Alec Baldwin Won’t Slam Schwarzenegger.

alecarn.jpgHey look at that… Some people can actually agree to disagree…

Here’s the situation: Alec Baldwin doesn’t politically support Arnold Schwarzenegger, but was cast to narrate a documentary about him called ‘Running With Arnold’ and Alec agreed. As far as I know – in this day and age – most people would jump at the chance to be in something that pokes a bit of criticism in the direction of a politician we don’t agree with. Oh who’s kidding, with the States being Redder and Bluer than they ever have been, almost everybody would. (I’ve probably ruffled feathers just typing that.) Anyhow…

The film has gone and dug up some 60 year old Nazi footage of some guy who didn’t go to Arnold’s wedding, but is said to have been invited. And some paperwork about Arnold’s Dad. Reading that over, it’s hardly likely that they were being used in a happy-Christmastime manner. And Alec, instead of buckling down and saying “Oh, this’ll be fun”… He’s gone on the record as saying: “”The filmmakers hammer Schwarzenegger over his private behavior and his record as governor… But Schwarzenegger deserves to be treated fairly and the film’s images of Nazi rallies were over the line.” The filmmakers of course, say “…this is not really a critical look at Arnold — there’s a lot more we could’ve done to be critical,”. Yeah, I bet.

Alec went a step further and returned his payment for the narration and THEN put out a Cease and Desist order on the film. Holy Crap. I gotta hand it to him, not bad for a guy defending someone else he doesn’t even agree with. That’s sorta like me writing this good-natured article even though Alec’s a PETA member. (Sorry Alec, had to squeeze that one in..)


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10 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin Won’t Slam Schwarzenegger.

  1. Careful now… Don’t be cross-referencing with terms I didn’t say:

    I never said mutilating and abusing animals was good.
    I said PETA was bad.

    It’s a matter of concepts and there’s a huge, incredible difference.
    But, this is so far off the original topic, I actually *do* choose to get off that easy.

  2. I don’t think you can get off that easy Wormwood.

    Maybe you can clue us in why PETA is a bad thing?

    I dunno, maybe it’s just me but I was always raised that mutilating and abusing animals a bad thing.

  3. Baldwin is cool again, anyone who has seen him in the departed will know that.

    And Arnold is OK he’s just doing what they let him him and nothing more.

    Shame he’s on the wrong side though.

  4. Neil – your Myspace page with Arnold’s pic cracked me up!

    He’s done a GREAT job (IMO) of bringing our state out of bankruptsy, restructuring the debt overload, and headed in the right direction toward growth without taxing the crap out of everyone in the process. His opposition is trying to knock him for making the hard financial management decisions, luckily it doesn’t seem to be working yet (knock on wood). When he approves a 3% instead of a 7% increase in pay for teachers, he gets slammed for cutting teacher pay by 4%. Go figure that logic! (and I’m an accountant)

  5. i was watching some tv streamed over from california i couldnt believe the amount of adverts ripping into Schwarzenegger its just not politicly correct. you wouldnt see anything like this in England

  6. Wow, this surprises me (in a good way). I do think Baldwin suffered some backlash after he campaigned for John Kerry against Bush in 2004, so this is a smart move career-wise.

    His new TV show w/Tina Fey looks promising…

  7. I still don’t know why anyone in their right mind would pay any attention to alec baldbrain…the man, (and I use the term loosely) is about as smart as two-headed frog.

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