Flight 93 Teaser

Flight93.jpgI know it’s really early, but a teaser for the Paul Greengrass movie Flight 93 is here. The movie of the 9/11 hijacked plane where the passengers seemingly grouped together and stormed the cockpit resulting in the plane crashing before it reached it’s intended and deadly destination. This teaser is extremely powerful.

It’s perfect for what a teaser should be, and they’ve grasped that anyone seeing this will know what Flight 93 was (or have just been told it by the person writing on the link!) and will know the ominous undertones of the words and radar images you hear. Have a look for yourself over at Apple trailers.

One thing though, and I am concerned about this, is the shakey-cam effect which was so over done with the Bourne movies I’m concerned that Greengrass will overuse it here too, and that hits me with two things. It was over the top and made it very difficult to gleam details of some of the scenes, and that might be perfect for giving this movie the feel of real handheld footage. That final point can be seen by a glimpse of film at the end of the teaser, will that have the affect of heightening the feel of reality TV, and is that a good or bad thing for this movie?

I’m not sure, I know I just have concerns about that style being taken from a Bourne film straight into a mostly factual movie…