Borat Sequel? Let’s Hope Not

Borat has become only the third movie I’ve ever given a 10/10 to since I started doing movie reviews online (see my Borat review here). The other 2 were Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and Life Is Beautiful (I still can’t believe how many of you still haven’t seen this total masterpiece of a film). So it goes without say that I loved Borat.

There is fresh news swirling around about a possible Borat sequel. Our good friends over at Film Junk give us this:

Cohen recently told VH1 that he and producer Jay Roach have been throwing around ideas for a Borat sequel. And really, when you think about it, it seems pretty crazy not to do another Borat movie with the success he’s had thus far. The one question has always been, can Borat still get away with punking people now that he’s famous? Jay Roach thinks so. “There are always insulated worlds where Borat can go either on this continent or others.” In other words, Tokyo here we come!

To me… this is a HORRIBLE idea. Just plain HORRIBLE.

The true genius of Borat does not lie in the comedy itself (although it’s clearly freaking hilarious), but rather at the way Cohen is able to hold up a proverbial mirror to us as a society and culture, make us see our ugly side, recognize it, and then force us to laugh at it while demonstrating the ridiculousness of it. We are familiar with the environment Borat finds himself in, we identify with it… and it is that identification that allows us to be drawn in by his mirror.

Clearly Borat can no longer really do his thing in the western world at all (and I have my doubts anywhere) since we all know who he is now. Picking Borat up and relocating him to Japan, or Africa takes the heart and soul of what makes Borat so special out of the equation and leaves us with nothing more than yet another pathetic prank/shock comedy that’s already been done.

Borat is a special film. But lets not try to beat it to death.

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9 thoughts on “Borat Sequel? Let’s Hope Not

  1. He wont make a sequal to Borat, hes not stupid.

    He did Ali G in the UK, until he couldnt get away with it anymore, then he made a Movie.
    He then moved Ali G to America where he wasnt recognised and so it worked again – but now thats over to.

    He did Borat in the UK, then he Moved Borat to America, then he’s made the Borat Movie – Borat is over now.

    The rumour was his next movie would be for Bruno……
    I truely hope he dosent make a Bruno movie either, because its by far his worse charactor, the humour involved is nothing compared to Borat of even Ali G. Bruno fails and should be left to rot.

    Borat has always been his best Charactor, even when he only used to get a 3 min slot in his early Ali G shows, I dont really know how he could top a charactor such as this.

    The only reason he’ll make a follow up movie to Borat, is to cash in, and its setting will be purely staged, maybe in kazak and eastern european countries – he could do Borat: Cultural learnings of the Eastern Block for make benefit glorious planet World.

    Jagshemesh, today we go see polish pig wrestling……

    That is the only way I could see it working, becuase the staged humour could be there a plenty, but there would be no mockery of real preduices, rasism etc…

  2. What are talking about John? This will be a great idea it will greatest sequel to a comedy since the sequel to Caddy Shack! Oh wait…

  3. My advice would be to let it rest a couple of years. With a video camera and a couple of months, I’m sure there are many unsuspecting types who barely even GO to the movies and would be perfect new subjects for interview. All in all, the movie was extremely well done.

    Video is in some ways a better forum for comedy.

  4. I finally saw Borat last night… freaking hilarious. A sequel would be a terrible idea in my book. Not to even remotely compare them but Tom Green ran into this problem. His early shows were about catching people off guard and interacting with them with his “humor.” As he got popular he was forced to visit Japan where people didn’t know him… when he did film in the states crowds mobbed him and the effect was lost.

    Borat would have the same fate too I think. HOWEVER, Cohen is talented enough to do scripted work that’s great versus “Freddy Got Fingered”

    cold chills on that one.

  5. He needs to drop Broat and move onto Bruno. Actually, he might even be able to get away with Ali G seeing how the majority of people who saw Borat never saw the first movie he made that was only released in the UK. I think I’d rather see another Ali G movie than a Bruno movie…and taking Borat to Japan is the lamest idea ever.

  6. Yeah, if the ,humor is directly connected to western culture, there is absolutely no way this will be worth watching. I mean it’s not about us, how could we possibly relate or even care?

    I thought Borat was pretty fucking funny, but the social commentary was like a 14year old’s cliff notes. It’s no fucking surprise that if you go to a rodeo in Dallas, Texas you will find some patriotic people who will have a certain amount of distrust in foreigners, and it’s no surprise that in Texas you can find 1 store which sells civil war memorabilia. Not to mention the hooker with the heart to gold has been done to death.

    I will go see asians of africans being dumbfounded by Borat, because I think the reactions are hilarious. I don’t watch it to be enlightened by the hard-hitting truths of my own existence.

  7. Would making a Borat sequel be smart? Yes because it will drag in tons of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ now that everyone knows and moreless saw Borat. But I hope they do not make a sequel, I would like films of the others characters like Bruno and Ali G(movie sucked) but not a storyline film for Ali G but a Borat style movie.

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