Bruce Lee to Star in a NEW Movie!

We have debated about who the next big action star is, and now we know. Bruce Lee.

All the people who feared that George Lucas creating too many digital characters would lead to actors being replaced by CGI have come true.

Movie Hole says:

Rob Cohen, director of 1993’s “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story”, is planning on making another film about the legendary martial artist – only this time, he plans to have the late superstar himself star in it!

In an interview with Latino Review, Cohen says “Rage and Fury” will feature “…an entirely photo-realistic Bruce Lee with new, advanced digital technology.

I dont know how I feel about this. It could be the first stage in a long line of improving technologies that eliminates actors altogether. I know it sounds a little Skynet, but really if you think about it, 50 years from now we could all be watching animators and “character designers” winning oscars for their superstar creations.

Who needs actors? We will just invent some!

We saw this happen in S1m0ne, wherein Rachel Roberts became the costar of a movie she wasnt even in. Al Pacino’s character creates a cgi woman to replace a difficult diva and shes an instant star. The only problem is that she doesnt exist.

Movies like Final Fantasy, while not the greatest movie, have proven that we are very close to making very believable cgi people. Will this change the face of movies? Celebrities? Sets?

I foresee this now. I will be talking to my great grandchildren one day and saying, “I remember one day when I met a movie star” and the kids will look at me like I just claimed to be meeting the Easter Bunny. “Oh Grandad, you must be losing your mind, Actors are not real people!”

THIS will be the moment that someone will return to from the future to stop the onset of the fall of society. If they dont, my grandchildren might be CGI too.

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12 thoughts on “Bruce Lee to Star in a NEW Movie!

  1. i think they should not do a movie with cgi.just leav well a a lone
    we have all love his films.what the point.that mean if i died.
    my family would let use cgi to see my dad no way.when your dead.
    your dead.bruce film would not be the same as he was a live.
    well that all i have to say cherrio

  2. I would truely like to see Mr. Cohen pay particular attention to Bruce Lee,s original concepts and ideas concerning “The Game of Death”. And in some way or form bring honor and respect to a very thoughtful and inventive personality as Bruce was. Not just a movie filled with (kick and punch) violence. But a movie with philosophical insight and “emotional content” (as Bruce would say).To any and all involved with this project, and to all who inquire I wish the best in personal achievement.

  3. It won’t be immediate but it will happen in a big way. I believe actor unions and cost impede it now. The next generation of actors will definitely have to have voice talent. Look how many actors have already done the voice of their 3d double. for example the matrix, not to mention how many are voicing the shreks and ice ages. Final fantasy had it not been a flop would have changed everything quicker but in the last decade it has simply been used in lord of the rings, matrix, blade, spiderman. So there goes stunt doubles for action sequences. voice actors will thrive and those who can merely act will be on stage or independents. Some will be better since the best cgi actors will be composites. Like a bruce willis, tom cruise with will smith hybrid. Can people follow fictional characters? From power rangers to the hulk says we already do, this is just the final step, where someone like spiderman becomes a separate living being totally removed from an actor who has four other charaters to play that year.

  4. “Actors are good at what they do, the good ones anyway, and you just can’t ever replace that.”

    At one point people thought that King Kong looked real and believable, but then compare that to the life like Kong we got in the remake.

    The animatronic stopmotion Rancor in Star Wars was impressive too, then we compare that to the TRex in Jurassic Park and we just see the Rancor is a puppet.

    You cant say they will never perfect it. 15 years ago, we didnt think we would see half of the stuff that is in the current special effects films, but here we are.

    It is possible, just not yet.

  5. If they really do make it true to Bruce Lee and his spirit AND it sounds JUST like him and doesn’t look like just a big CGI doll of him on screen, and it also be a kick ass action film, aswell filled with Bruce’s spirit, then ya, it could work out great.

    But the chances of them pulling all that off, I think is one in a million. Hell, probly more like a billion. And if they can’t get it right then I agree, they shouldn’t even do it at all. All the way or no way, or else there just gonna piss off a hell of allot of people in the prosess. Including myself.

    But about the CGI actors replacing real ones, if this CGI Bruse Lee stunt is successful, I still don’t see it. Yes it will for sure keep on happening in Fatasy, comic book, and sci-fi films the like and even more so in the future. But for dramas and more human driven films, I just don’t see it. Actors are good at what they do, the good ones anyway, and you just can’t ever replace that.

  6. I think in 20 years or less, indie movies will be made entirely at home by 1 guy on his pc. It will then be possible to buy complete movie making programs similar to something like paint shop pro now.

    i dont think actors will be totally replaced but movies with CGI actors will become another genre.

  7. I don’t believe this will even come close to dominating the future of cinema actors because it is way too expensive to do and nobody will buy into that much. I’m terrified as Bruce was the most amazing action star of his time and I’ll be so pissed if they don’t do him justice.

    I wonder what his family will think?

  8. Real actors will never go out of style, for several reasons.

    1. An actor communicates through speech, facial expression and body language. This is hard and therefore expensive to replicate.

    2. There is no real reason to remove actors from film.

    3. People want to see real people.

    4. Hollywood needs the hype that comes from fameous actors.

    Bruce Lee wasn’t a good actor so, he won’t be as difficult to replicate as say Tom Cruise. There will be movies with all digital cast, but they will never dominate the cinema of the future.

    just my two cents

  9. I’ll be royaly pissed if they messed him up or he ends up looking “fake” not credible…if they aren’t gonna do it perfect…better not do it at all.

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