Fox and Marvel Fighting Over X-Men 4

By far, my favourite type of films is Superhero films. I am a big comic book geek, and these guys get to have million dollar playgrounds re-enacting what me and my friends did when we were 8. That being said, the grandaddy of all superhero films, Xmen, has been my favourite franchise. So as far as I am concerned, they can keep making them and their spinoffs.

But wait True Believers, there may be trouble in the cinematic XMen movie world.

Movie Hole reports:

Though the studio has let it be known that they aren’t ruling out future “X-Men” films – referring to ensemble tag team efforts, not the spin-off films – recent disagreements between the comic troupe and the studio indicate that the partnership may be souring. As a result, Marvel may be taking the superheroes elsewhere.

Whilst Marvel and Sony are ecstatic with their relationship – and as a result are said to be already planning a “Spider-Man 4” – Marvel aren’t so keen on working with Fox on another “X-Men” sequel.

“Marvel has an alternate plan for the future of these movies. One that Fox is reluctant to take seriously”, says the site. “However, they may have little choice in the matter because ultimately the X-Men are Marvel’s characters” and Marvel has been making “even bigger steps to control and have more say in the production of their movies”.

So it doesnt sound like Marvel is backing out (why would they?) but Fox might lose control of the franchise. Perhaps with their solid relationship with Sony, their “alternate plan” will have them moving the franchise to a different studio.

But it seems more like Fox is trying to control the franchise more than Marvel would like, and Marvel has their own ideas. Unfortunately this just means possible delays for XMen 4, and the only ones to suffer will be the fans. At least it seems the Wolverine and Magneto projects appear to still be moving forward.

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