Films 4 Food Fest Update

Hey guys, John here with a quick update on the Films 4 Food Fest. Also, in the last point I have a question for you that I’d love for you to check into the comments section and answer for me. Ok, so here are your updates:

1) For those who don’t know, the Films 4 Food Fest is a 1 day event to raise money for family food services.

2) The Date is set! Saturday January 20th in Hamilton Ontario (about 40 minutes from Toronto)

3) There will be 3 or 4 movies (not yet set) with lots of time to yack about them in between films and meet all the folks there.

4) To keep over head costs down so as much money as possible can go right to the charity, this will be a no frills event. You buy your own food (available on site or in lots of places right around the venue)

5) A special Audio Edition will be recorded “live” with the audience.

6) Following the Audio Edition a special Panel discussion will take place with teh audience. On the panel will be the Movie Blog folks (Darren Conley, Doug Nagy, Bruxy Cavey, Rodney Brazeau, Jesse Bonner) as well as some special guests from other movie sites as well. All of it will be edited into the Audio Edition with all the questions and comments from the audience as well.

7) A Films 4 Food Fest page will be put up in the next week or so with a Paypal donations button for those of you too far away but who would like to donate anyway. OUR GOAL IS TO RAISE $5000 to help local families.

8) Doug Nagy and Jesse Bonner will each do a short stand up routine (oh god this could get me in trouble)

9) After the last movie of the night, there will be an optional group walk up to the local strip club with our special tour guide The Reverend Bruxy Cavey (please tell me you know I’m joking).

10) Cost – Ok, I need your input on this one guys. I’m thinking the “ticket” price for the event (actually, we’re calling it a “minimum donation” instead of an “admission price”) will be about $25 for the day. Is that reasonable? To high? Too low? Just right? We want to get at least 110 people in attendance… at $25 do you think we can do that?

Please please please leave your thoughts below. And thanks again guys… let’s do something good.

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