Martin Scorsese’s Rolling Stones Documentary

martin.jpgstones.jpg Martin Scorsese, the director who loves stories with grit and toughness is doing a documentary on The Rolling Stones, the band that lived so long on their drugs and rock and roll and now still and won’t quit. gives us this:

Paramount Pictures has picked up the rights to The Rolling Stones documentary from Martin Scorsese.

The long awaited film has already gotten underway with Scorsese shooting last Sunday’s birthday bash for President Clinton at New York’s Beacon Theatre; he’ll be back to shoot again for tonight’s show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film will focus on the two concerts from the group’s current ‘A Bigger Bang’ tour as well as historical and contemporary behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. The camera team expects to film more than half a million feet of film at the Beacon, using additional Hi Def, DV Cam, 16mm and 8mm cameras to shoot behind-the-scenes footage.

Paramount plans to release The Rolling Stones documentary in late 2007.

I’m stoked about this movie. I am a fan, not the biggest but I like their music and more than that I love their camaraderie and dedication to keep performing even into their later years.

However there are some people who are a little pissed off at the Rolling Stones for canceling a few dates recently. The folks over at gave themovieblog this story:

NEW YORK (Reuters) — The Rolling Stones on Tuesday canceled an upcoming concert in Hawaii and rescheduled three other performances, while a fan sued the band for $51 million for pulling out of a New Jersey show last week. Rosalie Druyan filed a class-action lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday accusing Jagger and the Stones of fraud and in acting in bad faith because of the cancellation, which she said cost her and thousands of fans money on non-refundable hotel bookings.

The suit charges that Jagger sought medical attention before the concert and knew he would not perform but did not disclose that in time for ticket-holders to cancel travel reservations.

It is frustrating for someone to fly to see their favorite band only to be left standing at the show, pricey ticket in hand (her ticket cost $575 online) and no band to see. Who knows, maybe she’d been saving all year at this was going to be her dream vacation. That sucks. Unfortunately when you are going to see a concert where the lead singer is over fifty you need to expect that sometimes there will be health issues. Was it right for them no it wasn’t, however there are always circumstances that make this happen.

The story is interesting and I hope Scorsese gets The Stones take on things. It’s going to be interesting to see how they are shown, are they the hard working band who meditate and get along great, or is what’s keeping them young that old school rocker mentality that keeps bringing the groupies back to their bus?

I can’t lie, I’m hoping for the latter.

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