Bacon, Bana and Hurt possibly starring in Golden Compass

kevin.jpgPretty much any movie with Kevin Bacon has me stepping up to buy a ticket, but add to that Eric Bana, John Hurt, Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig and there I will be first in line for the new movie The Golden Compass. That is, if the rumors are true. According to they may just be, here’s what’s being said:

‘Ciboule’ alerted us that an interview with Casino Royale star Eva Green in French magazine Studio (via Elbakin) says that Eric Bana, Kevin Bacon and John Hurt have also joined New Line’s The Golden Compass. If accurate, they would star opposite Nicole Kidman, Green, her Bond co-star Daniel Craig, Dakota Blue Richards and Sam Elliott in the Chris Weitz adaptation coming to theaters on December 7, 2007.

Based on the bestselling Philip Pullman novels, the “His Dark Materials” trilogy is comprised of “The Golden Compass,” “The Subtle Knife” and “The Amber Spyglass”. It revolves around a young girl who travels to the far north to save her best friend. Along the way she encounters shape-shifting creatures, witches, and a variety of otherworldly characters in parallel universes.

The plot sounds pretty cool with crazy shape shifting animals and a little girl traveling through parallel universes. That is a very fun and out there kind of story for such normally dramatic actors.

I want to see Kevin Bacon as an other worldly being! Eric Bana helping a little girl into another dimension could be interesting. It sounds kind of like The Wizard of Oz meets The Hobbit with a bit of Labyrinth added in. With a cast of unlikely stars playing supporting roles to a young girl….shoot, this does sound too good to be true.

I did check out the page for The Golden Compass and it says it is in filming and neither Bacon, Bana nor Hurt are on the list yet, only Kidman and Craig so far. Hopefully they just haven’t had time to add them.

But Bacon or no Bacon this movie does sound very interesting.

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