Audio Edition – November 27th 2006

On today’s volume of The Audio Edition I’m joined by Doug Nagy, Serena Whitny and Jesse Bonner. Together we discuss:

1) Films for Food Fest

2) The Fountain flopping

3) Peter Jackson Lying to his fans

4) New Transformers images

5) Smurfs trilogy

6) Are we sick of Jack Black?

7) Why does no one buzz about Denzel Washington anymore?

8) Stuff we’ve watched on DVD and TV recently

All this and a few things more


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53 thoughts on “Audio Edition – November 27th 2006

  1. henrik maybe nihlist was too strong a word …and possibly incorrect….you just appear to work within a system that I admire….it was meant as a compliment…not an insult

  2. John were did you read that the guy in The Fountain who was being transported in the bubble was from the future? I was almost positive that that character was Adam from the book of Genesis. The referred to him as the first father in the movie. If anybody else want to leave feedback on this issue I would greatly appreciate it. I am still trying to grasp this film.

  3. WOW, i did not mean to get evey one so upset. , well i will be a man and say i’m sorry to Max, I was just going along with it, i really did not mean anything by it, sorry to you JOHN ireally did not mean it. i will watch want i type. my bad, i was not really angry, . please accepect my appolagy MAX. and yes Max I REALLY DO LOVE METAL man. always have and always will. agian sorry for the PWND thing i really have no idea want that means just something people write when u say someone got egg on there face or something which i see on things. anyway. wonn’t happen agian.
    take care guys. see ya in next post..


  4. Deja Vu was Denzel’s 5th biggest opening out of over 30 movies. The one’s ahead of it are Inside Man $28m, Man On Fire $23m, Training Day $22.5m and Remember The Titans $21m. Maybe you’re overstating his Box Office popularity a bit. I know Denzel’s a big name, but he’s never been a pure B.O. draw like Tom Cruise and Jim Carry used to be. Check out the list at and you’ll get a better idea of his career. IOW, Deju Vu is well above an average opening for a movie with Denzel Washington. The thing that makes him such a great name in Hollywood, is that his performances are usually so much better than the movie’s he’s in, oscar noms or not. Remember Virtuosity with Russel Crow? The movie blew and it seemed like Denzel’s performance was lifted from a whole other film. How about Ricochet with John Lithgow and Ice-T? Wow! Just a quick note, this is his third movie with Tony Scott (Crimson Tide and Man On Fire), who also made Top Gun and Days Of Thunder.


  5. Again I have to say that it’s your opinion that he didnt deserve to win.
    A lot of people thought he did deserve the win, but in reality who deserves it is completely subjective. Obviously a lot of Oscar voters thought he deserved to win. I, personally, thought Russell Crowe delivered the best performance but regardless, he didnt get the most votes therefore he didnt win.

    My only request is please stop saying everyone knows he didnt deserve the Oscar because everyone doesnt think that.

  6. and isn’t there is a little fat girl inside all of us??

    I mean I have several…there is tina who is confident and is positive she can make it in the fashion industry despite her weight issues but then theres jessica who just wants to make the cheerleader squd but knows she never will (jessica is really fat) and then there is Shell. He real name is Michelle but everyone just calls here Shell….or ‘chelle..however you want to spell it.
    Shes not so much fat as just pleasantly plump. she works in human resources and everyone really likes her.

  7. Henrik you crack me up.a true nihilist

    now…this is not in anyway a defence of max who is truly truly a very silly man but to say
    “who cares who directs the hobbit” is not an opinion…
    “I don’t care who directs the hobbit” is an opinion….
    saying “who cares” is a question. and the answer is that obviously there are a lot of people who do care as people have been going nuts over this…..I am not one of them – I am like you john would I like it..yes….is it the end of the world …of course not and I will see it anyway but i still don’t see how this is proof that jackson lied?

    that quote from saul zaentz was from ages ago in some obscure german magazine…..and he never said jackson was definitely waiting to a make a better deal his exact quote was “i suppose he will wait..”

    suppose is to assume.

    that in no way proves that jackson lied.

    I personally think that mel gibson hates jews and is a drunk driving prick.
    thats because he pretty much proved it yet people defended him very strongly but does that make them blind gibson worshippers? of course not they were giving him the benefit of the (tiny tiny little bit of) doubt….but this argument that anyone who defends or wants jackson to do the hobbit is a sycophant is silly.

    just as silly to think he is the only person who could make these films…

    there are always die hard fans of things..whether its an actor, director, film, t.v. show whatever…there are always going to be passionate fans of something and I don’t think anyone is a moron for feeling so strongly that they want jackson to do the hobbit.

    anyway ..I just think to say that jackson is effectively a lying, cheating asshole on such flimsy evidence seems a bit harsh to me


    The marketing for the fountain WAS terrible. As I said earlier it looks and sounds like the film is not an easy sell and you kind of get the feeling that the studio just shoved it out there and hoped for the best. It is a bit unfair that the press had a field day with the report of it being booed at venice by the press yet at the same time they didn’t make as big a deal of the eight minute standing ovation it received at another screening at the same time.

    Great show by the way – Jesse Boner is fucking great.

  8. Yes…I really like to know about my “inner fatty” too…Where is this Big Bertha in me? ;) Btw…in John’s defense, I was glad he wrote what he did about those moronic comments made before. I’m glad they’ve stopped!

  9. Why do you keep on babbling about Denzel? Barely anybody even gets where you’re coming from with this stuff.

    And what does ‘closet fatty’ mean, exactly? She’s got fat literally inside her closet? She needs to release the inner fat chick inside her soul? I must know.

    And Campea fails at sarcasm. Just quit while you’re behind.

  10. Hey Owen,

    I am going to see The Fountain… but come on man… “They marketed it just right”???? Really?

    The film cost over $35 million dollars to make… and no one went to see it. $3 million on opening weekend. If the movie is sooooo good (And half the people out there drastically disagree with you… and the other half whole heartedly agree with you), then how can you say it was “Marketed just right” when it didn’t get ANYONE out to see it?

    If marketing does it’s job… and the movie is good… it’ll get asses in the seats. The Fountain failed misserably beyond all comprehension on this matter. It failed to appeal to people (the marketing that is), so be carefule saying “they marketed it just right” when the point of parketing is to get people interested in the film. Obviously, the marketing for The Fountain didn’t do that in the least.

    And once again, none of us talked about the quality of the movie. Not one of us said anything bad about the film itself. BUT… it’s totally fair for us to talk about the marketing of the film.

  11. It would be nice if at least one of you guys actually watched a film before you all giggled about how silly the trailer looked or complaining about not knowing anything about the plot. I actually liked not learning anything from the trailer, going in fresh to a film that I knew was at least going to a visual experience. As it turns out, it’s actually a really amazing film and you would agree, had you actually seen it. As far as the marketing goes, watch the film, then you’ll see why you think they didn’t how to market it. I think they marketed just right, because people who enjoy these types of movies went to go see it instead of james bond or dancing penguins,

  12. Well, if your point of commenting is to promote yourself and your own site to the point that making your name a link isn’t enough, and making your name a link PLUS writing it at the bottom of your post isn’t enough, but you HAVE to make your name a link, and put the address in CAPS at the bottom of your post… I guess it’s alright.

    Just seems self-serving beyond general courtesy.

  13. Hmm…. I don’t agree with what Max said.

    Except for this… Saying PWNED and HAHAHA in caps screams out ignorance.

    And stop putting your fucking myspace links in CAPS at the bottom of your posts. If people think you are interesting enough to find out more about, they will just click your name.

  14. Good show guys…I look forward to listening to this at work…kills a whole hour of my work day…can’t wait until Wednesday!

    I can’t believe that someone else saw Crappled Masters…that movie’s great!! Another crazy movie to check out is called “Oldboy” I it’s one of the craziest movies I’ve ever seen!!
    It’s about a guy who’s kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years and he has NO CLUE why then they just release him, give him money, a cellphone and he has to figure out why he was imprisoned and get revenge…there are a bunch of crazy twists! Check it out!

    As for 90210…if there is no music then what do Brenda and Dylan break up to?? No REM’s Losing my Religion? That sucks!! :-)

  15. Wow Max

    I didn’t know 3 year olds could type as well as you. Yeah, I think it was in grade 4 when I last saw someone who couldn’t intelligently debate with a girl pull out “ummm… you must be fat”. Ha ha ha. Oh Max, you’re so witty… and clearly so smart.

    Serena saying “who cares if someone else directs the Hobbit” was an opinion being expressed… an opinion many people happen to share. But apparently you don’t… so instead of intelligently trying to engage the opinon, like the 3 year old you are, you just say “you’re stupid”. Oh Max, you’re so cleaver. You must be a hit at cocktail parties

    Max, you said:

    “Why doesn’t at least 1 person see the movie before you start talking about it? Sounds like a good idea. then you can decide for yourself.”

    Which really was a silly thing to say. Jarred was correct to say:

    “Maybe if you had half a brain you’d be able to comprehend that the topic was “why didn’t anyone go do see it”. The point of their discussion was that the marketing was so bad no one could see what the movie was even about.”

    If you really did understand that as you claim to, then why say something so silly as you did in the first place?

    I’d suggest trying some social behaviour classes. Here’s some friendly human relations tips for you… on the house:

    1) If you don’t agree with something someone says, engage them in discuss to first find out why you two disagree and then exchange ideas with respect. Pulling out the old 4th grade “you’re fat” really makes you look like an idiot. No one else doing it for you… just you.

    2) If you don’t understand why someone would say something… perhaps… and this is just a suggestion… you should try a little harder to understand, or ask for clarification before pulling out the old “you’re stupid” comment. Becuase if everyone else gets it, you’ll be makeing yourself look like an idiot.

    This site is about sharing ideas and opinons and a place to talk movies from our different points of view. I know that’s an advanced concpet… but try your hardest to grasp it.

    If you can’t deal with people as an adult, I’d suggest going back to picking on 4th graders… you’ll have more luck there.

  16. Knowledge is power for people who know how to use it. Ignorance is power for people who don’t. Max, you are obviously a part of the latter group. There’s no point arguing with someone as moronic and ignorant as you. Get a life.

  17. As long as Jarrod is a big nerd on the internet and Serena is a closet fatty who knows nothing about movies on a movie-driven site, you cannot ‘pwn’ me. And saying that just makes me giggle because I remember when I was 13 on internet chat rooms “PWN3D’ing” people. Dont worry dude, you’ll get over it.

  18. Jarred, uh…not really? :-) I found your angry tirade to be quite amusing. I know the topic wasn’t about whether or not the fountain was good, you silly goose. I was saying I found Serena to be stupid. I think you can tell how John just ignores what she says and moves on as opposed to concurring with her opinion or elaborating on it like he does with the guys (who know movies).

    And I wasn’t saying Peter Jack is the only guy who can do the hobbit. I’m not one of those types of peeps. But you must be stupid (when it comes to movies) not to know why people would want him. She was saying “uhhh who cares? Blerrp, I don’t, what’s the big deal? gerrrm, uh, wait are we talking about star wars?”

    And Serena you cute little fatty – No one had anything really negative to say about the fountain because they hadn’t seen it. It was mostly comments about the name and the advertising, which is irrelevant as to whether or not a movie is good. Are you stupid? Maybe. But you are cute when you get angry. I’d love to lay you out on my bed and let you teach me a lesson.

  19. Hey Max,

    Thanks for the super “kind” and “Intelligent” but most importantly misogynistic comments you made about me. If you were listening, you would know EVERYONE had the same negative remarks to say about The Fountain. So what if we made negative comments…so what if we don’t think it’s the end of the world if you get another director for The Hobbit? That makes me an idiot for having a different opinion than yours?! By the way….I’m not fat…I’m slim, and I wouldn’t touch you with a 40 foot long pole.

  20. 1) Man I hope I can come.

    2) I’ll still see it. It’s failing due to the marketing. I have yet to see any commericals or posters advertising this movie. I hope it’s good because I haven’t seen Jackman in any good roles besides playing Wolverine. I thought The Prestige was good but it dissapointed me.

    4) The image looks amazing, and if that looks that good I can only imagine how the rest of the bots will look.

    5)Who smurfing cares about the Smurfs anymore?

    6) I’ll see pick of Destiny, looks alright from what I’ve seen of it. But seats are not selling that much in the cinema I work. It’s the same with Jackass 2, no one is heading out to see this movie either.

    7) Man On Fire and Training Day are they only movies I’ve been impressed with him in. I don’t think he is doing much stuff that people recognize him for anymore.

    8) I saw Empire of The Sun and Good Will Hunting this week, good movies. Lost is on tonight yeeehawww!!!

  21. You’re absolutely right about Peter Jackson lying to his fans in order to get a one up on New Line, but as I’ve said in the previous post, you’re completely wrong about Denzel.
    Winning that Oscar did not leave a bad taste in anybody’s mouth. He is still a big draw. The lack of buzz is just that he’s not into spending that much time with the media bullshit. He quietly goes about his business of making movies, does few interviews, and yet his films still make money.
    Third place this week is not a disapointment for him at all. In fact, I’m sure Tony Scott and the studio are grateful that Denzel was in the film, otherwise it wouldn’t have done as well.
    The only other actors who are as consistent as him, not just in quality but also in box-office are Tom Hanks & Tom Cruise.
    Denzel has been doing this for 30 years and he is STILL a major draw. How many actors can say that.
    By the way, you guys mentioned John Lithgow at one point, and it just reminded me of a fantastic film he and Denzel did a long time ago called RICOCHET. I strongly recommend it.
    I also agree with Doug on the fact that stars don’t have the same draw as they used to anymore. A lot of actors have an apex (popularity-wise) that last for about 3 to 5 years, and then they drop off. Not many actors’ drawing power last beyond that point, and the major reason is the media. They’re out to push the new ‘product’, and let the older product go by the wayside after it’s been around for a few years. It’s sad & digusting that this happens, but that is a fact. Quality or lack thereof, has nothing to do with it.

    Battle Royale is a great movie!

    The Fountain flopped because the marketing sucked, plain & simple.

    I haven’t bought a lot of new dvds but I’ve watched the extended version of Kingdom of Heaven, and I must say, it’s a much better film than the theatrical release. The studio should be ashamed of themselves for not releasing this version in theatres in the first place.
    Also, I’ve just finished watching the Rome dvd box-sett. WOW! What a great fucking show!
    Tomorrow I’m off to pick up a copy of Ricochet….

  22. Max is clearly an idiot.

    The topic of The Fountain was not if it was any good or not you fucking moron. Maybe if you had half a brain you’d be able to comprehend that the topic was “why didn’t anyone go do see it”. The point of their discussion was that the marketing was so bad no one could see what the movie was even about. But I guess that concept is too hard for someone like you to understand.

    Oh gawd, another Jackson acolite. Yes, Peter Jackson is all. There is nothing but Peter Jackson. He is the only director on the planet. Blindly obeident servants of Jackson unite.

  23. 3. “Umm I don’t get what the big deal is. get a new director hehehehehe” – do you even like movies…? have you seen LOTR? Great set of flicks, check it out woman. then do me if you’re not fat.

  24. 2. The woman on this show is a moron. Just the way she talks about The Fountain makes her look stupid. “derr it’s about some guy who saves his wife???? deerrr idk???” He’s not flying into the sun, it’s a nebula. Why doesn’t at least 1 person see the movie before you start talking about it? Sounds like a good idea. then you can decide for yourself. But god I just hated that whole woman’s tone for some reason. Oh and The Fountain isn’t a bad name for a movie, it’s just average. I think you’re being picky.

  25. Slither absolutely deserved better.Great film and I hope that Jsmes Gunn gets to keep making movies

    I think Ed Harris is a long shot since the film was so badly received….He still might as it sounds like he is good in it…
    Forrets Whittaker will definitly be nominated….

    Greg Kinnear is very good in Little Miss Sunshine…But would that be lead or supporting….such an ensemble film it is hard to pick anyone out as the lead….but he was good in it…..

    Brandon Routh as well…I jest of course

    I could imagine affleck still getting a nod…his performance was singles by nearly everyone…If the studio do it right he might still get a nom….plus hollywood love the “comeback” story you know what I mean…

    Kate Winslet will more than likely get her fouth nom for little children…(is it fourth or fifth? she was nominated for Iris, Titanic and Eternal Sunshine right?) but whatshername will be hard to beat…..Helen Mirren for The Queen. She is very good in it and will mosyt certainly be nominated.

    I really really hope it is martin scorseses year to win director. If he doesn’t win for the departed he is never going to win…..

  26. Another film that didn’t do great that had loads of buzz: Bobby.

    As for the actors with Oscar Buzz right now, I can only think of three.

    1) Leo Decaprio (Departed)

    2) Forest Whitaker

    3) Ed Harris

    There was some early talk about Ben Affleck in ‘Hollywoodland’,but since that film vanished, so will memory unless it is re-released.


    I’m glad you finally got to see District B13, John. The ending was weak. The best action film I seen this year thus far, however, is Casino Royale.

    As for films I skipped but finally caught up with? I was surprised on how well “Fast And The Furious 3” turned out. Also, I finally caught up with ‘Slither’ which deserved a better fate last spring.

  27. Vix you nailed it. People are getting wary of films more than ever after being so hyped up by the studios for everything and in general being let down by crappy films…..

  28. * A Smurfs trilogy on an epic scale as Lord of the Rings?
    A live action Care Bears movie actually sounds better!

    * The Fountain – I admit I was looking forward to this movie when I heard about it but the trailer while beautiful seemed dragging and that sold it for me on not watching it.

    * Loved the geek out on Transformers! I’m so psyched for this movie.

    * I didn’t even know that Denzel Washington had a movie out which goes to show that people aren’t buzzing about actors as much.
    I partially agree with Doug about the immediacy of media that lets us know whether a movie is worth going to see. In addition to that a lot of it has to do with the quality of films. People are sick of having to dole out their hard-earned cash for a shitty movie even if the actor in it is well known and someone you respect.

  29. I hope you set some kind of paypal donation thing up for the charity event…..If I can;t make it I will definitely donate something….

    I don’t think the studio knew what to do with the fountain in the end. I haven’t seen it but it looks like it was a marketers worst nightmare come true…..I have no doubt it will find its audience. probably on dvd but it looks to be the type of film you will love or hate… looks like it will have donnie darko type of following….I hope this doesn’t have too much of an impact of Aranofsky..he is a major talent with a huge future ahead of him…

    As for the hobbit…now I have to say again I don’t care who directs the hobbit..well I do care..I don’t want ratner getting his grubby little hands on it but I am not one of these guys who thinks it has to be jackson….Do I like jackson? yes – but raimi has grown on me for this film….but I really think you have this wrong john.

    I don’t think you have read the actual quote from zaentz….
    what he said “I suppose jackson will wait…” he never said that it is a fact……suppose is to assume. it doesn’t mean it is a fact. so how did jackson lie? he said new line have never conveyed to them the concerns about the rights expiring. for all you know he meant he didn’t know they expired so soon…

    and he isn’t saying anything about all of this because saul Zaentz currently has no say in anything at all and is famous for mouthing of about things that are not true…..he is a producer after all.
    again how on earth can anyone stop newline from going ahead? what can jackson do…he said line said no they have all moved on……anyway that really is my last thing on it as I am boring myself. But I don’t think it is as nefarious and evil as you have made it out to be….

  30. Jack Black will be fine. This was just his indulgance movie, the movie he wanted to do. And this flick will make it’s money back on DVD … easily.

    Also, about him branching out. He had that new Romantic comedy with Kate Winslet, Jude Law & Cameron Diaz coming out too, “The Holiday”.
    Plus, “Be Kind, Rewind” (This will classic) by Michael Gondry!! Also just signed on the new Edgar Wright flick, another good move.

    He’ll be fine.

    Also, Russell Crowe’s Oscar was stolen by Denzel Washington. I love Denzel but I’m with John, I’ve said ever since they read out his name. He should NOT have won that Oscar!

  31. Amazing show guys! John, I love that you’re doing 2 shows a week now. Jesse seems to fit in really well, but tell Bruxy and Darren to hurry back! I also love that you’ve got Serena on there.

  32. Awesome show as always and I’m loving having two a week now to listen to.

    I’ll be out in Toronto in July, so if you have another festival then I’d be sure to try and check it out.

  33. 1 – I will be coming to the food fest. Coming from Buffalo.

    2 – The Fountain failed because of bad marketing

    3 – Jackson is a giant ass. To hell with him

    4 – This movie will rule

    5 – I can’t wait to see the Smurfs, but I can see how a lot of other people couldn’t care less

    6 – Been sick of Balck for about a year now

    7 – I think it’s just because actors don’t get buzz in general anymore really. Not because of the Oscar thing. But it is an interesting theory.

    8 – Just saw Revenge of the Sith. It almost makes up for the other 2.

    Wicked show guys! I’ve been listening for 2 weeks now and I’m totally hooked! Keep it up.

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