Jack Black NOT Green Lantern!

Of all the superhero movie news we have been reporting lately, it seems the Green Lantern franchise seems to be the most overlooked iconic character of all. Mostly because news hit last July that Jack Black had been slated to play Hal Jordan. This would be the second time Black played a guy named Hal. But it looks like the Watchers have spoken and Jack Black is losing his Power Ring.

IESB.net Reports:

A dreadful script this site reviewed a few months back totally reinvented the beloved Green Lantern superhero into a bumbling idiot who, with his “Fear Factor-like” tactics, receives the power ring and the battery (lantern) to become the Green Lantern.

I for one am ECSTATIC that they are going in a different direction with this character. Aside from the major trinity of DC Comics (Batman, Superman and WonderWoman) Green Lantern lists among my favourite characters.

But to see Jack Black go all School of Rock with this would just be embarassing. I thought maybe we would see a serious side to Jack Black considering the character, but it was confirmed that they were going for “zany”. I said it in July and I will say it again. Making this movie slapstick and goofy will accomplish one thing. A crappy movie.

It just improved 1000% with this one peice of news.

If you would like to see Jack Black comment on it himself, you can go to this link and click PLAY.

After seeing this video, Id sooner see him play Wonder Woman than Green Lantern.

Now if they want to do PlasticMan and cant afford Jim Carey, call Black.