The Break Up Gets A New Ending

The-Break-UpDespite the fact that Jennifer Aniston doesn’t seem thrilled with it, I’m one of the few people actually looking forward to “The Break Up“. But I guess the studio execs weren’t happy with how the film ended.


It appears that the way the script and director saw it, and the end of “The Break Up”, the couple actually does stay broken up. Fair enough. However, after showing the film to a test audience, the people didn’t like that. They wanted to see something work out for poor Jennifer after getting dumped by Brad. And so, they went back to work and re-shot the ending to make it so Jennifer and Vince Vaughn get back together for a happy ending.

Uggg… doesn’t that mean (as the good folks over at Digital Spy pointed out) the movie should be called “The Make Up” instead???


This brings up a bigger question. Should a movie change itself just because the audience wants to see something different happen? I can see changing it if an audience just thinks a film sucks… but I don’t know about changing details just to suit the whims of an audience. They’re not the directors… why should they dictate what happens in a story?

Your thought?

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