Kevin Smith Dead (4 Year Old News I’m Just Finding Out)

Kevin-Smith-AresFile this one under “You learn something new everyday”. This news totally sucks. Look, I was never really a fan of the Xena or Hurcules shows back in the 90’s… but like everyone else I watched them from time to time. By far (aside from Bruce Campbell) my favorite guy on those shows was actor Kevin Smith (no, not silent Bob). He played Ares, the God Of War on those shows, and he was damn entertaining to watch too.

For some unknown reason, last month the guy crossed my mind when somone asked me a question about actors who I’m surprised never really made it big. This guy had it all. A great on screen charm. A good sense of comedic timing. A terrific physique and rugged good leading man looks.

Back in early 2002, it looked like things were coming together for Smtih… he had just landed a role in the Bruce Willis movie “Tears of the Sun”, but first has to travel to China to film another project. While in China, he climbed a prop tower, slipped and feel about 3 stories and sustained massive head injuries. He went into a coma and died 9 days later. How have I not heard about this before? Yeah… I’ve really got my ear to the ground don’t I???

Kevin, you left us way too early dude.

Kevin Smith 1963-2002