Bruce Lee to Star in a NEW Movie!

We have debated about who the next big action star is, and now we know. Bruce Lee.

All the people who feared that George Lucas creating too many digital characters would lead to actors being replaced by CGI have come true.

Movie Hole says:

Rob Cohen, director of 1993’s “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story”, is planning on making another film about the legendary martial artist – only this time, he plans to have the late superstar himself star in it!

In an interview with Latino Review, Cohen says “Rage and Fury” will feature “…an entirely photo-realistic Bruce Lee with new, advanced digital technology.

I dont know how I feel about this. It could be the first stage in a long line of improving technologies that eliminates actors altogether. I know it sounds a little Skynet, but really if you think about it, 50 years from now we could all be watching animators and “character designers” winning oscars for their superstar creations.

Who needs actors? We will just invent some!

We saw this happen in S1m0ne, wherein Rachel Roberts became the costar of a movie she wasnt even in. Al Pacino’s character creates a cgi woman to replace a difficult diva and shes an instant star. The only problem is that she doesnt exist.

Movies like Final Fantasy, while not the greatest movie, have proven that we are very close to making very believable cgi people. Will this change the face of movies? Celebrities? Sets?

I foresee this now. I will be talking to my great grandchildren one day and saying, “I remember one day when I met a movie star” and the kids will look at me like I just claimed to be meeting the Easter Bunny. “Oh Grandad, you must be losing your mind, Actors are not real people!”

THIS will be the moment that someone will return to from the future to stop the onset of the fall of society. If they dont, my grandchildren might be CGI too.

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