Catwoman 2

Catwoman-2Catwoman sits in my top 5 worst films of all time list. It was just horrid. I have to control my gag reflex whenever I even mention its name. Yes dear friends… it was really that bad. Even Halle Berry openly mocked it and was really gracious in accepting her “Worst Actress of the Year” award at the Rassies (excellent act of class if you ask me on her part).

So imagine my total shock when I read that Halle Berry has publicly said that she would be interested in doing a Catwoman 2!!!! Is she kidding me?!?! The good folks over at FilmForce give us the following:

“If they seriously said, ‘We want to do another one and here’s how we’re going to make it better because we learned from the mistakes,’ I would because I believe we could make it better,” Berry revealed during a roundtable interview Friday in New York. “I think Catwoman is a great character that maybe wasn’t presented in the right way,”

Oh my sweet lord. you’d think that the publics rejection of her at Storm and the total failure that was the first Catwoman flick would have taught her to never talk about Comic book movies again… let alone another Catwoman film.

You just know there is some movie exec. out there right now saying to himself “Yeah… we could pull off another Catwoman movie”. Thanks a lot Halle.