Sook-Yin Lee stars in highly sexual movie Shortbus

shortbus.jpgSook-Yin Lee, former Much Music Vee-Jay and CBC radio host of Definitely Not the Opera is taking a step on the wilder side with her new role in Shortbus. Shortbus is a story about a group of New Yorkers caught up in their romantic-sexual milieu converge at an underground salon infamous for its blend of art, music, politics, and carnality. Lee plays a sex therapist who has never had an orgasm. You can see the uncensored video here but be warned there is nudity and sexual content in the trailer.

This movie looks like a good taste of something different, like a piece of mango tossed into an apple pie, and yeah some people might pucker their mouth at the thought but will probably be delighted by the actual flavor.

I used to work at a movie theater and it was my secret pleasure to recommend movies like this one to little old ladies or couples in their mid-forties (my favorite was getting a minister and his wife to see Transamerica,”it’s a disfunctional family road trip movie with a twist”).

I am really looking forward to Shortbus. I love Sook-Yin Lee as a radio personality and besides the trailer looking great there is also the factor of the director: John Cameron Mitchell, who you may remember directed, wrote and starred in the cult classic musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch, a spectacular alternative indi film.

I just love getting a peek into unusual (but real) worlds that I am have no access to in my everyday life. Films like Hedvig and Transamerica, or documentaries like Rize or Vernon, Florida are great for that sort of thing. This movie looks like another step away from the ordinary and into the extraordinary.