Kevin Smith Dead (4 Year Old News I’m Just Finding Out)

Kevin-Smith-AresFile this one under “You learn something new everyday”. This news totally sucks. Look, I was never really a fan of the Xena or Hurcules shows back in the 90’s… but like everyone else I watched them from time to time. By far (aside from Bruce Campbell) my favorite guy on those shows was actor Kevin Smith (no, not silent Bob). He played Ares, the God Of War on those shows, and he was damn entertaining to watch too.

For some unknown reason, last month the guy crossed my mind when somone asked me a question about actors who I’m surprised never really made it big. This guy had it all. A great on screen charm. A good sense of comedic timing. A terrific physique and rugged good leading man looks.

Back in early 2002, it looked like things were coming together for Smtih… he had just landed a role in the Bruce Willis movie “Tears of the Sun”, but first has to travel to China to film another project. While in China, he climbed a prop tower, slipped and feel about 3 stories and sustained massive head injuries. He went into a coma and died 9 days later. How have I not heard about this before? Yeah… I’ve really got my ear to the ground don’t I???

Kevin, you left us way too early dude.

Kevin Smith 1963-2002

11 thoughts on “Kevin Smith Dead (4 Year Old News I’m Just Finding Out)

  1. I’m a very big Xena fan and Kevin’s death was a shock to the fandom base. He really was on his way acting wise. Not only is he remembered for playing such a delectable character on Xena/Hercules but he was a friendly person off camera. He was known for befriending the fans and being a geniunely nice guy. He was also a great stage preformer and an acomplished singer.

    He is very much missed by fans of his work as well as his friends and family. It is a shame that more people weren’t exposed to his talent.

  2. Haven’t seen much of Hudson Leick (Callisto); I hope she’s not dead.

    Anyway, I know the feeling, John. Back when I was nine years old, I thought this band called The Doors was the neatest thing; I played the band’s songs all the time (unless I was in the mood for Steve Miller or Boston) and then, the radio station had this “special” on The Doors.

    I cried the rest of the night when I discovered in utter horror that the Lizard King had been dead for years…

  3. I hadn’t even heard of this guy until now. I guess he just somehow slipped through my attention. It’s too bad though. What an awful way to die.

    By the way, I realize that this guy isn’t the same Kevin Smith as you were talking about in the other post, but I find it funny that when you look at the chronological archive, it says:

    8/11/06 – Kevin Smith Talks Horror Project
    8/11-06 – Kevin Smith Dead

  4. Kevin was a great standup comic , too.
    Instead of Kevin Smtih getting the good roles, becoming famous worldwide, we got… Karl Urban, also of the Xena cast, but nowhere near as funny or as talented.

  5. I don’t really know much about him. But I remember it was only 2 months ago I found out he died. I was in a friends house looking through his Xena book, looking up Bruce Campbell and my friend was all like that guy is dead. It sucks when young people like that who have a future ahead of them pass away all of a sudden.

  6. Yeah, I remember when this first happened. I was pissed. That guy could have been HUGE. Sex appeal and talent to boot. What a shame.

  7. I found out about this some time ago. A friend of mine had the hots for this guy and she loved the character he played as Ares in the tv show Hercules. She was the one who told me. Very sad indeed.

  8. wow. That REALLY sucks. He was one actor whom I always wondered where he had gone. I always kind of expected to see him doing cameos in spider man and such. Not to mention he really had the chops to do a lot of neat stuff. Shame.

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