAA Bans Putting Legal DVDs on Your iPod

ipod-videoThe immeasurable height and width of the total incompetence and stupidity of the MPAA never ceases to amaze me. This organization has their heads shoved so far up their nether regions that they don’t even know it’s not summer anymore. Taking their fight to the US Copyright office, the MPAA has ensured that the current rules as enforced mean that YOU CAN NOT PUT A DVD YOU OWN ON YOUR IPOD TO WATCH.

Did you get that? A DVD you own, that you bought and paid for… yeah, you’re not allowed to watch it on you iPod Video (or any other portable video enabled device other than your laptop or portable DVD player. THESE ARE IDIOTS!

Good job you morons… well done. So now you’ve got all these millions of people who have video enabled devices… and you’re telling them they’re not allowed to put their legally purchased DVDs on them to watch. Hmmmmmm… gee wiz… I wonder what they’ll do now. Oh right… THEY’LL DOWNLOAD ILLEGAL MOVIES TO WATCH ON THEIR iPODS EVEN MORE!!!

When will these idiots wake up and realize that fighting, instead of working with technology, is only going to ENCOURAGE piracy?!?! Are they so stupid that they don’t get this???

These fools should be BRAGGING and advertising that purchasing a DVD means you can watch it on your iPod. They should be making this a selling feature on their dvds. They should make it easy for companies to develop software that rips the dvds to iPods. But they’re too blind to understand taking advantage of this technology for their gain is a better idea than trying to ban it. IDIOTS IDIOTS IDIOTS.

Dear folks at the MPAA. I will often try to defend you, and even back you up sometimes… but you are nothing but a conclave imbeciles and short sighted dimwits who are actually encouraging piracy instead of fighting it. I have no sympathy for you whatsoever.

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