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Catwoman-2Catwoman sits in my top 5 worst films of all time list. It was just horrid. I have to control my gag reflex whenever I even mention its name. Yes dear friends… it was really that bad. Even Halle Berry openly mocked it and was really gracious in accepting her “Worst Actress of the Year” award at the Rassies (excellent act of class if you ask me on her part).

So imagine my total shock when I read that Halle Berry has publicly said that she would be interested in doing a Catwoman 2!!!! Is she kidding me?!?! The good folks over at FilmForce give us the following:

“If they seriously said, ‘We want to do another one and here’s how we’re going to make it better because we learned from the mistakes,’ I would because I believe we could make it better,” Berry revealed during a roundtable interview Friday in New York. “I think Catwoman is a great character that maybe wasn’t presented in the right way,”

Oh my sweet lord. you’d think that the publics rejection of her at Storm and the total failure that was the first Catwoman flick would have taught her to never talk about Comic book movies again… let alone another Catwoman film.

You just know there is some movie exec. out there right now saying to himself “Yeah… we could pull off another Catwoman movie”. Thanks a lot Halle.

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  1. yall sre wack i liked the catwoman movie and duhh it aint gone have alot of action if its the story of how she became cat woman and halle berry being storm was good if yall dont like it then tell me who yall think should of played her???

  2. To be honest, i loved the movie, it was really sentimental at the end where it seemed she couldn’t be with Tom(bratt) cuz of her life. =( this part made me cry
    The day i died, was the day i started to live. In my old life, i longed for someone to see what was special in me, you did…and because of that you will forever be in my heart. but what i really needed, was for me to see it.. and now i do. You’re a good man tom, but you live in a world that has no place for someone like me.

    i would give so much to see a sequel, honestly.

  3. I really enjoyed cat woman, it seams to me every one that is complaining about it, did not even see it or just read reviews. I hope their is a 2 or will be a 2…..just some advice to ppl that haven’t seen it dont knock it before you watch it

  4. I don’t know about everyone else. But I think that halle berry did a very good job in the movie catwoman. I think that she was better in catwoman than she was in x men. I hope that she comes out with another catwoman movie. I think that she is the best female actress there is making movies.

  5. … Halle Berry is amazing. I realyy don¬¥t understand why those guys think of, so I really will enjoy cat woman 2 … I love you Halle Berry and that black leather whip

  6. Sorry to all you nay-sayers out there, but I loved Catwoman and would simply LOVE to see a sequel. The story could have been a lot better, and there were a few moments where I did think Halle played the part a little too over-the-top (obviously paid too much attention to Ertha Kitt’s performances on the TV series). However, for me, it didn’t detract that much from the overall quality. Next time (if there is one) I think they need to drop the romance angle (because the Catwoman persona is too much of a loner) and bring in a villain that’s a little higher in caliber. I’m not real thrilled that they chose to change Catwoman’s name, either.

  7. Why is it that most of the original comments have been made by people who haven’t even seen the movie only read reviews and left it at that, I have gone to see movies that have been blasted by reviewers, such as 28 Days Later, which I should say had such bad press to start with and once word got around between decerning film fans went skyward upon its DVD release, Catwoman is a great movie and I agree they should make a sequal but it shoud be made with Tim Burton at the helm make it darker as the character should be

    1. Im with you. Why would people judge a movie without even seeing it themselves? If u haven’t seen the movie, then u have no right to judge it. The plot, villain aspects of the movie were horrid, but that doesn’t automatically rule out that cat kung fu Halle performed. Despite all the other people’s hateful comments about catwoman, i want a catwoman 2. There going to make it better. Life lesson “Learn from your mistakes”

  8. Um excuse me but I think That Catwoman is a great and empowering movie. You have to understand how it makes you feel all gymnastic like and everything. Halle played it well and I give it 10/10. So kiss that.

  9. I liked Catwoman, have it on DVD have watched it 5 times… I would love to see a Catwoman 2 movie. Although like almost all these superhero films, possibly with the exception of Spiderman, the first part, non superheroed up, should be shorter, perhaps in a comic book type flip slideshow with the opening music and or little short clips of life as an ordinary mortal. Then start the movie and take it from there.

    Catwoman 2 should be made, if only to show that the first introduction wasn’t the lasting memory of the name Catwoman.

    I have to admit the ending sucks, but if you skip the whole Laurel Hedare ending and shorten the first half of the film to 6 or 8 2 minute clips, start from the getting fired part and use this as the beginning 45 minutes of a 150 minute movie. You would all be saying that the Fantasic Four should have been the same way, The Hulk and the whole X-men saga.

  10. Everyone that is saying that Halle sucked and Catwoman sucked…ya’ll can go suck a d—. I’m sorry but Halle is a great actress and catwoman was AWESOME!!!! I HOPE THEY MAKE A SEQUAL!!!!

  11. ((That movie was GRATE))!!!!!!!!why do u hate catwoman what. do u have aginst her.I love the costum! she’s got some moves.
    I can’t belive u pepole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. i love to see it my move girl meow……………….. i hope i was that cat uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love it sexy hot black leather and a hard black whip…………….. love u hally berry i am one of ur kind girl…….. plaz take me in that movi caz i like the moves
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    so if u want me to act in ur roll i will shurly
    no mattwer what ever happens
    plz oooooooooplzzzzzzzzzzzzz make the move of catwoman 2 plazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz all the other stupid jearks dont care about them
    if that is not a good movi i will support u hally
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    oh well u will make it and i am pretty shure……………..
    aight see ya…………………. meow………………

  13. Dear, Hallie my name is Luran i am eleven and i must say enjoyed your acting. i saw you play in all X-men, catwomen and Gothica. I thought you were great. You should make another catwomen and X-men. I always dreamed of making movies in Hollywood so i like to watch scay movies and movies like yours so i could pickup an idea for my movies. Everybodyelse are haters.

    to Hallie
    from Luran
    Love your movies


  14. i think any 1 who thinks catwomen isnt a good film has no sense of taste it was brill and they should make a number 2 i think that will b even betta sort out your taste of films

    1. At first i decided not to watch Catwoman because of the ratings. My curiosity bested me, so i had to watch it. To tell u the truth…. its not really THAT bad. I mean i know the plot is a bit weak and stuff, but its not the kind of bad i read about in the ratings and critics. I dont get it… How can people say they don’t like a movie without actually watching themselves?

  15. hello my name is david and i really enjoyed catwomen and i will get everyone i know to see catwomen 2 if you make it so please make it i love movies like catwomen,x-men1,x-men2,x-men3,aeon flux,electra and batman begins so please make catwomen 2.i am 13 i go to plymouth educational center and i love hanging out with my friends and family,acting,singing,danceing and playing the clairnet i also have great grades and love to meet new people if you wonted to know thank you for your time.

  16. hello my name is david and i really enjoyed catwomen and i will get everyone i know to see catwomen 2 if you make it so please make it i love movies like catwomen,x-men1,x-men2,x-men3,aeon flux,electra and batman begins so please make catwomen 2.i am 13 i go to plymouth educational center and i love hanging out with my friends and family,acting,singing,danceing and playing the clairnet i also have great grades and love to meet new people if you wonted to know thank you for your time.

  17. I think in the next cat women that cat women should die unless there will be a Catwomen 3. I think that she should get, married.

    And make cat women as good as catwomen one.

  18. Okay okay, I admit i hated the movie. I loved the book i read the novelization and though WOW what a concept love it.. the movie is gonna be fantastic. Went to the theatre.. paid the money and my jaw dropped.. where was the book? did they just cut out all the movie to spend most of thier time having the camera focus on her butt? I’m not a butt girl. They took out all the dialouge that made the realtionship with tom work, and made catwoman fascinating how these catwomen worked through time. What made them cat women..the history, magic, and then ripped out all the intresting conversation between patience and tom. so first of all that director and producer and the company should never ever ever be given a story movie again. Halle Berry.. she was given so little sotry I cant’ say I hated her as cat woman. but.. I wasn’t fond of the movie at all. Catwoman 2 first ofall they should be watched liek a hawk for deviations from a goood damn script. but not totally against the notion of a sequel.

  19. In the next Catwoman, I’d like to see a variation of b:itches I mean b:itches all the way up to unexplainable crazy b:itch. I’d like to see some unexpected sh*t and not a whole lot of this preachy sh*t, where he got it cause he deserved it. But some sh*t that makes you say damn what the fuke just happened, that could have been me.

  20. I dont know if you have covered this in your audio edition or not but I was think about this these movies with Halle Berry and Charlize Theron and how simmilar they are.
    Well this is what I mean….

    Halle Berry Beautiful Woman. (Hot)
    Charlize Theron Beautiful Woman. (Hot)

    Halle Berry acts in Monster’s Ball, she wins an Oscar.
    Charlize Theron acts in Monster, she wins an Oscar.

    Halle Berry acts in Die Another Day. (Peirce Brosnan’s love intrest/ sidekick)
    Charlize Theron acts in The Italian Job. (Mark Walberg’s love intrest/ sidekick)

    Halle Berry a big name in Hollywood and is called upon to be in Catwoman. (hero movie) And that movie was a peice of crap.
    Charlize Theron a big name in Hollywood and is also called upon to be in Aeon Flux. (hero movie) And I belive the movie was crap too.

    Now I bet there are more films they have in common.
    Don’t get me wrong, both Halle Berry and Charlize Theron have done EXCEPTIONAL work. But dont you think its weird?

  21. I didn’t see Catwoman because of the terrible reviews it received, and because I don’t find Halle Berry attractive. Yup, I may be standing out of the crowd there, but I stand my ground in saying “she doesn’t do a thing for me”, acting or looks.

    Ms. Berry maybe thinks she is untouchable and her career is safe no matter what she does. Whatever the case may be, I am not going to assume Catwoman 2 will be a bad movie. The people involved may have recognized their mistakes in the first one and may do it right this time. Or it may lead to another lame project. *shrug*

    Here’s an idea…maybe they could get Campea’s favorite actress to do it, J Lo! Now…honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing “Jenny from da block” in tight leather jumping around… HA!

  22. wait a minute. are you saying they’re planning another catwoman? no way. how could that be? i’ve never seen catwoman and feel lucky. it must be painful. catwoman 2 would be even more painfuller – i’ll make extra sure i don’t see that one

    you know, i saw x-men – i’m not a fan of that genre and don’t know anything about x-men (i think it’s a comic book or something) but whenever storm did anything – she seemed like she wasn’t even there. i didn’t like her and i didn’t know who the storm character was and didn’t know halle berry was the actor playing her. funny. i think hb should stick to drama – her outings in the action/thriller genre have been poor. aside from the above mentioned pics, there’s gothika – wow, that was bad. robert downey jr. was the best thing about that movie – by far. but, she gets good notices from her work in dramas like monster’s ball and bullworth


  23. 1mperfex, it’s May 15.

    And, you never know, I mean, you know, Holywood gave us all those Children Of The Corn on The Cob movies. H’wood makes sequels to crap all the time.

    In any case, I think Halle was in jest. She wouldn’t mind returning to ‘X-Men’ (and I am NOT among those who hated her in the franchise) so she also said in the interview (which, you John, forgot to mention) but she wouldn’t go back to Catwoman.

    Not “her” Patience Phillips Catwoman, anyway. We love you, Halle (or, at least…I do…hey…) but next time, don’t work with a guy named Pitof. Don’t work with a script tha bad, and most important…don’t threaten the public with a Catwoman sequel. Now, I’m not saying it will work out, but, y’know, Halle…if you really have to…kiss Chris Nolan’s ass. You ain’t gonna do it, I know, but that’s the only way, girl. :)

    – Sealer

  24. themarina, I HOPE TO GOD THIS IS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE! Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, should EVER consider doing a sequel to a CRAPPY movie!

  25. I think on the topic of Knight Rider in the Audio Blog has a comment that sums up the whole idea:

    “ARE YOU FUCKIN’ RETARDED?!?!?!?!?!”

    Okay, people have been bitchin’ about her as Storm, how she sucks since Catwoman. She went through all the trouble to getting a Razzie in person, and she HAS to say that. I understand where she is coming from, but this is a BAD idea to begin with! Even if some STUPID #@&%$!@^#%^@!*#%$ idiot who thinks it is a good idea (and it’s NOT!), everyone will already think (and KNOW) this film will suck.

    The name already has a curse of BAD MOVIES written all over it! There is NO WAY it can be viewed as anything else. They had a chance, and BLEW the fuckin’ movie down faster than Jessica Simpson’s marrage.

    Halle, good luck trying to make it to the premire of X3, because more people will now have another reason to hate you. Sorry.

  26. When your star starts to fade then you need to latch onto the projects that made you (in)famous.

    Catwoman 2 no doubt sucked, but it didn’t necessarily hurt her career. And whats amazing about hot chicks in horrible movies is that something like Elektra, Tomb Raider or Catwoman may bomb in the theater but all it takes is a sexy DVD boxcover and all of a sudden their movie recoups all its money.

  27. I think that the worse thing a film executive can do is dumb down an action flick with some sort of moral lesson. And that’s what happened to Catwoman, the movie it spent to much time trying to explain its reason for existing. That long winded narration at the beginning was like getting hit in the head with a skillet. And the most action I saw, was watching Halle Berry wiggle her behind through those jail bars, man that was nice. But MIB II was dumb down, all the drama. And so was Jurassic Park III, who the hell decide that dinosaurs needed morals anyway. I’m embarrassed to say I actually paid to see those two movies.

  28. I didn’t have to see Catwoman to know it wasn’t any good. Fact is, no one I know who saw the movie even said “Yea, it was okay.”

    Halle needs to stay away from comic movies and any other type of movie I would be interested in seeing. I hate that I have to sit through another X-Men movie and watch her ruin Storm, it makes me cringe.

    1. well, if you all think she was such a disaster, why don t you all get up there and show us how it s done!you all are such big losers!I mean it!It s no big deal to stand in the front of your PC and be a critic…

  29. I wake up sometimes and think to myself: ”WOW who is the lucky guy laying in bed who has never seen Catwoman?…..I AM!!!! :D

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