Casino Royale Reviews

Casino-Royale-Poster-SmallThe early Casino Royale reviews are now up… and whoever the morons were who started that whole “Craig Not Bond” website earlier this year are probably sticking their heads in the sand and hiding someplace. The Casino Royale review look, to put it mildly, amazing. I’m dying to see this tomorrow (missed my screening Monday).

Here are what some of the critics are saying in their Casino Royale reviews:

There’s one whopper of a reason why Casino Royale is the hippest, highest-octane Bond film in ages, and his name is Daniel Craig.
Peter Travers – Rolling Stone

Casino Royale sees Bond himself recharged with fresh toughness and arrogance, along with balancing hints of sadism and humanity, just as the fabled series is reinvigorated by going back to basics.
Todd McCarthy – Variety

Daniel Craig is probably the best and most serious actor to have been cast as 007 and this film makes full use of his range.
Christopher Tookey – London Daily Mail

Contrary to pre-release nay-sayers, Daniel Craig has done more with James Bond in one film than some previous stars have in multiple reprises. This is terrific stuff, again positioning 007 as the action franchise to beat.
Kim Newman – Empire Magazine

As of this moment, Casino Royale reviews are holding an amazing 95% at rottentomatoes. I’ll be giving my video review Saturday, so keep your eye open for it.

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