Listen! Do You Smell Something? ‘Into Great Silence’ Coming to North America.

shhh.jpgTired of drunk guys’ mumbling garble during your movies? Sick of teens addicted to sugar/E/smack/crack bellowing during the emotional bits? Well, we’ve got a movie for you, because you won’t be finding anybody like that at this one. In fact, you can leave your pulse at home – it’s ‘Fast and the Furious’ proof. Not saying it’s bad, mind you, apparently it’s great – so says the European Film Academy as it lobbed the award for Best European Documentary its way – The Sundance Festival gave it a special Jury prize back in January as well.

The rightly titled “Into Great Silence” is about a virtually hidden sect of French Monks. [I just lost half the readers I think]. In order to get permission from the “head honcho Monks” to film it, it took the director 16 YEARS. 16 years – the only thing I’ve done for 16 years in my entire life was wait for my nuts to drop. 16 Years for one film – Regardless, this guy must really love his subject. And he loves it quiet.

There’s virtually no dialogue in the entire film as it sets out to contrast our modern, hectic, Fight-Club “Get Out And Buy Stuff” mentality with a trip through the power of stillness and the need for silence in our lives. Therefore, Tony Little probably won’t see it either. North America will get its chance to see-and-not-hear-it at an as of yet, unpublished date.

Source: Hollywood Reporter/Reuters

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