Emory Expells Revenge of the Nerds

It seems that some people like to see the payout before seeing what they are being paid for. Those at Emory University seemed to have jumped to that conclusion when agreeing to let the Revenge of the Nerds remake shoot their footage on their grounds.

Cinematical Spots:

According to THR, Emory University booted the production after only two weeks, reportedly because they didn’t appreciate the overtly raunchy nature of the production. (Quick question: Had anyone at the college either read the screenplay … or seen the original Revenge of the Nerds? Was the college expecting a Disney flick?) So the Atomic folks tried to do some shooting at another school (Agnes Scott College), but the facilities simply weren’t expansive enough to pass as a big-time party school.

I have to agree here. NO ONE who has heard about this remake was expecting a good clean college story here.

The whole stereotype for college party antics were established by such films as Animal House and Revenge of the Nerds. I can barely think of ANY college comedy movie that didnt pay homage to this era of films with at least ONE party animal drunkard student.

It is very likely that these antics in the remake are simply TOO over the top raunchy. And that much is expected. The jokes around belching and picking your nose really dont generate a lot of laughs in theatres anymore. We look to the Scary Movie series to see just how dirty the jokes have escalated to get the required shock value.

Im not the least bit surprised that the movie was going to be dirty. However, I am surprised that Emory staff agreed to have them on campus without at least having a viewing of the original just for reference before agreeing.

Ironic since the basis of each of the Nerds movie had the “cool” Fraternities trying to get the Nerds Expelled.

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