Happy 28th Anniversary Everyone.

dartcand.jpgOkay, I know it’s the 18th, but I started writing this yesterday and then proceeded to work for 16 hours, so I didn’t get to it until just now. (Sorry ’bout that)

Has it been 28 years already? Good grief. Many of us can remember the day. And many more can only refer to it as a legend that carries a huge mark / stain, depending on your point of view. No one can, however, deny the stake it has claimed in the fertile ground of what would become the lives of future geeks.

Not much needs said, but just as a reminder: Exactly 28 years ago at the time of this writing. 28 years +1 day at the time of your reading, The Star Wars Holiday Special punched holes into the heads of innocent and unsuspecting media starved children everywhere. Every year around this time, you can still hear them pissing themselves.

And every once in a while, to celebrate, ….. someone…. somewhere…. will actually:

Give you a LINK. (If you actually do it, do it fast)

Use cautiously. If you piss yourself, ’tis the Season to not be our fault.

Happy Anniversary. (Hey look, the review I wrote years ago is still here…)

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