Hey Guys I Need Your Input And Help. Please Read And Comment.

Christmas is coming up guys. It’s the time of year that seems to bring the best out of us sometimes. Most charities report that Christmas time is the single biggest time of year for donations to various causes… and that’s a great thing… but the problem is that January is the lowest time of the year.

There are a lot of families that need a lot of help in our world. I was reminded of this fact yesterday morning. I was too lazy to make breakfast for myself, so I walked over to my favorite area cafe to have a western omelet. While I was there I started talking to a guy about hockey (one of my favorite topics) who was just on a break and having coffee and I eventually found out his family was on assistance and using various food services at the moment. He was working 2 part time jobs that wasn’t enough to pay the bills. The guy finished his coffee and left to go back to work.

Walking home I was reminded of how lucky I am and how fucking good I have it… I forget that sometimes. Then, an idea hit me that I thought I’d share with you guys to see what you think about it…

We’re hardly celebrities here on The Movie Blog, so our scope of influence is really limited… but… that’s no excuse to not at least TRY something. And instead of forming the whole idea myself, I thought I’d throw out to you what I have so far, and then get your input on how to improve it. With me so far? Good. Here’s my idea so far…

What if in Mid-Jarnuary, we held a mini-Film festival (not a real one… just say… a day. Held at a location where we could play like 3 dvds, great modern/classic films and watch them all together, with break times in between where we could all talk about the films and discuss them.

Then, at some point we record a special Audio Edition with everyone there (like a live studio audience) and everyone gets to ask a question or make a comment live “on air”. Get to meet and hang out with all the Audio Edition guys and I’ll see what I can do about getting other people there too. Have a good meal together and see if we can’t raise money to go towards some form of family assistance charity (be it a food or shelter service). Just have a great day in general and help a couple of people along the way? What do you think?

So here’s what I need to know from you guys. Does this sound interesting to you? Would you be willing to drive a couple of hours to attend such an “event” for the day to have some fun and help some people? What could we do to improve this idea?

Look, like I said, we’re not celebrities and I know that… but why not see if we can all use our love of movies to improve our world even just a tiny little bit for some people? Fuck it, even if we only raised like $20, that would have been enough for a hot meal for that dude I met yesterday and his family. I think it’s worth it… or maybe I’m just naive. PLEASE leave your feedback. Cheers all!

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65 thoughts on “Hey Guys I Need Your Input And Help. Please Read And Comment.

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  2. Hey Calvin,

    Actaully it’s a bit shorter than that. More like 7. I just drove down to Philly a couple of months ago for an interview for my documentary. :)

    I stayed at the hilton, great view of your city.

  3. Hey John, wonderful idea. Like many here, I’m in Florida and on a budget myself so I can’t make that trek, but I’d love to meet you guys.

    Anyway, as others have mentioned, some form of way for us to make a donation for the poor saps that can’t make the event would be great. I’d love to help out anyway I can, even if I can’t be there in person, I’ll be there in spirit.


  4. LOL I like u better when you’re naive, John… This is a good idea.
    Some would show up just to watch some movies with good-natured people (if going for charity not good in nature i dunno what the hell is) and have a great big fun with John Campea the movie critic (invite Darren and Doug too, it’s be a hoot. Oh Bruxy and Rodney too). Love the audio edition idea. Love it most of all.

    You like to underestimate your abilities John, you’d be surprised at what you can do if you don’t put yourself down like that.

    I’d support all the way from Asia.

  5. John,
    The Digg guys do live broadcasts (not sure if they’re for charity though) since those guys are American capitalists. I think it would be great. I’m sure you guys have connections to get the venue for free. (They’d make money on food/drink.) Get people to pay $xx for charity. Have Doug/Boner do some comedy? Couple of flicks. And a live roundtable of the movie blog with questions from the audience & submitted by worlwide listeners. You could charge $1 for each download (I think you have the mechanism from the movie cast). I’m sure we’d all be willing to pay.

  6. John,
    The Digg guys do live broadcasts (not sure if they’re for charity though) since those guys are American capitalists. I think it would be great. I’m sure you guys have connections to get the venue for free. (They’d make money on food/drink.) Get people to pay $xx for charity. Have Doug/Boner do some comedy? Couple of flicks. And a live roundtable of the movie blog with questions from the audience & submitted by worlwide listeners. You could charge $1 for each download (I think you have the mechanism from the movie cast). I’m sure we’d all be willing to pay.

  7. This is a great idea. Wish I could join in the fun but the Philippines is toooo far away.

    Someone above mentioned that you need to promote outside of the movieblog. If you can get guys from the other websites you mentioned in the podcast to attend and talk about it that would add more bums in the seats :)

  8. 40-60 mins is the more accurate answer…
    I’m just outside Hamilton and have made the trek to Buffalo numerous times over the years.
    the only thing that would make it 90mins is if the border patrol pulls you over and frisks you!!! that would make the journey less pleasing I’m sure

  9. Ummm… i am not nit-picking, but

    Jeff says its about 40 minutes away.
    Ryan Says its 90-120 minutes away.

    Which is true??? Can we get a third party confirmation? (I dont need down to the second but thats a 80 minute variable!)

    Thanks! ;-)

  10. John, this is a brilliant idea. If I was closer, I’d make the trek. And some folks have made some great suggestions like perhaps a donation link so those of us who want to can participate and I’ll second the thought that maybe this could be done simultaneously at various places. May be a little difficult to do that this late in the year but maybe for next year?

  11. I would consider doing this. I live Near Baltimore, MD, I would probably fly into Buffalo, NY. How far (approx) are we talking from Buffalo? Flying into Toronto directly would be more expensive, and its “international” and all. I would guess that it would take place on a weekend… And John, I am assuming that I could stay at your place? LOL. (kidding…)

    Riddle me this MB-ers… there are no DIRECT flights from the DC area to Buffalo… most are one stop, usually in Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago or New York City… ranging from 160-400 bucks round trip. BUT(!), you can catch a 2 stop, 9 hour travel time flight From Baltimore (BWI) to Buffalo, NY… with two stops in Charlotte, NC and Chicago… for the low low rate of $1354!!! That’s right. Almost Fourteen Hundred Dollars. I could get to Eastern Europe for less time AND money.

    Usually you look to either save time (usually more $$$) or save money (usually more stops/time)… What asshole would pay 3-9 times the going rate for a flight that is 3 times longer than most????

    And some wonder why the airlines are on the verge of bankruptcy…

    Sorry for the meaningless rant, but I was fascinated by this…

  12. I’m in Oz mate but if there’s anything any of us can do internationally to help, just let us know. Sounds like a great idea, and even if you can be a dick with some of your opions on movies sometimes lol, I just got a whole lot more respect for you. Well done!

  13. great idea, only problem i see is that as your on the net how many people can just travel there? Im in the UK and a student so no chance of me going there, :(

  14. It’s only 40 minutes?

    I guess sans-traffic, I remember it taking at least that to Burlington last time I went. (although that was from King St or so)

    Movie suggestion:
    Battle Royale, you guys are always talking about it and lots of people still haven’t seen it.

  15. Shit im jealous.

    Sounds like fun. How about one in wales, anyone live in wales up for that. We could even watch a bit of rugby if you’d be into it?

  16. John this is an awesome idea! I am so there! BTW I have a HD DVD player and several discs that I would be glad to bring to the meet.

    Count me in. The charity aspect of it, is icing on the cake.

  17. Wondering if you communicate with the studios if you would be able to obtain screeners to show. Charity + free hype and publicity from movie blog readers that would be some nice incentive for them to give some to you plus would probably raise the interest in your event.

  18. I’d totally be up for something like this… What a great idea. My only problem is my first child is due in the middle of January which probably means I can’t just pick up and leave for a day.

    But if I can do it, count me in.

  19. I’m in the UK too pal but it’s a fantastic idea. It’d be really curious to see what films you would choose.

    If you just provide a paypal link for your chosen worthwhile cause, i’ll donate. The prospect of an audio edition with a live audience just has me excited as hell. You’ve probably thought of this, but if you bring back the video edition for one time only, make sure it’s that event.

  20. Now I like what Ryan has to say. A snaek peek of your doc would be fun (Although I am sure you may not be quite ready for that). We’d love to come to something like that though. Anything to help.

  21. Sounds like a great idea, there is a problem though.

    You would have to promote the event outside the realm of themovieblog.com, this way you could get people to come who have no idea who you are.

    My friend got diagnosed with cancer last year and a couple friends of mine and I organized a charity event, it is very hard to do and will cost some money…I wouldn’t rely on the Audio Edition audience to show up for this considering most of them don’t live in Hamilton and probably won’t make a trip for it.

  22. to be totally honest John, if I didn’t live on the other side of the continent, I’d LOVE to attend a film festival held by The Movie Blog. and I think you guys are bigger celebrities than you give yourselves credit for.

    I think one thing we can all do to help the homeless, is those of us fortunate enough to do so, give one particular family enough money to get themselves back on their feet.

    but anyways, I think it’s a great idea.

  23. I’d be happy to help out on this! not that I’d have to drive for 2 hours ;)

    We’re also attempting to set up a charity run at the moment… it’s a ton a work at times.

  24. Man thats kool as hell john, great idea,i listen to a podcast called comic geek speak, these guys did what you r doing with the movies , but with comics instead, they have great interviews and also every 100 shows they plan a get together with the listeners at their local comic shop in Reading PA, and they just got done doing the 200th show, anyway people from all over that listen make it, some came from england. shit they ever had STAN THE MAN LEE, on thier show once as a call in, sorry rambling, anyway my point is, it can be done. your idea is great your taking the next step in meeting the listeners and helping who ever you can, thats what makes this site so great, you are not only thinking of yourselfs, clebs or not u guys still kick ass. and i am glad i found this site many mouths ago,good luck on the get together, keep us up to date.


  25. Hey Ryan – Do make the trip. I’ll… ummm… have stippers. Yeah… Strippers. You Montreal folks like your stippers right? LOL

    Hey Beejag – No idea what films yet. Maybe like great little films a lot of people haven’t seen yet. Like Mom and Dad Save the World (Jon Lovits, Terri Gar) or things like that.

    How much to donate? I don’t know… maybe like a $10 admission and then an open donation area to donate on top of that? Stuff to think about for sure.

  26. Argh, once again something cool happening in the Toronto area that is just a little too far.

    I think it’s a great idea and depending on the time/date/place I might even make the trip out from Montreal for it.

  27. hey john i like the idea as well, i can probably round up something likea dozen people to bring, any movies in particular your planning on getting?

    and wut would you think would be proper for every person to donate? (im kinda in a hurry so i cant read over the whole post, cant check if this was in there somewhere)

  28. That sounds like a pretty good idea. People that can’t attend can still send donations. (How many readers are Canadian? And live close by?)

    Ricci talked about the costs for that event. What if you get like 100 people to attend it… there’s not enought room right? Love the idea, and being in January it’s true that it would fill in the blanks left by Christmas madness.

  29. If you are not able to set up multiple locations this year, at least have a donation link set up on the site so that those of us that can’t make it can at least send along some cashola.

  30. Yea Ricci I was thinking the same thing.

    John – you need to set up bases all around the world. I’m sure there are a load of listeners based in the UK that wouldn’t mind doing something like this. When we’re not posting at work. Like I am now.

    Lazy country.

    Films for Food – The Movie drive. lol

  31. Well those would be the main bases covered, sounds like a great idea.

    Would be an enjoyable day.

    Just a shame I’m in England :(

    So fund raising maybe:
    Entrance Donation
    Movie Raffle
    Film Buff quiz

    Good luck!

  32. I think this is a wicked idea! A day to watch movies with the Audio Edition guys and do some charity stuff at the same time? I’m in Buffalo, and I’ll gladly make the trek. Just tell me when and where big guy!

  33. Hey Ricci. Great question.

    The only costs really would be renting the dvds (I’ll get the studios permission for this… they’ll probably send them to me for free) and a location… but I already have a couple in mind that I think will do it for free too if we use their food concessions.

  34. Have you considered the Costs of such an event, and if these costs could be covered by whatever money would be raised?

    What scale are you planning for?

  35. I’d be interested in this for sure. Watching a few flicks with you guys would be nice…the charity aspect is a sweet touch.

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