Batman VS. Superman Still Alive

Batman Vs. Superman is I believe what ever single self respecting comic fan wants to see (ok, I’m exaggerating, but I know an awful lot of people who want to see this movie get made). In the last year, there have been a lot of on again / off again rumors and rumblings about the projects chances…. mostly negative… but they just won’t seem to go away.

The good folks over at Cinematical give us the following:

(It is being suggested that) the desire for such a film (Batman vs. Superman) was part of the motivation behind Warner Brothers offering Bryan Singer another go-around with the Man of Steel despite their obvious dissatisfaction with his first performance. Warner has been angling hard at a versus movie for the two titans for a number of years now, and the recent successful relaunch of the Batman franchise with Begins certainly had to encourage them. When the Superman hype machine geared up and everyone expected it to be even bigger than Batman, Warner had to be simply salivating over the possibilities. Superman may not have blown the doors off the box office, but it certainly didn’t flop, and so Warner isn’t willing to give up yet.

I can’t even tell you how much I’d love to see this film. Ever since I read Dark Knight Returns, which was the first time I ever saw the two gods fight it out, I have dreamed of seeing it on screen (for those of you who don’t know, Batman made Superman his bitch and kicked the crap out of him).

So why do so many people want to see these two duke it out? It’s not just because they’re the two most popular characters ever created in the DC universe… but because they represent two totally opposite views of the world and how to engage it. Superman is all ethics, total pure morality… often called “The Boy Scout” for good reason. Batman is more shades of grey than black and white. Darker, more twisted in his thinking and pessimistic about human nature as a result of his past history.

The collision between the two on screen would be fantastic… not just because of the fight… but the opportunities for conflict, verbal barbs, and the colliding and expressing of those two different world views would be a hell of a lot of fun to see.

The reality is that this film probably won’t happen in the next 10 years. But man I hope I’m wrong. I’d love to see this.

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34 thoughts on “Batman VS. Superman Still Alive

  1. Now was the perfect time to do the complete idea of Batman V Superman in the new Dark Knight film. The graphic novel itself is a master piece and would have made the perfect script for a film. I am a massive Batman fan since I was a kid growing up on both the TV series and Tim Burton movie but the novels depiction of both charaters has to be the best I have ever seen. I am not a big fan of the sequel to the novel but the idea that The Batman hates the Man of Steel for being weak and not revelling in his God like status is fantastic. Superman is such a bitch its untrue.

  2. I think the Death Of Superman and the two years it took to get him back alive would make a great Superman movie. Put all of it on film, him dieing and the clone Superman and the half borg Superman. If u do it right it would be the biggest film ever, I think. You could have flash backs of when Superman went to see his home planet and he was kid nap and put into a fight match and he beat the evil war lord.

  3. I know for a fact that the worst super-hero ever to come from a comic is Superman,. The writers got it completely wrong, the way it should have been written was; Joe-el, (I think that is how you write it) has two twin sons, both get sent to earth. both sons are loved by father, boths sons are powerful on earth, but one son dislikes the other, and goes his seperate way after beening taken care of by earthly mom and dad, the dislike gets bigger on earth, as you can really see the way human beeing really are, you get to understand why; why the other brother turn out this way. Then and only then do you have a match up. One of the problems is , there isn’t really anyone who can stop Superman, because no film will ever show him being killed, but with the brother of equal strength, he then has a match, a perfect match, not some twit name Lex luther who can only kill him with the Krpto, because we all know that Lex will never kill him, the writers think were all stupid. As I stated before, the problem with Superman is, there is no one out there who can trully kick his ass with out the aid of Kripto. Brian Mittoo writter of new super heros, hoping that some comic writer will want to hear my plot for a new super called U-MAN, DUE TO THE FACT THAT HE IS 100% HUMAN

  4. In Batman Hush, Batman was wearing a kryptonite ring and some Kevlar gloves as he pounded away at a mind controlled Superman. But even Batman comments that he couldn’t do that for long since he’d break every bone in his hand. In the end, Batman had to use a little psychology to defeat Superman.

  5. This would be comic fans dream but what concerns me as others pointed out regarding directorial issues, over-the-top campiness, and conflicting styles of the superheroes.

    However, it can be done but would be painstaking and I believe must forgo Nolan & Singer and take this project to a new vision and have this directed by someone else.

    I’m sure a good storyline can be scripted (hint: comics) without too much taxing on the brain to have this all fart up smell so bad.

    The technology is definately there for action/special effects. As for the cast, you have to bring both Bale & Routh, but more importantly helmed by a different director.

    Finally, this movie, if made would do no justice if we don’t get to see a scene where Bats beats the crap out of Supes. :)

  6. People still discuss this shit? Man, me and my friend squashed this debate back in the 6th grade. Batman would win. Discussion over. Saying Batman would go into a bare knuckles fight with a super powered alien with no plan to kill him beforehand goes against the whole point of the character.

    And I wouldn’t want to see this movie for the cheese factor (I read the old script, and it blows something fierce), and also this, which one of the guys over at cinematical put pretty well:

    “Sure, the characters occupy the same world and have obviously encountered each other thousands upon thousands of times in the comic book world, but I have trouble picturing Brandon Routh and Christian Bale side by side in the same superhero flick … maybe I’m just scared Bale would upstage Routh to an uncomfortably embarrassing degree.”

  7. And besides, Batman is just a rich guy in a fancy suit. Superman is a fucking ALIEN. No contest. Supes just has to punch him and he’d crush Batty’s damn head in. How can you make a two hour movie about these two when the whole audience knows that Supes could snap Batty like a twig in two seconds?

  8. Who would be directing this? BB and SR were VERY different films as far as tone is concerned, and combining the two onscreen could be a disaster. Can you imagine how many peripheral characters would be around in the film? Batman has Alfred, Gordon, Lucius Fox etc…..Supes has all of his dumbass co-workers at the Daily Planet. Would all of the original actors from the two films be there, or would they be re-cast? I know this concept is a comic geek’s orgasm, but there’s a big difference between a great CONCEPT and a great MOVIE.

    Besides, these two met onstage at the MTV Movie Awards this year. Bale won best Hero for BB, and Brandon Routh presented him the award. Bale basically called Superman a little bitch in his speech.

  9. I would love to see a Batman vs. Superman movie, or a Batman & Superman movie. I’d really love to see a Justice League movie.

    My only stipulation is that Brian Singer not be allowed to even talk to anyone involved.

  10. will

    the comics treat it like a popularity contest. if superman and batman fight in a batman book, batman comes out the winner and the same for superman in a superman book

    the problem with that is everone knows superman can beat batman, and i love batman, but if superman can fly faster than bullets he can fly towars batman break his face w/ one punch and be 20 miles in the other direction before batman can move or produce kryptonite

    a world’s finest would be a better idea because bats and supes have very different ways of fighting crime. you can throw in a quick 2-3 min fight, but a WHOLE movie like that?? no way

  11. There are so many things that could go wrong with this movie, that I’m hesitant to see it get made.

    If you want to see Superman and Batman at their best together, check out the excellent monthly comic book series Superman/Batman. The first two story arcs are fantastic! Both are written by Jeph Loeb, (producer on Smallville, Lost and Heroes), and the first arc has art by Ed McGuiness with Michael Turner handling the art chores on the second arc featuring the return of Supergirl. Great stuff!

  12. I just don’t get this idea. Superman is basically indestructible. So how the hell can Batman fight him? Does he use kryptonite? How did the comics handle this, because I never read this story arc?

  13. I wanted to stop and say that someone should fuck Batman and Superman up the ass, and then drop them altogether, and put another Spongebob Squarepants movie out there.

    – Pounding It Hard Since 84′

  14. Bale and Routh have supposedly talked about it. Bale is signed to it also, well, that is if it does happen. Worlds Finest needs to be made!

  15. i personally hate the concept, but instead of a versus film why don’t they do a “world’s finest” type of movie

    a versus movie would be mornic because superman and batman are heroes, the resoning for when they fought in the dark knight returns was good, but it was one-sided, because superman sold out

    don’t take the ONE cool thing outta that book and streach it to the point where it doesn’t make sense anymore.

  16. Well, I guess I’ll be the sole desenting voice, because I dont like this idea. I like my superhero films with one superhero. It just seems gimmicky to me. The only reason X-Men and Fnatastic Four work is because they have always been a team and not some random grouping of heroes. It’s the reason I dont want an Avengers film or a Justice League film.
    I want an entire movie devoted to the Green Lantern.
    I want an entire movie devoted to the Flash.
    I want an entire movie devoted to Thor.
    I want an entire movie devoted to Captain America.
    I dont want any of these heroes relegated to the background.
    I know most of these are in development as solo adventures and that’s the way it should be.
    If the “BvsS” movie happens, will I go see it? Of course I will, but my preference would be to have more solo films instead of a team up films. What works in the comics doesnt always work on film. I couldnt even see Superman existing in the world that Chris Nolan created for Batman.

  17. this is a horrible terrible idea. all fans from each side will be disappointed. as a batman fan, i would never admit superman could defeat batman and never believe it. but i know S fans would think different. there is no point to making this stupid film. because someone would have to be the “bad” guy.

  18. No! No! No! A fight would look good, but no. A film with them together would be much better. World’s Finest would be much much better. Maybe they could be against each other for the beginning of the film, maybe even half. And then join sides. They both are fighting for justice. They shouldnt be fighting. But it seems The WB already has in there mind a versus.

  19. Superman shouldn’t fight Batman! Its lame & who gets to be the delusional one that drank the potion that caused them to go mad, its the same old cliché that they used when Comic Book sales were down or they needed a quick fill in story! I would much rather a rewitten Mon-El storyline for the next movie. Mon-El could be a villain that in the end becomes Supermans friend.

  20. This would be awesome in concept, but knowing the studios the chances are it would be a mess. Now I’m not saying that the studios would make a piece of crap, bu the chances are leaning torwards that considering the amount of Junk the studios put out and the innate talent to take great concepts and screw them up.

    If this does take off, I hope it will be good even great, but knowing the screw ups that work in Hollywood (And I know quite a few) that might not and probaby will not happen.

    Besides the budget itself would be so cost prohibitive…but you never know…

  21. Doubtful this sees the light of day.
    Batman is smart enough to be prepared for the day he would meet Superman. No question: Batman.

  22. Holy shit, am I really two for two? (See my comment from last Monday’s AE)

    But I agree…as a “World’s Finest” type flick might be nice, as far as a feature is concerned, I’d much rather have them in different worlds…or at least a few more films on each before they cross over.

  23. This would be an awesome movie… especially if they actually got Singer and Nolon to co-direct together. We would be able to see the mix of not only the two character, not only their two views on the world, but we would be able to see the mixing of two differnt types of directing.

    Singer would basically do all the scenes with Superman and Nolon would get Batman.

    That would really give us a mixing of “gods.”


  24. If a Batman/Superman film would ever get made, right now would be the best time. You have Bale and Routh, both young and both done perfect jon in their roles.

    If this flick gets made, we won’t see it for a long time. We still have to wait for the releases of the Superman Sequel and TDK. Also I wouldn’t like it to be called ”BATMAN VS SUPERMAN”. The world’s finest would be a great title.

    Apart of me wants this movie to be made another part of me doesn’t. Just the idea of it sounds more exciting to me then seeing it on screen.

  25. I wouldn’t consider Batman a Superhero because he doesn’t have any super powers or any kind of powers for that matter, only gadgets. I believe Superman would kick Batman’s ass big time.

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