Happy Feet has better Tuxedoes

Looks like an army of dancing tuxedoes is all it takes to dethrone the most anticpated tux clad superspy in generations. The new James Bond movie Casino Royale has been getting rave reviews and what seemed like a sure victory at the boxoffice turned into a brilliant #2 spot for openning weekend.

Yahoo Movies says:

James Bond has met his match not a fellow spy but a tap-dancing penguin. The Warner Bros. animated penguin romp “Happy Feet” debuted with $42.3 million, grabbing an edge for the weekend’s No. 1 slot over Sony’s Bond adventure “Casino Royale,” which opened with $40.6 million, according to studio estimates Sunday.

Now John has said before that the power of a solid family movie is enough to take out ANY other genre in the openning weekend, and once again this proves to be right.

Right on the tail of a rare increase for its second week in theatres, Happy Feet and Casino Royale pushes Borat to third place at a still respectable $14.3million.

Santa Clause 3 and Flushed Away made generous efforts to round out the top 5

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