3 Needles to star Lucy Liu

Thom Fitzgerald has created a movie worth watching, especially with Lucy Liu as the leading lady in his new movie 3 Needles. Liu was interviewed by comingsoon.net, here is the movie’s description:

The global widespread of AIDS is the main focus of the independent drama 3 Needles, in which the story is divided into three different parts of the world – South Africa, Canada and China. On each continent, there are various accounts as to why the disease is spreading and the film displays a social and cultural ignorance as to what’s happening in that country to prevent the disease from being contained. Lucy Liu plays Jin Ping in the China portion of the film.

The interview is quite good, you can see it by clicking here.

I have to say it is a delight to see Lucy Liu doing something with more substance for once. She is great to watch on screen and she always is an added bonus to whatever she may be in but she hasn’t had the chance to really show her acting chops in a movie with potential like this.

3 Needles is not only going to be a good movie for Liu but also for Fitzgerald who, although he has been making decent looking movies since the late nineties he has been missing larger success until this point.

.From what I am reading of the reviews and of the premise and Lucy’s interview this film is something that will be worth seeing.

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